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Chapter II

1. Fragapatti and the Council were deeply engaged in the Sortiv of an Orian arc, through which the phalanx of Inihab and her constellation pass every thousand years; an etherean region where the star, Unhowitchata, was dissolved, some twenty days agone, and cut loose thirty thousand million bound spirits, wrapt in corporeality, by the chief, Avaia, and his band of p. 174a etherean Gods, who had drawn largely on the inhabitants of Ful, a garden of Horub, in Fragapatti's dominions.

2. And Avaia had quartered the dismembered hosts near Sortiv, where the light of the arc fell sharply on them; to deplete which concourse, taxed the Gods for more help than was at hand. To remedy which, Fragapatti's hosts were extending the ji'ay'an fields of Uth and lowering the grade suitable to the spirits of darkness rescued from Unhowitchata, a prolific world, bringing forth imperfect human souls too abundantly for the quality.

3. And Inihab was near at hand, to pass the arc of Sortiv, with her hundred stars, many of them larger than the earth, to seventy of which the inhabitants of Horub would need to go as redeeming Gods and Goddesses for the dawn of dan upon them. To apportion all of which, Fragapatti and his million Council had work on hand, so that not seriously the condition of the earth and her heavens weighed upon them.

4. But in forty days' time, or in such period as would be forty days on the earth, Autevat and his attendants, twenty thousand, with the arrow-ship of fire, returned from the earth and her heavens, speeding close to Obsod, where the marshals received them, and announced them to the Council. Fragapatti said: Let Autevat and his attendants approach the throne.

5. And Autevat went in, saluting, and stood before the Chief, Fragapatti. Autevat said: In Jehovih's name, and by His power and wisdom, am I here to proclaim of the red star and her heaven: First, then:

6. It is three thousand one hundred years since great Osire sowed the seed of mental culture amongst mortals, and it hath grown to be a giant, and a most merciless tyrant. To learn whereof I speak, even God and his Lords, to honor thee, O Fragapatti, gave me voice and word, and opened the libraries of their heavens, and accompanied me around about the earth, to all nations, tribes and wanderers. To me, the God of earth said:

7. Greeting to Fragapatti, in the name of the Father! And to thee, His Son! Take thou this record to Him, and His Council, in Horub. For I am powerless through my Lords and hosts against such odds.

8. God said: From the time great Osire ascended to his etherean realm, our heaven yielded ample harvests for one thousand five hundred years. And God and Lords succeeded in regular order for every dan put upon the earth.

p. 175a

9. But then came a change, for the a'ji'an fields pressed close on every side of heaven, and the souls of angels and mortals turned down to the gross earth. After which time, only such as were already within the second resurrection came and strove for the upper worlds.

10. These depleted the constant rise, and left our colleges, schools and factories vacant; for the hosts of es'yans, newborn from the earth, were stubborn in their much earthly learning, spurning wise counsel and association.

11. And there were born from the earth into atmospherea, millions and millions of spirits, who could not believe they were dead, but maintained they were confined in dark dungeons, howling and cursing day and night.

12. For the seed of corporeal knowledge had taken root in the I'huan race. They had learned the motions, names and places of the stars, the moon and sun; and from these, prophesied the affairs of nations and men. And duly marked out, with maps and charts, the destiny of things, according to the dates of corporeal births and movements, attributing the highest central cause to the sun and stars in conjunction.

13. And thus they cast aside all spirit, even Jehovih, reasoning, that if the sun made winter and summer, and grass to grow and die, so it ruled over animals and men. And so, the temples built to observe the stars, before which men once fell down and worshipped Jehovih, became the places of decrees to horrid deaths of all who taught of or believed in spirit.

14. And now rose a mighty nation on earth, of the I'huans, and called, Parsi'e, and they ignored the decrees of Gods and Lords to build no city larger than two thousand souls; forsooth, declaring the Lords and Gods to be but inspirations from the quickening power of the sun and stars, made dark and personal by the credibility of past ages.

