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Chapter XXIX

1. HOAB heard the story of Turbe, and he said unto him: Since I have heard these things, I am resolved to bind Thor, the false, and his Lords, and send them with thee to Ah'oan! Turbe said: This would be my delight. Because Thor insulted Ah'oan, it would be well for Ah'oan to restore him to his senses.

2. Hoab said: Tarry, then, a little while, and my physicians shall bind them, that they do no harm in their madness, and I will have them delivered into the boat. So, the proper persons bound up Thor and his Lords with bands of cord, for they were wild and delirious; and after that, they were put into Turbe's boat, ready to be carried away. Hoab said to Turbe:

3. Greeting to Ah'oan, in the name of Jehovih. And say thou to him that, according to the laws of these heavens, a false God, or false Lord, who hath led the people away from the Father, shall, after his deliverance, be made to re-teach the truth to his deceived subjects; neither shall he be promoted higher or faster than the lowest of his former subjects. For which reason, after Ah'oan's companions have restored p. 256 Oibe and his Lords to soundness of mind, he and his Lords shall be again bequeathed with their own kingdoms. In the meantime, I will in this same plateau begin the establishment of a new kingdom to the Father out of these crazed drujas.

4. Turbe and his companions then reentered their boat and set sail at once for Ah'oan's kingdom; Thor, the false, and his Lords, wailing and crying with fear, knowing not any man, nor woman, nor child.

5. Hoab now turned his attention to the hosts of panic-stricken drujas, who were constantly forming themselves in knots, and yet being as rapidly severed by the ethereans. To Athrava he said: How more helpless is a deranged spirit than a mortal! They float on their own wild thoughts. At one time they fly from us before the wind; at another they run together, or upon us, like molten gum, and we cannot keep them off.

6. Athrava said: Behold the wisdom of the Father in creating man in a corporeal body! What a glorious anchorage for a young, or a weak, or a deranged spirit! What a home a corporeal body is! How better we could manage these crazed ones were they thus provided!

7. Hoab said: Which showeth us the way we must proceed to restore them. Since we cannot create corporeal bodies for them, the Father hath given us power to provide them subjectively for a time being.

8. Thus proceeded Hoab and Athrava: First walling the place around with fire, so none of the druj could escape, and then dividing them into thousands of groups, by means of fire also; then creating subjective bodies for them, to which they bound themselves willingly, and which prevented them from fastening to one another.

9. (This is what drujas call re-incarnation in another world.) And whilst they were thus provided temporarily by their teachers, and governors, and nurses, many of them imagined themselves to be kings and queens and high priests, and even Lords and Gods!

10. For more than a hundred days, Hoab and Athrava labored in the above manner; and the physicians and nurses and es'enaurs labored to restore the minds of the people; and they mastered the adversity, and had them well-nigh all restored and disciplined when messengers came from Fragapatti, greeting, saying:

11. Behold, the dawn of dan is passing swiftly, and I must yet visit the Lord Gods in the different heavens of the earth. It is therefore my decree that Athrava return to Mouru and resume the throne; and that Hoab return also, and join me as my student and companion on my journeys. Send these, my commandments, to Ah'oan, greeting, in my name, and he will provide a Lord to rule over the delivered knot of Osivi.

12. So, Hoab and Athrava were relieved by a Lord appointed by Ah'oan, and his name was Su'kah'witchow, an atmospherean pupil of Samati, of four hundred years, and of great resolution and proficiency. So Hoab provided Su'kah'witchow with a throne, and left four millions of teachers, nurses and physicians with him. And with the other million, Hoab and Athrava departed for Mouru, in Haraiti.

13. Now as for the cruisers, the swift messengers with Arieune, as soon as the knot was safely untied, and Oibe and his Lords bound and delivered into Turbe's keeping, to be sent to Ah'oan, they departed, having recorded the proceeding in Arieune's diary.

14. Fragapatti, having heard of the success of Hoab in delivering the knot, determined to honor him on his reception at Mouru. Accordingly, Fragapatti sent heralds out into Haraiti, proclaiming a day of recreation, and inviting as many as chose to come to Mouru to receive Hoab. The proper officers provided musicians, flags, banners and fire-works, suitable for the enjoyment of hundreds of millions of the inhabitants of Haraiti. Others provided reception boats, one thousand, to go part way and meet Hoab's ship.

15. So it came to pass, when Hoab returned to Mouru, he was received in great honor and majesty, and in lights of unusual splendor.

16. Fragapatti afterward said of this matter: I had policy in this; Hoab was to be the next God of earth and her heavens. And whatsoever would win the love, the admiration and awe of his unlearned subjects would contribute to their resurrection.

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