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Chapter XXI

1. AFTER Fragapatti had examined the places of the asaphs and of the physicians, and such other places as belong in the lower heavens, he descended to Hochedowa, the land of delusion, the happy hunting ground, in order to witness the games and tournaments, which were so far maintained by a great expenditure of labor on the part of the ethereans, for teaching by subjective illustrations. Jehovih said:

2. As mortal children can be taught by objective illustration, so have I created My es worlds capable of a similar process subjectively. My rules are not man's rules; nor are My worlds illustrated as man illustrateth. Behold My rainbow, which is a subjective illustration to mortals of a bow without the substance of a bow. But man bendeth a stick, and saith: Behold, a bow! And he holdeth it in his hand; but Mine he cannot touch.

3. I gave to mortals to teach their sons and daughters many combinations by the use of objects; that they should know a circle, a square, a triangle, or learn to compute numbers by the use of objects. Inversely in the same way I created subjective means for the spirits of the dead, that they might be taught and amused with My works.

4. To corporeans I give corporeal eyes and corporeal ears, that they might attain to wisdom on the earth; but to a few I give su'is, that they may see and hear things spiritually.

5. To the spirits of mortals who die in infancy, I give spiritual eyes and p. 230a spiritual ears; but without cultivation they hear not corporeal things, nor see corporeal things. But to such spirits as have fulfilled an earth life, I created them to see and hear after death the matters of both worlds.

6. Nevertheless, there are many spirits in heaven who have not fulfilled either a spiritual or a corporeal life, and they can see but little and hear but little; for which reason I commanded that they should be called drujas, signifying, spirits of darkness.

7. And I sent My Gods and My Lords, saying to them: Go ye to the spirits of darkness, for they neither see nor hear heaven nor earth, and are wandering about indifferent even to their own nakedness.

8. And ye shall create mirrors and lenses, and optical illusions and delusions, and provide games and entertainments for them, so that their understanding may be opened up for the glory of My kingdoms.

9. When the avalanza arrived at Hochedowa, it was lowered and made as an observatory, in order to witness what was going on, and yet so provided that it could be moved about from place to place.

10. And they witnessed the heavenly tournaments and games; the boating and fishing and hunting, and all other entertainments representative of what these angels had been engaged at in mortal life; and yet these things were but subjective, and not real.

11. But it came to pass that many drujas were restored to memory of earth-life; restored to seeing and hearing, and, in fact, to know they had entered another world; illustrating to their dull senses that it was possible for them to learn to see things, and to hear things, understandingly.

12. Nevertheless, there were within these regions hundreds of millions of angels so stupid as to be void of form and expression.

13. Jehovih had said: When a man hath fainted, thou shalt arouse him, by calling his memory to things past. And when the druj in heaven hath seen who he is, and his place also, thou shalt show him symbols of things past, and thus awake him.

14. Jehovih had said: Behold, O man, thou art the chiefest glory of My creations. Neither created I any animal that walketh on land, or flieth in the air, or swimmeth in the water, or that crawleth on its belly, with desire for spiritual life, nor with capacity to accumulate spiritually. But to thee only, O man, have I given power to aggregate the spiritual entity.

p. 231a

15. For My animals, I bestowed like a vessel that is full of water; no more can be put into them; and also, when the vessel is destroyed, the water runneth back to the ocean. I quickened them into life by Mine Own hand; but when I take away My hand, lo, they are gone back into dissolution. As a drop of water hath no power before the sun, but evaporateth and is seen no more, so is the spirit of all the animals I created before the light of my countenance. But to thee, O man, I gave power for everlasting life.

16. Nevertheless, as a man may take a drop of water and put it in a vial, and keep it for a long time, so have I given to My exalted angels power to take the spirit of a fish, or of an animal, suddenly dead, and reclothe it with the semblance of a body, for a season; but yet it is only a subjective existence. And, even as a man letteth a stone out of his hand, and it falleth to the ground, so, when My angels let go their hands on My spiritual animals, their spirits fall into the sea of My body, and are seen no more. Even so, also, but in less degree, created I the trees, the grass, the moss, and all vegetable things that grow on the face of the earth. And I gave to My exalted angels power to take the spirit out of a tree, or a bush, or a plant, and to carry it away and reclothe it with corporeal substance. But to My exalted Gods I gave power to do the same things, not with one plant only, but with whole forests, and with animals, and fishes, and serpents. And when they do these things in atmospherea, they are called subjective heavens.

17. Wherefore it came to pass in the ancient days that when spirits of darkness returned to mortals, they told them that heaven was like unto the earth, with everlasting life unto all animals as well as to man. Turn not away from such spirits, O man, but learn from them that thou mayst not tarry long in My bound heavens, when thou becomest a spirit also.

18. For if thou settest thy soul to feed on animals, and to dwell with them, the Gods cannot deliver thee to My emancipated heavens, till thou hast served thy time in the lower heavens. One great light have I bestowed unto all men, that they may progress forever. Though the waters of the ocean rise up and make clouds; and the clouds fall down as rain and run to the rivers, and thence back into the ocean, a thousand times, ten thousands of times, yet that water hath not progressed. Neither have I given progress to a stone, nor to a tree, nor to p. 232a an animal; but to man only have I given progress.

19. Be wise, O man, and tie not thyself to things that progress not, nor set thy soul upon them, lest they become a bondage to thee in the next world. But for the druks, I have created heavens midway betwixt light and darkness, subjective and objective, that they may be redeemed.

20. Fragapatti also visited the Washa'wow'wow, the great hunting fields; and the place of tournaments, the Se'ka'to'si, where thousands and tens of thousands of drujas were being amused, and instructed, and awakened to their condition and to their possibilities. And when Fragapatti and his hosts had seen the beauty and grandeur of this lowest of heavens, and made a record of the affairs, Yaton'te said:

21. Now have I shown thee, O Fragapatti, the foundation of a great house, even my kingdom, which is Jehovih's. I am at thy service, to go whithersoever thou mayst desire. Then spake Fragapatti, saying:

22. I desire to descend beneath, even to the earth's surface, and survey the plains, and rivers, and lakes, in the regions where the Father's kingdom will be founded. Let my mathematicians compute the time, and these things shall also be recorded in the etherean libraries, for benefit of the angels of that day.

23. The mathematicians computed the time, and then Yo'tse'putu, the chief, said: Eight thousand nine hundred years! So Fragapatti caused the avalanza to be lowered down to the earth's surface, and he coursed the land over, east and west and north and south, and when he saw it was a fair country as to land and water, he said:

24. Behold the Wisdom of Jehovih in the foundation and plans for inhabiting and subduing the earth. And yet, eight thousand nine hundred years! O what innumerable millions on the earth will go down in darkness ere that day! Here the Light will fall! Here the beginning of the death of Seffas! Yet Thy Hand, O Jehovih, is over all.

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