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Chapter XLII

1. AND now the Lord Gods, and Lords and Gods, began to arrive in Mouru. The marshals, and their officers and workmen, had extended the landing-places for the hosts of ships; receivers had been appointed and allotted their various places. Heralds and messengers had been provided with places of announcement; and lines of intercommunion had been laid, so that the words of heralds and messengers could be heard by all the millions in waiting.

2. Be it known, O angels and mortals, such is the glory of Jehovih's works that, stand where ye will, His kingdoms are always seeming above. As ye of the earth look upward and behold the stars, so they that live on the stars look upward to see the earth. If, therefore, ye were receiving messengers from the stars, it would seem to you that they came downward; but to them, as if they rose upward, even until near the landing-place, when it would be downward to them also. Because the feet of a mortal or the feet of an angel are on the foundation of his place, and because his head standeth in the opposite way from his feet.

3. First came Ardi'atta, Goddess over the spirits that had been delivered out of the hells of Aoasu by Fragapatti and Hoab, housed in Zeredho and Haraiti. And with her, her successor, Gaipon, manager of the hosts. Ardi'atta brought one thousand and three hundred millions of souls in her ship, mostly visitors who had been delivered out of hell. Besides these, were twenty millions raised to light, clothed as Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih. These latter were the harvest of Ardi'atta, and in her charge. The receivers of her ship stationed it in its place, and then the receivers of her hosts conducted them to their places.

4. And now came E'chad, Lord God of Arabin'ya, in his ship, with more than four thousand million souls, half of whom were Brides and Bridegrooms. His ship was received by the proper officers, and stationed in its place; and his hosts received by the proper persons, and conducted to their respective places. With the Brides and Bridegrooms E'chad entered the south wing of the capital; and E'chad's successor was with the visiting hosts. When E'chad entered before the throne, Fragapatti saluted him on the sign JEHOVIH'S REST, and E'chad answered in THE GLORY OF EVENING!

5. Before the hosts of E'chad were landed and placed, there came Ots-ha-ta, Lord of North Oceya, with his successor, in a ship of thirty millions, of whom Ots-ha-ta had two million Brides and Bridegrooms. His ship was received and stationed in its place; and his hosts received and assigned to their places.

6. In the meantime, Kow'anea, God of South Guatama, came in his ship, with his successor, bringing seven hundred million souls, of whom Kow'anea had sixty million Brides and Bridegrooms. And they were received by the proper officers and assigned to their places.

7. Hardly had Kow'anea landed, when Yaton'te came, with his successor and his hosts. Yaton'te's ship was the most beautiful of all that had yet arrived. His hosts were four thousand million souls; but of Brides and Bridegrooms he had but thirty millions. Him Fragapatti saluted on the sign of STAR OF THE WEST, and Yaton'te answered in the sign of the GOLDEN CIRCLE! He and his hosts were then assigned their places.

8. Now came M'wing'mi, God of South Oceya, and his little ship was laden with four hundred million souls, and he had three million Brides and Bridegrooms. His ship was received and stationed in its place, and his hosts received and stationed in their places.

9. Next came Soo'fwa, God of Japan and her heavens. His was the most brilliant of all the ships, and he had three thousand five hundred million souls aboard, of whom two hundred millions were Brides and Bridegrooms. His ship was received and stationed, and his hosts also; and when he entered before the throne, Fragapatti saluted him on the sign of BEFORE THE ANCIENTS! And Soo'fwa answered him in the sign of LITTLE STAR!

10. And now the most loved of all came, Uropa, Goddess of the barbarians! Her ship was the swiftest and best trimmed, and she brought one thousand million souls, of whom she had eighty million Brides and Bridegrooms p. 275 as her harvest. When she entered before the throne of Jehovih, leading in her Brides and Bridegrooms, Fragapatti saluted on the sign, PERSISTENT FIRE! And Uropa answered him in the sign, JEHOVIH'S TRUST!

11. Now came great Ah'oan, Lord God of Jaffeth and her heavens. His ship was the largest of all, and he brought five thousand million souls, of whom nearly two thousand millions were Brides and Bridegrooms. When he came before Jehovih's throne, Fragapatti saluted him on the sign, THE POWER OF LOVE! Ah'oan answered him in the sign, EVERLASTING LIFE!

12. And now the ship of Gir-ak-shi came in, bringing a thousand million souls, of whom eighty millions were Brides and Bridegrooms.

13. Besides there were seventy and six other Gods, from departments of the grand divisions of the heavens, bringing, some five million souls and some even twenty millions. And there were Lords of islands and Lords of small places on the earth, who had also come in small ships, bringing, some five and some ten million souls. And all these Gods and Lords had Brides and Bridegrooms according to the place and number and condition whence they came. And they were all received and stationed in their proper places.

14. Thus there came to Mouru upward of thirty thousand million atmosphereans that had sprung up from the earth by Jehovih's will; and of these there were ten thousand millions and eight hundred million spirits prepared as Brides and Bridegrooms unto the Great Spirit. Besides these, there were the hosts of Fragapatti, the ethereans, ten millions, mostly Gods and Goddesses, and these formed the inner sacred circle of the Holy Council. Next to these were their successors, ten millions, who were to be the Holy Council of Mouru after the ascension. And next outside of these were stationed the Lord Gods and their attendants, behind whom stood their Brides and Bridegrooms. Next stood the Gods and their attendants, and Brides and Bridegrooms; and then the Lords, their attendants, and their Brides and Bridegrooms.

15. And next outside of these stood the successors, the Gods and Lords, with their attendants; and yet behind them, their visiting hosts. And within and amongst them all, the musicians, the marshals, messengers, swift messengers and heralds were assigned their respective places. But so vast was the multitude of angels, and so great the glory, that one might look thereon all day and not even see the millionth part; nor is it possible for corporeal words to convey but a crude picture of the magnificent scene.

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