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Chapter VII

1. FRAGAPATTI surveyed Aoasu in all the Morn of East Birth, and his officers enumerated the spirits, and recorded their condition, and then he called his conductors, saying:

2. I have measured the Morn of the East Birth; take me now to the Setting Eve of Death.

3. So the ship, with its passengers, was raised a little, and started for the west, running low over the regions lying west of Ham, Shem and Jaffeth. Fragapatti said:

4. I perceive, the plan of the Gods on this star was to complete its inhabitation by going westward. For this reason, I will see where they designed to have the Eve of Death and the birth of the Father's kingdom on the corporeal part.

5. When they came to the Atlantic Ocean (Uzocea), they raised their ship still higher, and sped across for the regions inhabited by the I'hins and I'huans.

6. Arriving thither, they came to Ipseogee, a region in the lower heaven p. 192a where Hapacha, Lord of the I'hins, had a kingdom of seventy million souls, many of whom were I'huan spirits. Here Fragapatti halted, and made fast his ship, remaining seven days. And Hapacha received him and his hosts, and entertained them. And during the time of their sojourn, Hapacha sent his otevan out around over all the heavens belonging to Guatama, north and south, taking the surveyors and inspectors of the hosts of Fragapatti into all inhabited places, so they could complete their records.

7. In the meantime, Hapacha conducted Fragapatti throughout his kingdom, exhibiting the factories, schools, colleges, hospitals, and all such places as belong to the second resurrection.

8. Fragapatti said to Hapacha: In thee and thy kingdom I am well pleased. Thou shalt hear from me ere many days. At present I must depart. So Fragapatti told not who he was, nor what was his mission; but gathering together his hosts, departed, still going westward, until he completed the circumference of the earth.

9. Now will I again go around the earth, said Fragapatti, and inspect mortals and their kingdoms. So, his conductors now run the ship just above the lands, being guided by messengers familiar with the earth and with all the habitable places. And they zig-zagged their course, going into all kingdoms and into all large cities, and into forests and plains, determining the condition of the earth, and its capabilities, as well as the conditions of mortals and their capabilities.

10. And when Fragapatti had completed this latter inspection, he returned to Mouru, in Haraiti; and the whole of his absence was seventy-seven days.

11. And all the records obtained on the expedition were immediately filed in Mouru, where the High Council and all others who chose could read them. And on the third day thereafter, Fragapatti resumed the throne of Jehovih, and was prepared to found anew the kingdoms of atmospherea, and also those of earth; to overthrow or set aside what was not good; and to raise up both mortals and spirits who had proved themselves worthy.

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