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Chapter XXV

1. IT being now the end of the fourth day, Fragapatti commanded the hosts to embark in the avalanza; and the marshals conducted them in, taking, first, the sons and daughters p. 243a of Ipseogee, being sixty millions; next the Zeredho'ans, ten millions; and then Fragapatti's attendants, being most ethereans, five millions.

2. When those were abroad, Fragapatti and Hoab and Yaton'te and Hapacha rose up, and after making the sign of the Setting Sun, went down and sat at the foot of the throne.

3. God, that was Penoto, went down and took Fragapatti's hand, saying: Arise, O Chief! The Father calleth. Fragapatti rose up and stood aside. Next, God raised Yaton'te, and he stood aside; and then he raised Hoab, and he stood aside. And now came the greatest trial of all--. He took Hapacha's hand, saying: Arise, O God, Great Jehovih calleth thee! Go thy way and His.

4. But they both burst into tears, and fell into each other's arms. Hapacha said: O Father! Penoto said: His will be done! And now the light gathered brilliantly over the scene; Fragapatti moved forward, then Yaton'te, then Hoab, and next Hapacha!

5. Penoto resumed the throne. The es'enaurs chanted, and the fire-light of the higher heavens descended over all the place. Like a sweet dream, the scene closed. Fragapatti and his hosts were gone.

6. Like a bee that is laden with honey, flying from a field of flowers to its home, so returned Fragapatti with his avalanza laden, to Haraiti, swiftly through the vault of heaven, a shooting star in Jehovih's hand.

7. Athrava, God of Haraiti, and assistant to Fragapatti, knew that the avalanza was coming; and that Hapacha and his hosts were aboard; and he determined to provide a glorious reception.

8. So, for the space of a thousand miles, he caused pillars of fire to be erected, in two rows, so that the avalanza should pass between them; and near the pillars he stationed trumpeters and harpers, one million, divided into one hundred groups. And they were so arranged, that when the avalanza passed them, they could come aboard.

9. Now during the absence of Fragapatti, many of the spirits who had been rescued from torture and madness in the hells of Aoasu had been restored to consciousness, more than one hundred and fifty millions of them.

10. Of these, Athrava said: Clothe ye them in most gaudy apparel, and let them be the bearers of perfumes and flowers, and torches, as presents for the I'hin hosts of Hapacha. And p. 244a the lights shall be lowered at the place of landing, to make it acceptable to those newly raised, who are aboard.

11. Athrava said: As for Mouru, within the walls of light it shall be rated seven; but when Fragapatti hath ascended the throne, it shall be raised to nine. And in those days, nine, in Haraiti, was fifty per cent of the capacity of endurance in the plateau.

12. Jehovih hath said: If they raise the light, it will be more acceptable to My etherean hosts, for they have dwelt a long time near the earth, and are thirsting for etherean light. But yet consider ye, here are thousands of millions of atmosphereans who cannot endure the etherean light, but delight in a lower per cent. See to it, then, that the walls of light protect My hosts in the dark on one side, but raise ye the grade to nine within.

13. Athrava said: There shall be flights of stairs leading over the walls of Mouru, and they shall be white and illumed on that day, which will be sufficient for dividing the people according to the light suited to them. The I'hins with Hapacha will go over the walls, for they entered their corporeal cities in the same way; besides, they are capable of enduring the light; but the I'huans with Hapacha will desire to remain without. For them prepare ye a place of delight and rest.

14. But in regard to the ethereans Athrava gave no orders, for they were capable of perceiving all necessary things, and without instruction.

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