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Chapter XL

1. FRAGAPATTI and his hosts remained thirty days with Gir-ak-shi, and great was the enjoyment of the people; and then Fragapatti departed, going to the kingdoms of Uropa, first Goddess of a barbarian division of the earth. The Voice of Jehovih had been with her from the first, but there were but few corporeans in her division, and only six hundred million angels, mostly drujas.

2. Nevertheless, Jehovih said unto Uropa: Thou shalt found here a kingdom p. 271 in My name, and it shall become mighty in heaven and earth. Uropa said: What is the first best way, O Jehovih? Jehovih answered, saying: As for the drujas, thou knowest. But as for the corporeans, behold, they have neither copper nor iron, but use stone. Send, therefore, of thy hosts of ashars, five hundred who are well skilled in the art of inspiring mortals, to Arabin'ya; and thou shalt cause fifty men to migrate into thy lands. And the fifty men shall be such as are skilled in mining and working copper and iron.

3. And thy ashars shall inspire them to go to the mountains and find the ore, and then to work the same, to make tools of, and to make implements for hunting and fishing.

4. So Uropa sent angels to Arabin'ya, and they inspired fifty men to go to Uropa, and find copper and iron, and work it. And in the space of four years, behold, there had gone out of Arabin'ya not less than twenty thousand men. And the ashars inspired them to marry with the druks and half-breed I'huans. And in this way a new people of higher light was born into Uropa's division.

5. In Zeigl Uropa build her heavenly kingdom and founded the city of Oitch. Five hundred thousand angels were her holy Council, and fifty thousand captains; and of ashars, two millions, partly ethereans and partly atmosphereans.

6. Her heavenly kingdom was of the kind and manner of Gir-ak-shi's, and her administration in the same way. And in four years she had rescued nearly all the drujas in these regions of atmospherea. So when Fragapatti came to see her, she provided entertainments after the same manner as did Ger-ak-shi, having all her hosts present.

7. After this Fragapatti visited Kow'anea and his heavenly kingdoms, and also his earth divisions. Next Fragapatti visited M'wing'mi and his heavenly kingdoms and earth divisions. Next he visited Ots'ha'ta and his places, and then Soo'fwa.

8. With all these Lords and Gods Fragapatti spent many days, examining and recording all the labor done; and he spake before them all, so that his voice was heard by nearly all the people in the lower heavens. And so great was the work accomplished by Fragapatti with any one of these Lords or Gods, that were a history thereof written it would require the whole lifetime of a man to read it. Nor is it possible with earth words to describe the beauty and glory of a single one of these recreations in his travels.

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