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Chapter IV

1. JEHOVIH said: Here, O My Son, Fragapatti! Here, in Haraiti, have I laid the foundation of thy kingdom. Make fast here the fire-ship, five years and fifty days.

p. 181a

2. Call forth thy hosts; build thou a throne of My throne; the voice of thy Creator is with thee. Fragapatti said: Throne of Thy throne, O Jehovih, here will I build. Haraiti shall be my headquarters for the dawn of dan. Come forth, O ye Gods of dawn! Hear the voice of the Son of Jehovih. Bow down, O ye heavens!

3. The ship was anchored, and the ten millions came forth and assembled in a living altar. Fragapatti raised his hand, saying: Throne of Thy throne, O Jehovih! And the hosts raised their hands, and the elements took shape and majesty, raising into a throne brilliant as fire. Then Fragapatti ascended and sat on the throne, saying: Glory be to Thee, O Father, the Highest!

4. A light came down from the etherean firmament, and covered the throne over with a canopy, wide enough for five million men to sit under; and at the borders of the canopy, the ethereans, whose work it fell to, sat up columns of crystals, opaque and transparent, illuminated in all possible colors and shades and tints.

5. Fragapatti said: From Thy Council Chamber, O Jehovih, will I build to Thee forever! And now the hosts, Gods and Goddesses, held up their arms, lifting and casting in; and, lo and behold, there rose and stood the habitable Mouru, council chamber and capital of Haraiti.

6. Then to prayers all hands turned, glorifying the Father; then in singing with praise.

7. After which, Fragapatti said: In Thy name, and by Thy Power and Wisdom, O Jehovih, will I now establish heaven anew over the earth. My marshals shall now proceed down to the earth and command the presence of God and his Lords, and all such others as can endure this light. They shall hear my voice, and learn my decrees.

8. Ten thousand marshals, saluting, departed for the earth and regions below.

9. Fragapatti said: Meanwhile, I will appoint my High Council of the first house of Mouru, Gods and Goddesses of dawn. Hear me, then, in the name of Jehovih, the All Light:

10. Caoka, God of Airram; Ata-kasha, God of Beraitis; Airyama, God of Kruse; Pathema, Goddess of Rhon; Maidhyarrya, Mistress of Karyem; Gatha-Ahunavaiti, Goddess of Halonij; Rama-quactra, God of Veres; Vahista, God of Volu (speech); Airam-ishya, p. 182a God of Icisi, the Myazdas; Haptanhaiti, God of Samatras; Yima, God of Aom; Sudhga, God of Laka; I'ragha, God of Buhk-dhi; Elicic, Goddess of N'Syrus; Harrwaiti, Goddess of Haut-mat, in a'ji; Dews, Goddess of Vaerethagna; Wettemaiti, Goddess of Dyhama; Quactra, Goddess of AEgima; Ustavaiti, Goddess of Maha-Meru; Cura, Goddess of Coronea; Yenne, Goddess of Aka; Caoshyanto, God of Aberet; Rathweiska, God of Huri; Cpentas, God of Butts; Vairyo, God of Nuga-gala; D'Zoata and her brother, Zaota, God and Goddess of Atarevasksha; Ratheweiskare, God of Nece; Yatha, God of Ameshas, and Canha, God of Srawak.

11. Fragapatti said: O Jehovih, behold the glory of my house! I have chosen only such as have ruled over whole worlds. Was ever a God so favored, with such a Council! Was ever so great a light sent to so small a world as the red star?

12. Jehovih said: As I have created man to need relaxation at times, so have I carried the same conditions to be desired by My highest of Gods. Neither have I exalted any God so high but the most menial office is his glory. Neither shall the autocrat learn sympathy till he liveth with a beggar; nor the highest best man learn love and tenderness without taking a season in the depths of misery.

13. Fragapatti said: Shall the strong man forget he was once a child; can an Orian Chief forget he was once a slave; can he that is in the light forget them that are in the dark?

14. Mighty art Thou, O Jehovih! I came to the earth and her heavens to rest myself in Thy service; but Thou wert here before me; Thy voice riseth up to rebuke me; yea, I am still but a child to Thee!

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