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Chapter XXXV

1. THE Voice of the Creator was with Ah'oan from the time of his landing in these lower heavens. And Ah'oan chose from his hosts a Council of ten thousand, and they sat in a living altar; and the Voice directed him to build a capital and a throne, and call the plateau thereof Sang'hi; the which he did.

2. And when it was completed, Jehovih said to Ah'oan: Thou art My Lord and My God; the labor of thy hand shall endure on the earth and in heaven. Whatsoever thou buildest, I will build, for thou art of My holy place. Make thyself an otevan, and go around about in thy dominions, and inspect all things, making a record of the same, which shall be deposited in the libraries of these heavens, that angels and mortals, in after ages, may read them.

3. Ah'oan made an otevan, and traveled as commanded, making a record, and preparing also a place of records, in Sang'hi, where these things were deposited; of which these words are a brief transcript. That is:

4. Heaven was without order or organization, save one kingdom, p. 263 ruled over by Oibe, who falsely styled himself Thor, the only begotten Son of Jehovih.

5. The spirits of these heavens are mostly of the first resurrection; nevertheless, there are millions of them who believe they are not dead; and for the greater part, these are in chaos, still lingering on battle-fields or in the places where they were cut off from the earth.

6. In many places there are spirits who set up colonies, trying to provide themselves with homes and clothing, and to found heavenly abodes; but they are forever overrun and pillaged by drujas.

7. With and around about the people of Jaffeth there are more than two thousand million angels who know not how to get away from the earth. Of these, millions of them are fetals, making themselves as twin spirits to mortals. These spirits oft show themselves to mortals, but are believed to be doubles; but the spirits thus bound know not themselves who they are, or whence they came; neither can they go away from the mortals to whom they are bound, and on whom they live.

8. As for the mortals of Jaffeth, they have cities of warriors, huge and fierce. The earth of this region hath been in a'ji thirteen hundred years.

9. After Ah'oan had thus discovered the condition of things, he returned to Sang'hi, and they sat in Council, and Jehovih said to Ah'oan: Forty Lords shalt thou appoint to dwell on the earth; and to each Lord thou shalt give ten thousand assistants. And these Lords shall go down to the earth, and drive away the drujas, and take possession of the kings' and queens' palaces, and of the temples of the stars; and they shall obtain control over the captains and generals of armies, and blind their judgment, and lead them astray, so that they will be powerless in war and destruction.

10. And when Samati, God of Zarathustra, traveleth in Jaffeth, thy Lords shall go with him, with a sufficient number of angels to accomplish successfully all that Zarathustra professeth in My name. And thy Lords shall shield Zarathustra around about, that no harm come to him; and when enemies pursue him, thy Lords shall lead them astray or detain them till such time as will enable Zarathustra to escape. For in this dawn shall My word be established on the earth, to perish not forever.

11. And when thou hast thus established thy Lords, thou shalt colonize thy heavens, giving them seventy colonies; but Sang'hi shall be the central kingdom. Thou shalt choose from amongst the atmosphereans one who shall be thy assistant God, who shall sit on thy throne during thy absence.

12. And thou, and thy Holy Council, shall instruct thy assistant God in such manner that, when this dawn is ended, he shall become God, in My name, of Sang'hi, for the next succeeding two hundred years.

13. Ah'oan informed the Council of the words of Jehovih. And Ah'oan appointed the forty Lords, as commanded; also appointing an assistant.

14. These, then, were the Lords appointed, to wit: First, to have control over the WORD OF GOD on earth: The; Seung-bin, Go-ma-git, Ben-hong, She-ang, Bog-wi, Ah-tdong, Mwing-wi, Ah-tchook, Gonk-boy, Yuk-hoh and Ahwotch.

15. Second, to have control over the palaces of kings and queens, and temples: Mina, Ahchaung, Ahyot, Yowgong, Ohonto, Yongwe and Ahma.

16. Third, to have control over armies and kingdoms: Kear-ak-a, Geeouh-young, Bi, Gwan-gouk, Gee-ooh-young, Sam-sin and Deth.

17. Fourth, to have control over sea-farers: Shopgee, Agan-ha, Rax and Lo.

18. Fifth, to have control over mothers and births: Songheng, Someconc, Yahiti, Ogne-ka-was and Hoah'ava.

19. Sixth, to have control over marriages: First, the loo'is in general, and then: Ahsam, Oanis, Yotsam, Ivitgom and Sap-sang.

20. So Ah'oan sent his Lords to their several places, with their assistants. And after that he began the colonization of the angels in his heavens. And in one year he had raised up from Jaffeth more than a thousand million, and prepared them with houses, hospitals, nurseries and factories, and all such things and places as are required in hada.

21. In the second year he delivered another thousand million, more than half of whom had to be taken away from the earth by force. And these he also housed and provided with teachers and overseers in like manner.

22. So by the time Samati, God of Zarathustra, was prepared to travel in Jaffeth, visiting the kings and queens, the Lords of Ah'oan had so far banished the drujas that they were powerless to prevent the decrees of the Father's word. And when Zarathustra went into Jaffeth, behold, the Lords of heaven were with him, and God of the Word was with him, and the kings and queens of earth were powerless before him.

p. 264

23. And when Zarathustra went to a city, and, being inspired by God, said: Fall down, ye walls! behold, the angels of heaven rent the walls, and they fell. And when Zarathustra said: Come forth, ye spirits of the dead! behold, the Lords seized the drujas and held them up so that mortals could see them. And when Zarathustra said: O Ormazd, give Thy children food! behold, the angels had previously provided fish and fruit, which they let fall upon the people, the time and place being previously arranged betwixt them and God of the Word!

24. Thus did Ah'oan's dominions extend down to mortals; thus became the word of Zarathustra Jehovih's Word to mortals.

25. And now Fragapatti, Chief over all, was coming to inspect the labors of his Lord God, Ah'oan, and of Samati. Ah'oan had sent commands to his Lords, and to their assistants, to return to Sang'hi and remain three days in recreation. And Ah'oan commanded the captains of the colonies of heaven to come, and to bring with them as many of their pupils and subjects as possible.

26. And it came to pass that when Fragapatti's avalanza came to Sang'hi, there were assembled upward of two thousand million souls to witness the pageantry and proceedings. Ah'oan had provided the means and facilities that these things should be magnificently carried out.

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