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Chapter XVI

1. WHEN the time of recreation was ended, Fragapatti ascended the throne of Jehovih, and signaled to the marshals to proclaim order and labor; and, at once, the vast multitude took their places; and, in the same instant, the es'enaurs discoursed music, with anthems, the which, when finished, was the signal for business, heavenly. Fragapatti said:

2. Again am I about to depart, and again to leave the God of Mouru, Athrava, with you. And Hoab, and such of his hosts as I may choose, shall go with me. For, according to the rank and glory of Gods, I must now deliver Hapacha and his kingdom of Ipseogee, raised up from Guatama.

3. Thereupon, Fragapatti descended to the foot of the throne and sat down; and Athrava, God of dawn of Mouru, came down and took him by the hand, in ancient manner, and said: Behold, thou hast honored my throne, and the time of thy departure is upon thee. Arise, then, O God, and go thy way.

4. And Fragapatti rose up and stood aside, and signaled for Hoab to go and be raised in the same manner; the which he did, becoming wise in the behavior of Gods toward one another.

5. The marshals had filed fifty thousand attendants, besides ten thousand es'enaurs, and, at a signal from Fragapatti, marched forth out of the capital, followed by the hosts of Hoab and one hundred thousand ethereans.

6. And when they were once beyond the lights of Mouru, behold, some of the hosts of Hoab rejoiced, because they were better pleased to be where there was less light. Yet there were seven hundred millions of them who rejoiced not, but rather loved the light more.

7. Then Fragapatti said: It is well that not all are of one mind. The seven hundred millions who love the light more, shall be my traveling companions to Ipseogee. Because they are strong in light, I have work for them. But the others shall be taken back to p. 216a Zeredho, whither I will also come in due time.

8. And after they are settled in Zeredho, behold, I will send a God to them, and they shall found a new kingdom, in Jehovih's name. Let all hands, therefore, enter the avalanza, following me.

9. At once the hosts entered the ship, and Fragapatti gave the word to be off, and they sped forth direct for Zeredho, led by swift messengers who well knew the nearest route and the lightest places. And the route taken was through the sea of Foo'witchah and the Oram of Haiti.

10. Hardly had they gotten under way, when the light of the upper heavens began to descend on Hoab, whose excitement, from the wondrous scenes, made him propitious to the change; and, feeling the buoyancy of the light, he thus held forth, saying:

11. How could I forget Thee, O Jehovih? Or Thy purposes observe, and deny Thy designs? How saw I not that at my quickening in my mother's womb, I was the farthest from Thee? And yet, even then, Thy breath was upon me!

12. And when Thou hadst fashioned me and badest me walk upright, Thou didst send Thy angels to me, saying: Behold, Thy Creator liveth. Life of His Life thou art; flesh of His Flesh created he thee. And He gave thee thyself in proof of Himself.

13. In the earth was I conceived; housed up in darkness; of Thyself built up; nor was I of myself anything under the sun.

14. And Thou createdst the honey-bee, and bade him speak to me for mine own benefit. He said: Behold me, O man! I am a worker. In a community I live with my brothers and sisters. I shut my eyes to things sour and bitter, and I store my house with sweet provender only. Soul of man, hear me! I am the voice of thy Creator. Behold the harmony of mine house, and the provision I make for my newborn!

15. And Thou createdst the ant, and bade him speak to me for mine own benefit. He said: Behold me, O man! I am a worker. In a community I live with my brothers and sisters. Soul of man, hear me. I am the voice of thy Creator. Behold the industry of mine house, and the burdens we bear jointly into our stores.

16. And Thou createdst the spider, and bade him speak to me. He said: Behold me, O man! I am one with p. 217a thy Creator. By the spirit of things I move; by the geometrical figures of the unseen worlds I build mine house. Think not that I reason or take lessons from other spiders; I take no lessons; I move by the spirit within me, and it moveth in concert with the spirit of things without. Hear me, spirit of man! There are two ways to knowledge before thee; one is by the soul of things, and one by reason.

17. And Thou heldest up before mine eyes continually that the unseen ruledest over the seen. Then I became vain before Thee, O Jehovih! I said: When I am dead, and born a spirit, then will I see the unseen, and cannot err more.

