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Chapter XIII

1. THEN Fragapatti sent swift messengers to Mouru, relating all that had been accomplished, giving, also, the names of the generals and captains over the newly established colonies redeemed from Utza, in the Aoasuan mountains, so they might be registered in the libraries of Haraiti. And Fragapatti established a line of messengers betwixt the colonies, and also from the colonies to Mouru, and selected and appointed the messengers, to hold office during dawn.

2. And when the affairs of this region of the lower heavens were completed and in working order, Fragapatti was ready to ascend with the mad and dumb drujas rescued from hell. Accordingly, the proper persons fell to work and carried them into the avalanza; being obliged to blindfold them because of the light. Nor did the drujas cease wailing and crying with fear and pain and craziness. But because of the multitude of infants, Fragapatti had previously provided five hundred thousand women of fetal, that the infants might be redeemed to everlasting life.

3. Sixty thousand physicians had Fragapatti aboard, and they fell to work right and left, resuscitating and restoring to consciousness the unfortunates. And of the hosts of Hoab, not one was there but went to work, willingly, as nurse and helper.

4. Now struck up the es'senaurs with music, thirty thousand of them, but soft and gentle as a breath of wind, carrying the tones around about the p. 210a ship, even as an endless echo, calling and answering from all possible directions, a continuous and enrapturing change, as if near, and as if far off. So that the uninformed knew not whence the music came, nor how it was produced.

5. All these things were set to working order just as the great avalanza was ready to start. Then Fragapatti went into the ship, being almost the last one to enter. Already was the light gathering bright and dense about him, his head almost hid in the brilliancy of the halo. And then he called out:

6. Arise! Arise! In Jehovih's name, upward rise! And as he spake, behold, the avalanza moved with his will, for all the hosts joined in the same expression, and presently started upward the great fire-ship; leaving the burning walls and signal centres flickering below, so that even hell overthrown shone with great grandeur.

7. Fragapatti spake to Hoab, saying: When I took thee and thy hosts from Zeredho, I promised to take thee to Mouru, the capital city of Haraiti, my kingdom. Now thou desirest me to go with these drujas to Zeredho. I will ask thee now, thinkest thou that thou couldst plan their salvation, and restore them to light?

8. To which Hoab replied, saying: I perceive that of myself I can do nothing but go down hill; or, at best, keep on a level road. As I now comprehend All Light, there is no one thing in all the universe that can rise of itself; but, by the external pressure of other things, all tend downward, even man. To attain to be one with Jehovih is the beginning of the resurrection of the individual; but he who hath attained power to resurrect others is strong indeed. There are many who spasmodically resurrect others, but, alas, how few can keep them resurrected! Not only must he have the Light of Jehovih within himself, but power to make others obtain the Light for themselves. Alas, I am weak!

9. Fragapatti said: Understand thyself, O Hoab. Be not deceived, nor short in faith to accomplish; for herein lieth the key to all Wisdom and Power. Suffer not thyself to go to the other extreme, saying, man of himself can accomplish nothing. To teach a child this, is to hew off its legs and arms. To teach it that it can accomplish, is to make it giant-like and effective.

p. 211a

10. Hoab said: I perceive thy wisdom, O Chief. How, then, shall we find a line by which we can train this economy? If we inspire them not with faith to accomplish, they will accomplish nothing; if we teach them they are dependent on Jehovih for all things, and that Jehovih doeth all things, and that no man can change his own destiny, that he is moved as a machine, then we will make nonentities of our people. On the other hand, if we inspire them that they can accomplish, it will grow upon them, and, finally, they will believe that they do all, and Jehovih nothing. This was the mire my other kingdom ran into.

11. Then spake Fragapatti, saying: Thou perceivest that reason cannot solve the matter. Let us, then, suspend the subject, and I will take thee to Mouru and her kingdoms, and we may obtain facts more pertinent than opinion or reason.

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