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Chapter XXXVI

1. NEVER in these heavens had there been such pageantry and display as when Fragapatti's avalanza entered Sang'hi; never so many musicians, two millions, distributed to lend so great an effect to a procession.

2. Of this matter, Ah'oan said: By the pageantry and the music were my hosts of delivered drujas made to realize the glory of the upper heavens; by the glory of those three days' recreation did I shut out the attractions of the lower world. My people were entranced with delight; they were born for the first time into the kingdom of heaven!

3. Ah'oan said: But the greatest glory of all was when Fragapatti honored the throne of Sang'hi. Jehovih cast a sun upon the place; and the Voice spake from the Light, so that all the multitude saw the Light and heard the words of the Father! And when Fragapatti rose up and stood in the midst of the throne, the Light was so great that millions of the people fell down because of its glory.

4. The lights were lowered to suit the newly born in heaven, and the people of etherea mingled with the atmosphereans, diverting, explaining and inspiring them with the magnitude and glory of the higher heavens.

5. After the recreation, and when the multitude were in order, Fragapatti spake from Jehovih's throne, first, to Es'pacia, Daughter of Jehovih, assistant Goddess to Ah'oan, who was to succeed him after dawn. To her he said: Es'pacia, Daughter of Jehovih, hear thou my words; I am one with the Father, and in His name salute thee. Behold, from this time forth the Father's Word shall dwell with mortals.

6. It shall become anchored to the earth, never to depart; though it may be mutilated and perverted, yet His hand is over it, and it shall not fail. As a mother delighteth in the first spoken words of her child, so shall we all take delight that the Father's word hath become engrafted on the earth. Before this time, the Word was with the I'hin tribe, but locked up in secret. It could not be maintained on the earth, but by locking it up in secret, with a people prepared as seed for delivering all the races of men. But now the Word is delivered openly to mortals.

7. If the spirits of the lower heavens know not the Father's Word, they can be hereafter taken down to the earth and there taught His commandments. Prior to this time, the angels of these lower heavens had no Word at anchorage; they constantly fell in darkness, and pulled mortals down with them. Behold, the Word is now engraved, through our Sons, Samati and Zarathustra; it cannot be lost.

8. Thou hast been exalted first Goddess of these heavens, and Lordess of this division of the earth, to maintain the light of this dawn, to angels and mortals. Thou shalt first of all labor to protect the Word to mortals; to all the priests and cities of Zarathustra thou shalt appoint the wisest of thy angel hosts, to protect them and to maintain the Word.

9. But to such mortals as deny the Word, and to such as seek to destroy the Word, thou shalt lend no assistance, but leave them either without angels, or with only such as will lead them into failure. Maintain thou thy hosts in the temples of worship, where they worship the Great Spirit.

10. Throughout Jaffeth thou shalt inspire mortals to hang the wheel of the altar in country places, by the p. 265 roadsides. And when mortals pass the places, they shall turn the wheel, in remembrance of the Creator. For which reason thou shalt station at each and every one of these altars angel sentinels, who shall have messengers to thy throne. And when a mortal passeth the wheel and turneth it, and is afflicted with sickness, thou shalt send angels to him to heal him. But if he turn not the wheel in remembrance of the Father, and yet be afflicted with sickness, thy sentinel shall not send to thee, nor shalt thou send angels to heal him. Nevertheless, the wheel and the altar shall cause men to think; and if, after a disbeliever hath passed the wheel and not turned it, and he be afflicted with sickness, and he repent and go back and turn the wheel, then shalt thou send to him in haste and heal him, that he may proclaim abroad what the Creator hath done for him.

11. For as much as thou carriest out these decrees of All Light, so shalt thou remain united with my heavens above, which are united with those above, which are united with the Creator. And wherein thou shalt lack in power or wisdom, ask thou the Father, and I will answer thee in His name.

12. Fragapatti then spake to the Council, which was after the manner of his words in Astoreth. After that he walked down to the foot of the throne, where the marshals had provided a place for the people to pass before him, even as they had done in Astoreth. Accordingly, when the musicians began singing and playing, the people marched before him, and by the waving of his hands, he created drapery, and flowers, and wreaths, and gave to all the people something, even though there passed before him two thousand million angels!

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