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Chapter VIII

1. THIS, then, is the manner of the House of Mouru: Fragapatti would announce the subject; then, rank and rank, according to exaltation, the representatives of hundreds and of thousands would speak on the p. 193a subject. When all had spoken that desired to, or whom Fragapatti asked, then Fragapatti would pronounce in the name of Jehovih. And these were the decrees. For example:

2. Fragapatti said: What shall be the divisions of the earth, and who the Lords thereof? And when the House had expressed, then Fragapatti said: In the name of Jehovih, these shall be the divisions of the earth, to wit: Jaffeth on the east and north, by the sea and to the ice regions, and on the west to the mountains of Oh'e'loo, which shall be called the first division.

3. To the east and south, water and water, and to the west, the highlands of E'zar; and its name shall be Shem.

4. The south land shall henceforth be called Arabin'ya, encompassed by the sea. And north of this, the first country of the brown red race shall be called Heleste, bordering on Shem and Jaffeth on the east, and extending half way to the sea on the west.

5. Uropa shall be Goddess of the west part, and it shall be called after her. And the two great west lands shall be called North Guatama and South Guatama. And all the islands of the earth shall be called Oce'ya; and the waters of the earth shall be called Oce'a, signifying, in likeness of the earth and sky.

6. For the seven divisions of the earth there shall be seven rulers of the rank Lord God; and for South Oce'ya, one ruler of the rank Lord; and for North Oce'ya, one ruler of the rank Lord; and for Japan (Zha'pahn), one ruler of the rank sub-God.

7. Hear me, O ye Gods and Goddesses: Who I shall proclaim from amongst you shall reign during dawn of dan only, but shall raise up a successor in your own name, and in Jehovih's name, to the same rank, to hold dominion two hundred years, the next succeeding resurrection.

8. Fragapatti said: I proclaim, in the name of Jehovih, Ah-oan, Lord God of Jaffeth; Yima, Lord God of Shem; E'Chad, Lord God of Arabin'ya; Gir'akshi, Lord God of Heleste; Uropa, Lord Goddess of Uropa; Yaton'te, Lord God of North Guatama; Kow'anea, Lord God of South Guatama; M'wing'mi, Lord of South Oce'ya; Ots'ha'ta, Lord of North Oce'ya; and Soo'fwa, sub-God of Japan.

9. Approach the throne, O ye Lord Gods, and Lords, and sub-God, that ye may be anointed in the name of the Father, and duly crowned with the emblem of All Light.

10. First came the Lord Gods; and they stood before the throne of Jehovih, now illumed brilliantly, in gold p. 194a and white. Fragapatti said: By Thy Power and Wisdom, O Jehovih, which rest in me, do I these, Thy Lord Gods, anoint and bestow to Thy kingdoms, for Thy glory. Amen! Receive ye of this fire, for it is His anointing with power and wisdom, that all men and women and children, mortals and spirits, coming under your dominion, may rejoice in their Creator, rising forever. Amen!

11. The Lord Gods responded: May I glorify Thee, O Jehovih, in the kingdom Thou hast bestowed upon me! In Thy name I receive this fire, for it is Thy baptism with power and wisdom. Whomsoever Thou hast intrusted to my dominion will I cause to rejoice at all times, and to rise up forever in Thy numberless kingdoms!

12. Fragapatti said: And to you I bequeath, in the Father's name, power to exalt successors, that ye may also bequeath to your successors power for them to exalt successors also; and so on, till the next dawn of dan from the etherean kingdoms, for of such manner shall be the dominion of the Gods and Lords of earth, and her heavens, for a long season hereafter.

13. The Lord Gods responded: Thy power, O Jehovih, do I accept, to exalt a successor to me in my dominions, with power to bequeath the exalting power to his successors after him, till the next etherean dawn of dan.

14. Fragapatti said: Crown of Thy Crown, O Jehovih, do I weave of Thy golden light, for these, Thy exalted Sons and Daughters; and with my hand, in Thy name, crown them. Be Thou with them, now and forever. Amen!

15. Then Fragapatti gathered of the light present, and fashioned crowns for them, and they came forward to the foot of the throne, and he crowned them. So also, at the time they said: I receive Thy fire! there came down from above a stream of light, bright as the sun, and settled upon them.

16. And now they sat down at the foot of the throne, in ancient custom, and Fragapatti came down from the throne, bringing attendant Gods with him; and they took the hands of the newly-appointed Gods, and rose them up; and Fragapatti said: Arise thou, O Lord God, and go thy way. Jehovih is with thee. Then they stood aside, a little way off.

17. Then came forward the two Lords. Fragapatti said: O Jehovih, by Thy power and wisdom in me vested, do I appoint and announce these, Thy Lords, to their divisions of the earth; and with my hands, and in Thy name, p. 195a weave I a crown for each of them, and crown them Lords of Thy light, for Thy glory. Amen!

18. Hear me, O Lords; that which I bestow in the name of the Father, and ye receive, ye shall also bestow in the name of the Father upon your successor at the end of this dawn of dan. Though a Lord God hath dominion, first, with mortals, and, second, with the first heaven in his division which resteth on the earth; and though a Lord hath dominion with mortals only, and with such ashars as minister unto them, ye twain are made Lords of far-distant islands, where ye shall determine many things in your own way, often being Gods also, which I also bequeath unto you, and your successors forever.

19. The Lords said: What thou hast put upon me, O Jehovih, I will do, with Thy power and wisdom, for Thy glory, forever. Amen! I receive Thy crown with praise and thanksgiving, and will bestow it in Thy name upon my successor, bright as I now receive it.

20. Fragapatti then laid the crowns upon them, and they sat at the foot of the throne, also. Then Fragapatti took them by the hand, and raised them up, saying: Arise, O Lords of Jehovih, and go your ways.

21. And when they stood aside, Soo'fwa came forward. Fragapatti said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, and by Thy power in me vested, do I this, Thy Son, crown sub-God of his division of the earth and its heavens. Of Thy light I crown him, and bestow him with a rod of water and rod of fire, that he may have dominion in Thy name, and for Thy glory. Amen!

22. Hear me, O God: Thy duties make thee both Lord and God; but thy second resurrections shall be removed at short intervals, as thou shalt be hereafter informed. But thou shalt have power to appoint assistant Lords to be with thee, in my name, and the Father's. And thou shalt also exalt a successor after thee, with power to his successor also.

23. In Jehovih's name, receive thou this crown of yellow light, for it is the emblem of the oldest habitable country above the waters of the earth! And may the Father be with thee, now and forever. Amen!

24. He also sat at the foot of the throne, and Fragapatti raised him up, even as the others, saying: Arise, O God, and go thy way. So he stood aside. And now the es'enaurs sang and chanted, and the marshals led the way; and the newly empowered Gods departed out of the House of Mouru. p. 196a And there had been provided for them, already, a vessel sufficient to reconduct them back to the earth; and they entered the vessel, and, amidst the flying of banners and the music of the trumpeters, they sped forward, and were soon out of sight.

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