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Chapter XLIII

1. GOD, that is Samati, said: In my hands gavest thou the red star and her heavens, O Jehovih! As an emblem of Thy first three worlds, and of the first, second and third resurrections, Thy Sons, bestowed upon me the triangle. Behold, the time of my reign hath come to an end. With Thy holy harvest Thou callest me to a higher world.

2. But Thou hast raised up Thy Son, Hoab, who is of great Wisdom and Power in Thee. He shall be Thy God and Thy Son in the places I have been. To him, in Thy name, O Father, I bestow the triangle, symbol of Thee and of Thy created worlds, and of the individuals thereof. By my parting with it is the end of this dawn recorded; by Hoab's reception of it is his dominion begun.

3. God then took off the triangle and hung it on Hoab's neck, saying: I salute thee, God of earth and heaven! Immediately the es'enaurs chanted, HAIL TO THEE, O GOD, SON OF JEHOVIH!

4. Now during the time of the arrival of the hosts of Gods and Lords and their resurrections, there were to be seen, high in the firmament above, two stars, like twins, descending. These were the avalanzas of Hoseis, Goddess of Alawatcha, coming to receive the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih, to take them to the etherean realms prepared for them by the Orians of the higher heavens.

5. Her avalanzas were descending by the road of Affolkistan, and coming swiftly. Now betwixt the glory of these lights, and the ceremonies in Mouru, one knew not where best to look, for the awe and grandeur on every side was overwhelming. And not less to move so vast a host were the es'enaurs, the singers, and the far-off trumpeters. There stood also the great multitude of Brides and Bridegrooms, arrayed in white, like a vast sea of white, more than ten thousand millions!

6. But not long the waiting was, for so the Gods time their labors that every adventure fitteth to another. The twin stars grew and grew in size, till, like two suns descending, they seemed as wide as the borders of Haraiti! And whilst the multitude thus gazed and watched, Fragapatti rose in his place on the throne and called out, saying:

p. 276

7. Behold, the time hath now arrived for the brotherhood of Gods and Lords to be bestowed upon the earth and her heavens. As the earth is divided into many sections, so have I bequeathed on the earth many Lords, to hold dominion over mortals; and yet over all of these have I chosen and appointed one God.

8. For in this manner were the first heavenly kingdoms of the red star founded by Sethantes, Son of Jehovih. In the history that followed since his day, it hath turned out that first one Lord and then another lost power in his kingdom, and finally, even the Gods were powerless to rule angels and mortals to righteousness.

9. That ye may henceforth be strong, like the heavenly kingdoms on other worlds, I now decree Diva, in the name of Jehovih! And God and his Lord Gods and his Gods and Lords of divisions, shall comprise the Diva; nor shall any other person be eligible to the order, neither of this world nor of any other world; male and female shall be the members of Diva.

10. And he who is God, who was Hoab, high raised from Zeredho, shall be Div over all the rest. Nevertheless, the name Div shall be used by all the members of Diva, when abiding in their several dominions. But no other person, neither on earth or in heaven, shall be entitled to the rank of Div.

11. And the Diva shall meet thrice every earth year, and in this capital, Mouru, to render unto one another the matters of their several dominions; and when the meetings take place, each and every Lord and God, and Lordess and Goddess, shall be present and fulfill these, my commandments.

12. And when the members are thus assembled, Div only shall have the title of Div; and the members shall salute him as DIV, SON OF ALL LIGHT. And the meetings of the Diva shall be private; nor shall any person be eligible to be present in Diva, save the novices who may be in preparation to become Lords and Gods by succession. But none of the novices shall be entitled to speak in Diva.

13. And each and every member of Diva shall report his department, as to whether in need of assistance, or his capacity to provide emigrants to other plateaux, and such report shall be made in person before Div; and when all the reports are given in, then shall Div render judgment thereon, giving to or exacting from any one or more of the dominions, according to the Voice of Jehovih.

14. And the judgments of Div, Son of All Light, shall be called Divan law, from which there shall be no appeal. And the Lords and Gods shall carry these decrees down to mortals, in their several dominions, rendering them unto the God-irs on earth, whereby mortals through the Rab'bah shall receive communion from the All Light.

15. In the time of the assembling of Diva, swift messengers shall be present and witness all the laws that shall be passed; and immediately thereafter shall such swift messengers depart from Mouru and come to the etherean kingdoms in the roadway of the earth and her heavens, and render the same unto the nearest Orian Chief, or other etherean God, Son of Jehovih.

16. To the end, therefore, that my commandments shall be in the name of Jehovih, let God and Lord Gods, and Gods and Lords, and Goddesses and Lordesses, approach the Father's throne, that I may bestow them according to the rites and ceremonies of the Gods of other corporeal and atmospherean worlds.

