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Chapter XXXI

1. AFTER Yima's appointment by Fragapatti, he had come to these regions; and, finding great darkness upon both spirits and mortals, he besought Jehovih, to know the cause and cure thereof.

2. The Voice of Jehovih came to Yima, saying: Whether spirits or mortals, they seek rather to obey their own self-desires than My commandments. Behold, I sent them Apollo, and he gave them intercourse betwixt the two worlds, angels and mortals. And for a season they hold up their heads and remembered Me and My kingdoms.

3. But presently, they turned everything upside down, and built on their own account. I had shown them that by industry and perseverance they could attain to knowledge and power. But because mortals discovered that prophecy could come from the spirits of the dead, they ceased to perfect themselves, and they grew up in idleness.

4. The angels loved not to labor, to achieve My exalted heavens, being contented with the lowest. And they likewise fell in darkness, forgetting Me and My higher places above.

5. I called out to My Son, Osiris, saying: Go thou down to the earth and her heavens, and build them up, in My name. Yea, thou shalt wall them apart, that there shall be no communion betwixt the two worlds, save to My chosen.

6. And Osiris came, and fulfilled my commandments; to mortals he provided them that no spirit could come to them; and, as for the spirits that infested the earth about, he drove them away and colonized them, and he cut them off from the earth. And for a season, mortals prospered under My judgments; and they sought to improve the talents I created withal.

7. But again have they confounded My judgments and perverted My laws. Every man on the earth hath a philosophy of his own; every spirit in these heavens hath a philosophy of his own. And there is no uniformity between any of them. Hear Me then, My Son; thou shalt not teach as Osiris did, nor yet as Apollo, but pursue a mean betwixt the two.

8. Thou shalt select them, permitting certain spirits to return to mortals, and permitting certain mortals to attain su'is and sar'gis, and to see and commune with spirits. But thou shalt provide them in judgment; making the process of inter-communion a secret amongst mortals. For in this thou shalt shut off the drujas of heaven and the druks on earth.

9. Behold, My Son Samati will come this way; labor thou with him and p. 258 Zarathustra. Into God's hands have I given my decrees; he shall build on the earth. Build thou in heaven. As he buildeth for mortals, build thou for the spirits of the intermediate world. But keep thou open the doorway to My holy places in the heavens above.

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