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1. WHEN E'chad had discovered the history of these hells, he searched and found the king's spirit, and also the counselors, but, alas, they knew nothing, being in chaos, or more like one in a troublesome nightmare, from which there is no awakening.

2. But E'chad appointed physicians and nurses for them, and it was three years before they began to awake; but yet at the time of Fragapatti's visit they were not sufficiently restored to know who they were, or, if knowing one moment, would forget in the next moment. Yet it was not many days after the deliverance of the hells that E'chad had the inhabitants removed to Hi-rom and the colonies thereof.

3. E'chad having been informed by heralds that Fragapatti was coming, sent word to his Lords and to his generals and captains, and superintendents of schools, and of factories, and of hospitals, to come to Hi-rom and enjoy three days' recreation, bringing as many atmosphereans as they could with them.

4. So Fragapatti came, and the hosts of E'chad, and there was great rejoicing for the space of three days; during which time Fragapatti visited all the places and labors of E'chad, having records made thereof, to take with him to etherea at the end of dawn. Now at the end of the three days' recreation, the trumpet in the east called the Council to labor and the hosts to order. Fragapatti sat in the midst of the throne, E'chad next him, and then Hoab and Yaton'te, and then Thulae and Es'pacia and Geth'yo, and others of lesser rank.

5. A light immediately gathered above the throne, but, this time, deep scarlet, with white border. Fragapatti said: Thy Voice, O Jehovih, be upon these people! Whereupon, the es'enaurs chanted a hymn, and after that the Voice of Jehovih spake out of the light, saying:

6. Whosoever raiseth up My children, do I raise up with Mine own hand. To whomsoever uttereth My words in wisdom and truth, do I speak from My judgment seat. Because ye have come down from your exalted kingdoms in the upper heavens and raised up the drujas of these heavens, so come I from My All Highest Holy Place to raise you up. As ye have prepared to found My Word with mortals, so prepare I here in Hi-rom a heavenly place of delight.

7. Was I not with the I'hins since the creation of man on the earth? And wherein they have been faithful unto Me have I come in great security. Now, behold the earth rose up against My chosen and sought to destroy them, but they failed utterly. And when they cast My faithful servant into the lions' den, yet would he not violate his oath, even though he suffered death. And I stretched forth My hand and took His hat, red with blood, out of the lions' den; and I gave power unto the hat. And into the far-off country of Jaffeth will I take the title of KING OF THE SUN, and bestow it upon Ya'seang, and neither Arabin'ya nor Parsi'e shall endure in holiness.

8. Behold, I give you a new sign, in addition to the triangle, and it shall be the sign of Hi-rom (scarlet hat) from this time forth, signifying, FAITH EVEN UNTO DEATH.

9. The Voice ceased, and Fragapatti turned to the red light and stretched forth his hand and took thereof, saying: OF THY SCARLET, O JEHOVIH! GIVE UNTO THY SERVANT A HI-ROM, AS AN EMBLEM OF THIS HEAVEN! And he fashioned it into a hat without a brim, and laid it on the throne. Presently a swift messenger, from without, desired admittance before Fragapatti, and he was permitted to come. He said:

10. Greeting to thee, O Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih! And by the love of E'och, God of Tshi, in Ude, grade six, am I sent before thee in Jehovih's name. Behold, one Hab-bak is without, who was the wearer of Hi-rom!

11. Fragapatti said: Admit him, and bid him approach the throne of God. The swift messenger retired, and presently returned, bringing in Hab-bak, p. 269 faithful unto death. And he went up to the throne, and Fragapatti took the scarlet hat, saying: Second only to Jehovih's crown, with Hi-rom, cover I thy head in the name of the Creator! And he placed it on Hab-bak's head, and the light of it was so great that hardly any but ethereans could look upon it.

12. Then Hab-bak said: By this, Thy Power, O Jehovih, will I go now and deliver unto everlasting light the king's soul, of him who slew me. And I will restore the Council also. For they will remember the scarlet hat, and it will be as an anchorage for their crazed minds to rest upon! So Hab-bak saluted on the sign of the triangle and departed.

13. And now was come the time of departure for Fragapatti and his hosts. So he instructed Geth-yo, and bade him travel with him. Then Fragapatti instructed the Council, which was after the manner of his instruction to the preceding Councils. And then he descended to the foot of the throne, and the marshals caused the people to march before him. And Fragapatti created flowers and drapery and ornaments, and gave to every one something as they passed, though there were more than a thousand million souls!

14. And when they had all passed, and resumed the places assigned them, Fragapatti sat down at the foot of the throne in ancient custom, and E'chad descended down to him, taking his hand; and he said unto him: Arise, O Chief, thou Son of the Most High, and go thy way! Fragapatti rose up and departed, followed by the Gods and Goddesses officiating, and they all went into the avalanza and departed, going to the kingdom of Gir-ak-shi, Lord God over Heleste and her heaven.

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