18. But lo, my folly in Thy sight! When I was risen in spirit, I saw the spirit of things; but, alas, the soul laid still beyond. And to me the soul was now the unseen cause, and ruler over the spirit.

19. Again Thy holy ones came from the etherean worlds, speaking to me, saying: And yet beyond the soul cometh Nirvana.

20. Now have I beholden Thy crystal spheres, and Thy matchless glories. Yea, I look into this sea of Foo'witchah, whither I had often gazed before, seeing nothing then; but now, beholding ships laden with Gods and Goddesses from Thy Nirvanian fields, in higher works and worlds moving.

21. And Thy Fire stirreth me to the soul, to expand to the mastery of these atmospherean heavens. O that I could vent the hallowed glory Thou hast bestowed upon me! O that I could thank Thee for the happiness I have because Thou createdest me!

22. O that I could open up the souls of men to behold Thy wondrous works, and the majesty of becoming one with Thee, Thou Almighty, Jehovih! O that they would hear me and believe! O that they would not turn away from Light! O that they could learn to glorify Thee every day, for the little Light and little joy they receive! How like Gods and Goddesses would they become in Thy kingdoms.

23. But they harbor discontent; they discourse on the little they have received from Thee. Like the canker-worm, that groweth to devour, they feed their sorrows by recounting them over and over. For pain they cry out; and for disappointment they weep. Yea, they feed their own darkness with darkness, and in the end forget Thee, Thou All Light!

24. Hoab ceased, but gazed at the coursing ships in the atmospherean heavens; whereupon Fragapatti said:

p. 218a

25. Behold Thy wisdom, O Jehovih! Whom Thou wouldst make strong, Thou hast made to feel adversity's sting. For the emergencies that lie ahead, Thou plannest Thy Gods to run near the cliffs whereon millions perish.

26. Who can attain to know Thy wisdom, O Jehovih! Who can comprehend the millions of millions of Thy Sons and Daughters! And yet Thou knowest every one, and carriest them by a breath, so gently they feel Thee not, nor know Thee. To a very hair's breadth Thou takest them; and in the time of desperation, Thy hand cometh to the rescue of the righteous.

27. Man saith: Now will I fortify myself with riches and houses, and all manner of possessions; adversity shall not come upon me; I have more faith in my possessions than in Jehovih. Mine is a kingdom I can see; but Jehovih is afar off.

28. But Thou art suffering him, in his vanity, to go away from Thee for a season. Sooner or later Thou bringest him in with a short turn; either on earth or in heaven. And he goeth down as an example to hundreds and to thousands that envied him.

29. Thou hast set up the poor man in faith; he toileth day and night; he is weary and sore; he crieth out with hunger; his rags are a shame to him; but he remembereth Thee, O Jehovih! In Thy praise he singeth a song in his soul every day. To do good unto others is his great delight.

30. And Thy hand reacheth down to him in time after; his soul is like a giant. Thou hast planned him for a very God in heaven!

31. The spark of faith that was in him he nurtured, and it became as a mighty tree that fell not down before the blast. The good he received he exalted, and it fructified and grew as a harvest in rich soil; and he stood mighty in all places.

32. In Thy praise are his songs, and they endure forever; his psalms are the voice of Thy loves; and the multitude of Thy people remember him, whilst all else are cut down and destroyed. Thy work hath a sure foundation; Thy Wisdom standeth before man's wisdom; not one hath found a failure in Thy word, as it speaketh to his own soul.

33. Thy labor is from the subtle and unseen; Thy footstool the cause of causes. But the vain man looketh to Thy object; he turneth Thy ways upside down; he maketh the cart to push the horse. And Thou sufferest him to drink to the fill of his own p. 219a vanity; and when he runneth himself into torments, Thou findest a way to reach him and bring him home to Thee.

34. Great is his glory when he findeth Thee; his voice becometh the love of Thy loves forever! For Thou hadst shaped him as an example, and given him scope to run his extreme, for his own glory. Yea, Thou hadst planned him for one of Thy great workers, that would not go down afterward.

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