15. And so, in representation of the solar phalanx, they built Oas, a sun city, which standeth to this day of a million souls, sworn to make it the central governor over all the earth, and all other places tributary and paying for its glory. And over Oas they made a king, and called him, KING OF THE SUN, (So-qi) to be to him and his heirs, successors forever.

16. And Oas was embellished and adorned above all other places that had been on the earth; the fame of which p. 176a spread abroad over Jaffeth and Shem and Ham, betwixt which it lieth centrally. Its colleges became famous, and its observatories were of such magnificence that their roofs were covered with silver and gold. The mirrors and lenses and dark chambers within the towers were so constructed that the stars could be read as well in the day as at night; and the records of observation covered more than a thousand years, by men of great learning.

17. But now, alas, Oas aspires not only to be the central sun in knowledge, but in power and dominion, over the whole earth. And so, from her ample treasures, she sendeth forth armies to conquer and destroy, to gather and plunder, to build still greater her magnificence.

18. So Jaffeth and Shem and Ham run red with human blood, whereat, I raised my voice to high heaven, that Jehovih would send deliverance for the souls of men.

19. For of the millions slain, whose spirits still lie on the battle-fields in chaos, or madly fighting some unseen horror of hallucination, none can be persuaded to come to holier places in heaven; whilst hosts of them rush madly into Oas, to find even their souls accursed by mortals.

20. God said: So the heaven of the earth hath fallen to the earth, save the I'hins and the far-off I'huans, whose spirits my Lords gather in and prepare for the after resurrection. But amongst the Parsi'e nation, none more believe the dead shall rise, nor that spirit is; but that with the mortal death there is the end, to which the king hath made a decree that never more shall man teach or preach of a heaven for spirits of the dead, nor proclaim a Great Spirit, a Creator.

21. Autevat said: In such manner God disclosed the affairs of earth and heaven, now dead-locked in everlasting destruction; which things, in fuller details, I with my attendants, beheld in every land and kingdom. And as we sat in Vibhraj, in the sacred circle, a light, a single star, appeared before us, even at the throne of God; and from its center the book of heaven fell, as if to send broadcast before mortals the plan and will of Jehovih, near at hand.

22. At this, God said: Tell me, Autevat, thou that travelest across the mighty heavens, and art stored with the knowledge of Gods ruling over other worlds, what is the signal of this light and sacred book? To which I replied: This, O God: The time hath p. 177a come to earth to prove to mortals the things whereof the Gods and Lords have taught. History shall no longer be locked up privately with the chosen race, the I'hins; but it shall stand before both saints and sinners

23. Thou shalt prove the resurrection before these stubborn kings, the slaughterers of men, that they may say, not as the I'hins, we believe the soul immortal, because handed down from the ancients, but because it hath been demonstrated before our eyes.

24. God said: How shall this be? To which I replied: Not I, great God, can tell, for that department is not in my keeping. But this much I know: Thou shalt send loo'is into the city of Oas, and they shall raise up a su'is'sar'gis of the fourth grade. All else leave thou till Fragapatti cometh.

25. God said: To reach the fourth grade, will require five generations, which shall spring from the I'hin race commingling with the I'huans. Go, then, O Autevat, to thy etherean home, before the Council of Obsod, to Jehovih's throne, and say to great Fragapatti: An heir to the light of resurrection shall be born ere the dawn of dan of Horub.

26. Autevat said: On learning these truths, I took my leave, and rose and came swiftly back to thy realm.

27. Fragapatti said: It is well. In the time of the next dawn of dan on the earth, I will take a resting spell in which to fulfill Jehovih's plan on earth and in her heavens.

28. So, saluting Autevat, who retired, Fragapatti proceeded with his Council in the affairs of other worlds, making a memorandum of the time and place the earth should near the plains of Horub, in the etherean worlds, some two hundred years yet to come.

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