17. The marshals now conducted all of them, save God, before the throne: First, Thulae, then Es'pacia, then Geth'ya, and so on, until the hosts of the dominions were before Fragapatti. And then God (Hoab) rose up and faced toward the west. Fragapatti said:

18. In Thy name, O All Light, do I create a Diva unto the earth and her heavens; and this, Thy God, I anoint as Div, with power to him to anoint his successor in like manner. May Thy Voice and Judgment be with him forever! And these, Thy Lord Gods, and these, Thy Gods and Thy Lords, and these, Thy Goddesses and Thy Lordesses, do I anoint as members of Diva; and to each and all of them give I power in Thy name to appoint successors after them for Thy allotted seasons. May Thy Wisdom and Power be with them forever. Amen!

19. God said: In Thy name, O All Light, do I accept the Diva. And, on behalf of my Gods and Lords, proclaim Thy Divan Power unto heaven and earth.

20. The others responded: We will fulfill thy decrees, O All Light, now and henceforth, forever. Be Thou with us in wisdom and strength for Thy glory!

21. Fragapatti then extended his hand upward, saying: Inqua git s'ang, of Thy Inqua git s'ang, O All Light! (Dominion within dominion, give me p. 277 Thy symbol, O Jehovih!) And there came out of the light before the throne a substance, and Fragapatti seized it and formed therefrom, first, a hollow ball, and within it another ball; and second, two interlocked triangles; and he gave to each of the Diva a pair, that is, a ball within a ball and a triangle; and he said unto them:

22. Behold, O Jehovih, Thou didst call me from my high place in heaven, saying: Go thou to the red star, the earth; her soil is wet with human blood! Her heavens are dead; My harvest is nothing! And I came and delivered Thy Word to mortals; in blood gave I it, and then washed clean the whole earth. And I gathered together Thy lost children in the lower heavens, and have raised them up with power. Whereof, in token of Thy Light that was within me, have I become one within Thy labors, and I have raised up Gods and Lords in Thee also; that one perfect thing may be within another, after the manner of Thy created worlds, this, Thy holy sign, do I bequeath unto them, to be theirs and their successors' forever!

23. So Fragapatti bestowed the Lords and Gods, and his labors were finished.

24. In the meantime, the sun-ships of Hoseis drew near and landed, both to south and west of Mouru, and so mighty and full of grandeur were they, the thousands of millions looking on were breathless in awe and wonder. Then descended out of the fire-ships the marshals of Hoseis' hosts, of whom there were thirty millions aboard. And they spread a frowas from the ship even to Jehovih's throne, and Hoseis alighted from the ship and walked briskly forward on the frowas, and Fragapatti and his hosts went and received her, and conducted her to the throne.

25. And now, after due ceremonies betwixt the Gods and Goddesses, Athrava rose up and said: To thee, O Hoseis, Goddess of Alawatcha, in the name of Jehovih, do I bestow the Brides and Bridegrooms of heaven and earth. They are the harvest of Samati, God of the division of Haniostu, his Lords and Gods through the Orian Chief, Fragapatti, for the Father's emancipated heavens!

26. Hoseis said: Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih, in His name receive I you, to deliver unto the All High Worlds.

27. And then Hoseis and Athrava proceeded in the ceremonies in the usual way, and were responded to by the ten thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms.

28. When the ceremonies were finished, the time of the ascension was at hand. So Fragapatti and Hoseis, accompanied by their Gods and Lords, went down to the foot of the throne and sat down, and God, that had been Hoab, sat alone in the midst of the throne. The es'enaurs then sang a hymn on THE MARCH OF JEHOVIH'S WORLDS! When it was concluded, God went down and took Fragapatti's hand and Hoseis' hand, saying: Arise, O Son, and thou, O Daughter of Jehovih! The Father calleth! Go your way! Fragapatti and Hoseis rose up, and then all the Gods and Lords rose up.

29. Hoab, that is God, fell into Fragapatti's arms! And when they had embraced, God withdrew and returned to the throne. Fragapatti saluted him on the sign, FAITHIST, and God answered him in the sign, FOREVER! Whereupon the hosts followed after Fragapatti and Hoseis, and entered the great avalanzas.

30. Fragapatti gave his own avalanza to Athrava and his attendants, and they took from it the magnet and made it rotary also. And when they were all aboard, Hoseis commanded the ascension, and the mighty fire-ships rose up, turning and rising.

31. Fragapatti created flowers and drapery, and cast overboard sufficient, so that all the twenty thousand millions remaining had every one some memento. In a little while the resurrection was complete; the sun-ships rose higher and higher; passing the earth's vortex and entering etherea, going to the kingdoms prepared for them by the high-raised Sons and Daughters of Jehovih!

End of Book of Fragapatti.


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