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Chapter XV

1. WHEN the avalanza was made fast, and the hosts come forth, many of the Zeredho'ans, fearing the p. 213a brilliancy of the lights of Mouru, were permitted to go and dwell a little way off; but the others, led by Fragapatti and Hoab, entered the capital city, and came before the throne of Jehovih, greeted by Athrava and the Holy Council.

2. Athrava said: In the name of Jehovih, O Chief, greeting: And to thee, O Hoab. Come ye, and honor the throne of Mouru.

3. Fragapatti said: Greeting to thee, Athrava; and to ye, most Holy Council, in the name of our Father! Hoab said: Greeting, in Jehovih's name!

4. And then Fragapatti and Hoab went forward and ascended the throne, and sat on the left hand of Athrava. At once the Light from the etherean worlds began to fall upon the throne, and even upon the whole Council, and the light was golden yellow, the most sacred color, and brilliant. Hoab had never seen such before, and was overwhelmed with fear and delight; but many of his hosts were obliged to hide their faces.

5. Presently the light condensed over the throne, even whilst three thousand millions looked on, till like a very sun it stood above Fragapatti's head. And then came the Voice of the Almighty, Jehovih, out of the midst of the light. Jehovih said:

6. Hear the words of thy Creator, O man! I, Who created the corporeal and the es'ean worlds! Behold the works of My hands! Who can find a place where I have not created!

7. Think not that I cannot also create a voice and words. For is this not easier than to create a man who shall create words. Behold My corporeal suns amidst My corporeal star-worlds! Behold My etherean suns amidst My es'sean worlds.

8. I made corporeal darkness, and I made corporeal light. I made spiritual darkness, and I made spiritual light. But I am the Light of light. I am the Word of words.

9. As the wisdom of man inventeth words, so doth the light of My Light come in words to them that can bear My Light.

10. Behold My wisdom, O man, in creating souls out of the substance of corporeal darkness! Thus can their souls hear Me and not be afraid. But to them who become pure souls, I come openly. Their throne becometh My throne! Their voice becometh My voice. Their hosts look upon My throne, and My light shineth before My people.

11. Hear, then, thy Creator, O Zeredho. Thy people called to me in their darkness, but I came not. Thy hand was upon them. Thou hadst p. 214a said unto them: Behold my wide countries; my mountains and valleys; my bright rivers and refreshing winds. Come ye; they are yours to keep forever!

12. And because thy hand was upon them, they were beset with darkness; they could not find their way out; neither beheld they more the glory of My kingdoms. Yea, thou wert as a wanton going after My chosen, and thy voice luredest them away from Me!

13. But I spoke in Nirvana, high above, in My thrones of light. And My Sons and Daughters heard My voice. I said unto them: Lo, the red star and her heavens are fallen in darkness! Go ye to them and deliver them into a new resurrection.

14. Had I not spoken in the ancient days, saying: Inasmuch as ye raise up them that are beneath you, so will I send them who are above down to you, to raise you up also.

15. But they forgot My words; neither strove they more to raise up them that were in the hells below. And I said unto My Nirvanians: Go ye to Zeredho, for she hath enticed My holy ones away from Me. And ye shall give them a parable of compensation openly, and they shall come before My Light and hear My voice. For ye shall take them to hell and cause them to deliver the drujas, through the light of My countenance; and thereafter shall ye bring them to Mouru, that I may speak with them face to face.

16. Hear the commandments of your Creator, O ye Sons and Daughters of Zeredho, for that which I give unto ye shall be inviolate. Which is, that ye shall have dominion over the earth and her heavens for two hundred years, commencing at the close of this dawn of dan.

17. And thou, O Hoab, shall be God over all the rest, and thou shalt be anointed with power to raise up successors with power and wisdom. Be wise, O My children, and profit ye in the wisdom of My etherean hosts whilst yet the dawn of dan remaineth.

18. The Voice ceased. Then spake Athrava, saying: In Thy name, O Jehovih, do I suspend myself from Thy throne till it be the will of Fragapatti and Thy will also. And he rose up and stood aside. Then Fragapatti went and sat in the midst of the throne.

19. Fragapatti said: I proclaim three days' recreation to the Holy Council, and to the city of Mouru. Behold, my people shall mingle together as brothers and sisters, rejoicing in the Light of the Father. Be ye joyful, singing and dancing. The ascent to Jehovih's kingdoms may be p. 215a likened unto a ladder with steps, and not an even plain, and ye shall call this the first step in the resurrection of the earth's heavens in this dawn.

20. The hosts then mingled together, greeting and rejoicing, for the Zeredho'ans had long desired to see the ethereans now dwelling in Mouru; and the ethereans were equally desirous of seeing the atmosphereans. Consequently, there was great rejoicing and merriment.

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