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Chapter XXII

1. FRAGAPATTI sent messengers to Hapacha, God of Ipseogee, apprising him of the visit. So, Hapacha hastily called in his Lords and captains and fathers, preparing a time of recreation, and also preparing suitable reception and entertainment.

p. 233a

2. And Hapacha provided in this manner: First, one hundred thousand musicians, formed in eight parts of a circle, with eight intervening spaces. With each group he provided one thousand marshals, and they stood in front of the musicians, with eight intervening spaces also. Next within, he provided places for the messengers, of whom there were three hundred thousand. Then next came the asaphs, of whom there were one million; next came the ashars, of whom there were two millions; next, came the nurses and physicians; next, the teachers in factories and schools and colleges; and of all these there were fourteen millions six hundred thousand.

3. Of the grade first above the es'yans there were twenty millions; of the second grade, which was the highest, there were thirty millions; but no es'yans were present.

4. In the midst of the circle was the throne of Hapacha, now extended so as to accommodate his Lords. To the south of his throne were the seats of the captains of the hosts. In a crescent were his counselors, of whom there were one million.

5. Hapacha having thus called them together, and having explained to but few of them the purpose, now addressed them, saying:

6. By the Wisdom and Power of Jehovih I speak before you. That which I say is not of myself, more than of the faith I have in Jehovih, of which faith ye are likewise blessed.

7. Since our youth up we have been advised by the guardian angels, their Lords and God, to be firm in faith in Jehovih above all things. For it was declared to us, in the olden times, that there was a higher heaven and a lower heaven, and that through faith in the Father we should all ultimately ascend and dwell in His Holiest Kingdoms.

8. For which reason ye have been steady workers since your mortal lives have been put away; even for this kingdom, raising up many, and causing them to rejoice in everlasting life. But as it has been promised ye beforehand that the Gods above us would surely come and deliver all who are prepared for the next resurrection, even so, to this day, cherish ye the hope for wider fields of labor, where ye may overtake your kindred and others who have become wise in Jehovih's light.

9. The time of that resurrection is near at hand for many of you. Our Father hath brought this heaven into a lighter region, that ye may be prepared for that still greater light beyond. p. 234a And because of the new light that is with us, ye have beholden that many of the I'huan es'yans have deserted our nurseries and gone back to the earth, for they love the darkness of earth more than they love the light of heaven.

10. My Lords have sent messengers to me from various parts of the earth, saying to me: As much as they have deserted your places in heaven, even so much have the es'yans returned to mortals in great numbers. And it hath come to pass that great manifestations of spirit presence are now common to men and women and children on earth.

11. Many of these es'yans, falling in with drujas, have adopted their roving habits, denying that there is any higher heaven, honestly believing they will have an opportunity to re-incarnate themselves and dwell again in mortal form. Knowing no higher heaven than the earth, and, knowing no happiness save in the indulgence of lust, they appear to mortals, and marry in manifestation, falsely pretending to be the kin of the living.

12. Which sign forerunneth the approach of a new dawn of dan near at hand. Being thus doubly armed in prophecy, your God called you to witness the words and proceedings of Fragapatti, who is on his way hither, accompanied by Yaton'te, God of Yaton'te, Creator of Hochedowa.

13. For more than six hundred years have many of us labored in this field, and our harvests for Gau have been the most esteemed of all the resurrections contributed by the Lords of earth. To comport with our dignity, I have commanded the builders of otevans to have in readiness, representing these harvests, a vessel for my Lords and their attendants, and my chief marshal, to go part way and meet our visitors, bearing the sign of the triangle, and of fruit, and the altar.

14. Hapacha then gave instructions in full; and, presently, the receiving hosts departed in the otevan, with music, rejoicing, being cheered by the hosts remaining. In the meantime, Hapacha caused the house to be put in order.

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