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Chapter XXX

1. SO for one day there was great rejoicing in Mouru; and when it was ended, and the people retired to their respective places, the lights were raised for business.

2. Fragapatti said to Athrava: Come thou and resume Jehovih's throne. As for myself, I will go now and establish another habitation in Zeredho; and after that I will visit the Lord Gods of the divisions of the earth.

3. And when I have completed these labors, it will be near the end of the dawn of dan. See to it, therefore, p. 257 that all who wish to prepare for the third resurrection be duly notified.

4. And now, when Fragapatti had risen up from the throne, swift messengers were announced from Sethantes, the inhabitor of earth. The marshals were commanded to admit them; and presently the swift messengers came in, greeting in Jehovih's name. They said: Sethantes sends love to Fragapatti. When the resurrection of this dawn is come, Sethantes will visit Mouru. And he will also bring with him Onesyi, first deliverer of Brides and Bridegrooms of the first harvest of the earth.

5. When the message had been thus delivered, there was great rejoicing in the capital. Fragapatti thanked the messengers in the Father's name, and after that, the swift messengers withdrew.

6. Presently, Fragapatti withdrew also, taking Hoab and Hapacha with him; and when they departed out of the capital, and came to the avalanza, the marshals had the accompanying hosts assembled, ten millions, and so they entered the ship, and, amidst music and rejoicings, they departed, going direct to the kingdom of Yima, Lord God of Shem and her heavens.

7. Yima had been notified of their coming, and had had a piedmazr (a row-boat) made, in order to go and meet them. The piedmazr was sufficient to carry ten thousand musicians, thirty thousand rowers, and two hundred thousand travelers; and such were the numbers who embarked on her to meet Fragapatti.

8. Three years had now elapsed since Yima set out to establish the Father's kingdom in the heavens of Shem; and, save through messengers, little was known in Mouru of Yima's labors. Fragapatti had said of him: Yima liveth with the Voice; he cannot err.

9. In the seventh diaphragm of the east Apie, the vessels met, and Fragapatti opened the lower division of the avalanza, and took in Yima's boat and crew and passengers, amidst music and rejoicings. And, after due ceremonies, Fragapatti caused the avalanza to proceed, conducted by Leaps, one of Yima's messengers, and they proceeded rapidly until they arrived at Astoreth, the capital of Yima's kingdom in atmospherea, first grade, and resting upon the earth.

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