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Chapter XXIII

1. FRAGAPATTI had previously visited Hapacha, but told not who he was, save that he was God of Lunitzi, in etherea; consequently, Hapacha, now knowing that Fragapatti was p. 235a coming, mistrusted not that it was the same person, but expected to see one coming in great pomp and glory. For he had heard of the wonders Fragapatti had already accomplished in the eastern heavens, particularly the breaking up of the hells of Aoasu and the deliverance of the tortured inmates.

2. Thus came Fragapatti to Ipseogee in his avalanza, displaying neither lights nor curtains; coming with the receiving hosts within his vessel, anchoring near the throne of Hapacha.

3. Presently Fragapatti came down out of the ship, Yaton'te and Hoab with him, also the marshals, who were on the left, the receiving hosts being on the right. Hapacha's en'enaurs struck up, PROCLAIM JEHOVIH'S NAME, O YE LORDS AND GODS! and the hosts of the avalanza joined in singing, and with trumpets and harps and triangles, knowing the symbols of their kingdom, and great was the glory of their music.

4. When Fragapatti approached the throne, the music ceased. Hapacha said: Who cometh here? and he made the ancient sign of Jehovih's name. Fragapatti said: A Faithist in Jehovih; and he gave the countersign. Whereupon, Hapacha said: In His name, welcome brother, and welcome to thy hosts also. May His love and wisdom be manifested in me and my people during your sojourn with us.

5. Fragapatti said: Jehovih is All Wise. He fashioneth some men as suns, and out of their souls the light extendeth into the far-off spheres. Coursing these vast fields at certain times and seasons, He sendeth swift messengers from His most exalted heavens. And these messengers, passing through both light and darkness, with their great wisdom, scan the distant kingdoms where mortals and angels dwell, and quickly catch from the guardian hosts, and from the scenes around, the brightest, best stars, and carry the record to the reigning Gods above. And when these Gods descend to the regions and places of these immortal gems, they go visit them.

6. Even so, O Hapacha, standeth thy record in the higher heavens. And when the Father called me to visit the red star and her heavens, I looked over Jehovih's messengers' reports, where was set thy name, radiant with love and fire. So to thee I made haste and came, unknown, because as yet unproved in these heavens; and thy much worth, and the amity of thy hosts, won my love. I told thee thou shouldst hear from me soon, and so thou hast. Behold, Fragapatti is before thee!

p. 236a

7. Hapacha said: Blessed, O Jehovih! Come thou, O Fragapatti, and honor my throne, in the name of the Father! And come thou also, O Yaton'te, and thou, O Hoab! And they went up and sat on the throne, and Fragapatti sat in the midst.

8. Again the es'enaurs sang and played, and during the singing the light of the upper kingdoms began to envelop the throne. Then spake Fragapatti, explaining:

9. Hear me, O all ye people, and be ye attentive to my words:

10. Because ye have been faithful from the first, ye are become the light of the earth, and of this heaven, and inasmuch as ye have maintained your altar and times of sacrifice, there have been maintained in the upper heavens altars and sacrifices in conjunction with you.

11. Whereby ye have been blessed in hearing the Voice in all the darkness through which the earth and her heavens have passed.

12. As the Father hath given voice betwixt mother and child, though they be distant from each other, so, in like manner, do Jehovih's kingdoms, which are in sympathy in righteousness and love.

13. As ye behold the light gathering about this throne, think not that I bring the light, nor that it is sent to me in person. There is a cord betwixt me and my etherean kingdoms, and I am one end thereof; the other end is the throne in etherea. When I sit in the midst of this throne, behold, it is also illuminated by the higher heavens.

14. Think not that my heavens are the highest of all, for such, the All Highest, can never be attained. Nevertheless, my heavens are connected as with a cord to them above me, and they to others still above, and so on forever, upward, upward! The All Highest conceived of, is called Jehovih; and no matter how long it descendeth, still the Voice is His Voice.

15. That ye may hear Jehovih's Voice, I will now set my sun above the throne.

16. Fragapatti ceased, and a light most brilliant, in the figure of the sun, settled above his head back of the throne. Many could not look upon it because of its brightness. Presently Jehovih spake out of the Light, saying:

17. Rejoice, O Hapacha, in the name of thy Creator! Sing thy songs of delight, and let thy people hold up their heads. Behold, I have watched over thee and thy hosts; in My promises have ye fulfilled the dawn of My Light!

p. 237a

18. Three thousand years are as one day in My sight. Yesterday I said: Sit ye here, stand ye there, for to-morrow I come again. And this was my commandment for thousands, and tens of thousands of years.

19. But others remembered Me not; in the night they went down, as a child that falleth asleep. And when I came on the morrow, behold, they had not awakened. But I roused them up, and showed them My great Light.

20. Again I said to them: Three thousand years are as one day in My sight. Sit ye here, stand ye there, and remember Me. To-morrow I come again. But lo, they went down in sleep; they remembered not Me, their Creator.

21. But thou, O Hapacha, hast maintained the watch all night long. Thou art the first of Gods who hath kept this kingdom whole from dawn to dawn. Thou art the first of Gods who hath kept My kingdom safe in the lower heavens till the morrow came.

22. Now have I come to thee to deliver thee and thy kingdom to Haraiti, whither thou shalt tarry till the close of dawn, when My Sons and Daughters shall bear thee upward to My emancipated worlds; and thy hosts shall go with thee.

23. The Voice ceased. Then spake Fragapatti, saying: For three days will I tarry here; two days shalt thou have of recreation, but on the third day thou shalt appoint thy successor, and I will then again speak before thee and thy people.

24. Hapacha then proclaimed two days of recreation, and the hosts mingled freely together, those of the avalanza coming out and rejoicing with the Ipseogee'ans, and great was the glory of those two days.

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