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Chapter XXVII

1. WHEN they were called to labor, Fragapatti said: For the convenience of my own hosts, the light shall now be raised two degrees. In which case it will be well to permit the hosts of Hapacha to retire to the fields of Hukaira (in Haraiti), where Athrava hath already a place and teachers for them.

2. Accordingly, the conductors now removed Hapacha's hosts, save about one million who resolved to endure the light. The es'enaurs chanted whilst these arrangements were being carried out, and when they were accomplished the music ceased.

3. The chief marshal said: Swift messengers, who are waiting without, salute Jehovih's throne, and His God, and pray an audience. Fragapatti said: Whence come they? And what is the nature of their business?

4. The marshal said: From the Aoasu'an fields of Howts. Their business is of the Osivi knots. Fragapatti said: On the sign of Emuts, admit them, greeting from God, in the Father's name.

5. The marshal withdrew for a short while, and then returned, bringing in one thousand swift messengers, of whom Arieune was Goddess. She advanced near the throne to the left. Fragapatti said: Goddess Arieune, Greeting to thee, in Jehovih's name! Proceed thou.

6. Arieune said: Greeting, in love to thee, Fragapatti, and to all thy hosts. p. 249a I hastened hither from the fields of Howts, section twelve, on the one-time plateau and place of Hored, where are a thousand millions in knot, since many days. This I reported to the Lord God of Jaffeth, Ah'oan, whose forces are all employed, and he sent me hither.

7. Fragapatti said: It is well. Thou art at liberty! Hoab, canst thou untie the knot? Hoab said: I have faith to try. To which Fragapatti replied: Athrava will go with thee, but do thou the labor. Choose, therefore, thy hosts from my ethereans, and have a vessel made sufficient, so that if thou findest it advisable to bring them away, thou canst do so. Retire, then, with the captain of the files, and make thy selections, and, in the meantime, give commands for the vessel to be made, and put in readiness for thee.

8. Hoab said: With Jehovih's help I will deliver them. And he saluted, and, with the captain of the files, he withdrew and made his selections, choosing five millions in all, of whom half were physicians and nurses. In the meantime he had the proper workmen build a vessel of sufficient capacity and strength, as commanded by Fragapatti. And in seven days' time everything was completed, and Hoab commanded his hosts to enter the ship, and he and Athrava went in also; and presently they were off, being conducted by the Goddess Arieune, in her arrow-ship, to the place of the knot.

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