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Chapter V

1. WHEN Fragapatti had selected both departments of his Council, which comprised one hundred thousand souls, he said:

2. When a God espouseth a new kingdom, it is customary for him to create his own capital, and affix the boundaries of his lights and hall of audience; but when he hath Gods and Goddesses for his assistants, it is meet and proper for them to help in the buildings. In this case, I give into your hands to provide this realm.

3. Hardly had his words gone forth when the Gods and Goddesses stretched forth their hands unto Jehovih, and, lo and behold, the elements of the plateau took shape, and there stood p. 183a the canopy of a new kingdom; then again they stretched forth their hands to Jehovih, and there came the walls of the house of heaven; and yet again they stretched forth their hands to Jehovih, and there came the floor and foundation.

4. And the house was called the House of Mouru, the place of the throne of Fragapatti, in the lower heavens. On the plains beyond the house, Fragapatti created a thousand fields and pastures; and in each and every one he created ten thousand mansions, and every mansion was capable of one thousand souls. With roadways from one to another Fragapatti created them, his hosts being the workmen, in the wisdom and power of Jehovih.

5. Whilst this work was going on, the marshals who went down to the earth returned, bringing God and his Lords with them, and also bringing with them twelve hundred thousand spirits of the second resurrection. Fragapatti commanded them to bring God and his Lords into the House of Mouru, and they were so brought.

6. Fragapatti said: In the name of Jehovih, I salute thee, O God, and thy Lords, and thy hosts.

7. God said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, am I, and my Lords, and my hosts, blessed with great joy. That thou, O Fragapatti, hast come to redeem the earth-born and the spirits of these heavens, is a joyful period in the time of worlds.

8. The Lords said: For ourselves and our hosts, O Jehovih, do we thank Thy Son, Fragapatti.

9. Fragapatti said: That thou, O God, mightst know my decrees, I commanded thee and thy Lords, and thy exalted hosts, hither. Hear me, then, and to whom I send thee, do thou my commandments, in the name of Jehovih: The time hath come when mortals on the earth shall begin their lessons in spiritual things proven, being themselves made part in the building of Jehovih's kingdoms.

10. Through thee, the present reigning God of the earth and her heavens, must be carried out the death and resurrection of thy chosen heir, Zarathustra; to prove, first, that man on the corporeal earth can live All Pure and without sin; second, that corporeal death belongeth to the earth-body of man, and not to the spirit; and, third, that after death, the same person can rise in spirit and appear to mortals, to be seen and known; after which, he shall show his final ascent toward the upper heavens, in the arms of his God.

p. 184a


Plate 10.--ETHEREA.

E, E, E, Etherea. All that lieth between the dotted line and the earth is atmosphere. H, Haraiti, highest lower heaven, founded by Fragapatti. F, Zeredho, second highest lower heaven, founded by Fragapatti. These seven were called the Seven Heavenly Mountains, and known by the name Aoasu. (See Vedas. Also see page 189, this work).


p. 185a

11. Whilst this cometh upon thee in person to carry out, thou shalt also, through thy ministering angels, prove to mortals the advantage of virtue and truth over sin and darkness. For thou shalt cause also to be stricken in death two evil men who are all impure; and they shall suffer death at the same time with thy heir, Zarathustra; but these shall not appear before mortals after death. For mortals shall hereafter be a testimony to one another of the reward of virtue, and the power of being one with the Gods, Sons of Jehovih.

12. But since all attestation by spirits can be set at defiance by the craft of philosophers, thou shalt not wait till after the death of thy heir, to teach the truths of the Father's kingdoms; but beforehand. Causing Zarathustra, whilst yet mortal, to write down rules of mortal life, and doctrines, and faith, and repentance, and praise of the Great Spirit; and of prophecy, and all manner of righteous gifts, and the power of miracles, and the triumph of the spirit of man over corporeal elements.

13. And when thou hast completed these things, thou shalt bring the spirit of Zarathustra to this House; but the druks who suffer death with him, thou shalt deliver in the usual way to the places prepared for their resurrection.

14. Tell me, then, how standeth thy heir; and ask thou of me whatsoever thou wilt, to assist thee, to carry out these, my decrees, and it shall be granted unto thee.

15. God said: Zarathustra hath attained his twentieth year, and comprehendeth the destiny put upon him. He is pure and wise, with faith and gentleness; but he is larger and more powerful than any other man in the world. He is instructed, both in the spiritual and corporeal senses, having a knowledge of the books of the ancients, and of writing and making tablets.

16. Fragapatti said: Five years shalt thou have in which to complete thy labor. Depart, therefore, to thy place, taking with thee such of thy Lords and hosts and thou mayst require. I will appoint a thousand messengers to travel betwixt thy place and this, that every day thou shalt ask for this or that, it shall be granted unto thee. To which God replied:

17. I will go now and cause Zarathustra to write a book of wisdom, and give him prophecy over the kings and nations and tribes of men. What I do shall be proven to thee in Mouru. p. 186a Thus saying, God withdrew a little, and selected his Lords and such other assistants as he desired; and, after this, Fragapatti granted a day of recreation, in which time the ethereans were made well acquainted with the conditions of mortals and of the thousands of millions of spirits still lingering in the first resurrection, and in darkness and chaos.

18. On the next day God and his hosts departed for the earth, well attended by thousands of volunteers from the etherean sojourners of Haraiti.

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