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Chapter XIV

1. UPWARD rose the avalanza with its contrasting assemblage of the souls of Light, and with the souls of darkness, the drujas, the holy es'enaurs chanting anthems of praise and thanksgiving, whilst the drujas were engaged in ---- or cursing everything in heaven or earth, or in weeping and moaning, or in stupor, dull as if dead.

2. Fragapatti had previously sent swift messengers to Athrava and the Holy Council of Mouru, where had descended the Light of Jehovih, Whose voice came upon them, saying:

3. Lo, my hosts come in the avalanza; prepare ye to inhabit them, thirty millions. Choose ye from My ethereans and My atmosphereans who shall receive the hosts of the avalanza, the nine hundred millions in darkness. Go ye, therefore, to the borders of the sea, Che-wan, near the cross-roads, Tse-loo, where I have created the plains of Hoo'e'tse-gam, ample for their resurrection. And ye shall provide them houses and hospitals and nurseries, suitable for them to dwell in, being ready, when the avalanza cometh, to deliver them.

4. Athrava and the Holy Council had responded to this, and the swift messengers in turn had informed Fragapatti of the place prepared. Accordingly, the avalanza was landed in Hoo'e'tse-gam, where the thirty millions were in waiting to receive them, disciplined by Ardi'atta, Goddess of p. 212a Zhei, in etherea, first of the seven le'tas in Gom. And they had ten thousand trumpeters, besides other players, four thousand and two hundred.

5. Ardi'atta had provided the pastures in green and in red and brown, but the green she had laid near Che-wan, where the avalanza would land; hence, it was called, Hoo'e'tse-gam, signifying, green for the newborn. Consequently, the drujas were delivered from the avalanza on an open green plain, neither dark nor light, suited to the diseased in mind.

6. Fragapatti knew Ardi'atta, for her former kingdom in etherea lay in one of his own provinces, and it was easy for him to commune with her at a distance, and without messengers. So, even before the avalanza landed, he said unto her:

7. I will cast the drujas on the green fields, and as fast as thou and thy hosts can resuscitate them to consciousness, they shall be selected and carried into the houses and nurseries thou hast provided for them.

8. Thus was the avalanza discharged of the drujas, for the present in Haraiti, to receive treatment prior to being carried to Zeredho. And Ardi'atta and her hosts took charge of them, although more than four millions of Hoab's hosts, also remained with them, as volunteers, to assist in the redemption.

9. Then Fragapatti directed the ship to be steered for Mouru, whither it arrived in due season; and there were in waiting to receive him more than one thousand million souls, and they had provided musicians, one million players and singers, so that far and near it was like a sea of music.

10. When Hoab looked upon the beauty and magnificence of the scene, and especially the discipline, his soul was filled with thanks to the Great Spirit, so that he could scarce speak. And when he mastered himself a little, he said: O Chief, Fragapatti! How could one so exalted as thou art come to me in Zeredho! Every hour am I rebuked by myself because of my former vanity.

11. Fragapatti said: To learn not to speak of one's self, nor to think of one's self, whether praised or rebuked, is this not the right road to Jehovih? Hoab said: It is true. Therefore, the opposite, is going on the wrong road.

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