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p. 172a

Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih

Chapter I

1. In Horub, an etherean world on the borders of the arc of Aza, in the procession of Sayutivi, Cnod and Gorce, a region of light, of ten thousand earth years, and one hundred vesperes, where reigned Fragapatti, Orian Chief of Obsod and Goomatchala one thousand years; Surveyor of Gies, roadway and trail of Fetisi, and Mark, seventy thousand years; Prim of Vaga, Tsein, Loo-Gaab and Zaan, forty thousand years.

2. Fragapatti said: To me Jehovih spake in the Council of Obsod, capital of Horub, where sat my million Gods, our throne itself an arc of light, and there came from the Almighty's throne a greater light, all brilliant, and, with it, the Matchless Voice. Jehovih said:

3. My Son! My Son! Go to the red star, the earth. She cometh thy way; her coat is red with mortal blood!

4. Fragapatti said: The Father saith: The red star cometh this way; her coat is red with mortal blood!

5. To their tables the Gods and Goddesses turned, to mark the time; and now, quickly, the whisper ran to the million ears: The red star! The earth! Ye recollect, it was the little star where Sethantes stood man upright, now agone some sixty thousand years. And Aph crushed in her walls, and pruned her to the quick.

6. And then they overhauled the earth's history, these Gods and Goddesses; measured her course to learn just when she would pass; and they found five years and fifty days would p. 173a be her dawn of dan, her time to cross the arc of Aza. And as yet she roamed two hundred years away.

7. Fragapatti said: That this sudden light hath given such long warning, so, great work cometh anon. Let my swift messengers come; I will speak to them.

8. Then the marshals ushered in the swift messengers, saluting, before Jehovih's throne.

9. Fragapatti said: Autevat, my son, the All Light fell upon me, saying: My Son, go to the red star, the earth; her coat is red with mortal blood! Now, by her time, she standeth more than two hundred years beyond the boundaries of Horub. For this, I called thee and thy attendants. How long will it take thee to go thither and survey the earth and her heavens, and return hither?

10. Autevat, well trained in such matters, said: Of the earth's time, forty days. Fragapatti said: What number of attendants wilt thou require for so great a distance? And Autevat said: Twenty thousand.

11. Fragapatti said: Provide thee, then, all thou requirest, and go at once. And if thou shalt find the inhabitants of the earth suitable for sacred records, commission thou the God or Lords to send loo'is to raise up an heir for Jehovih's kingdom.

12. Autevat said: Thy will and Jehovih's be done. And, duly saluting, he and his attendants withdrew, and, coming to Gat-wawa, ordered an arrow-ship of twenty thousand guage. In two days it was completed; and, during the time, Autevat had chosen his attendants. And so he departed, swiftly, like a ray of light, Autevat and his attendants, for the red star, the earth. To see what was the matter, that a God so far away as Fragapatti was, could feel and know the flow of human blood!

13. For such is the all perfection of Jehovih's Sons and Daughters. Even mortals can sense things a little way off; but Jehovih's upraised Gods feel the breath of the stars, and know when they are disordered.

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