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The Lords' Fifth Book


Chapter I


1. God apportioned certain of the earth for the tribes of Shem of the arc of Noe'chi, a heavenly place, seat of mountains, and Lords, All Wise, and from His Wisdom directed Hirto into His pastures.

2. Hirto, Son of Neph, born of an egg, descended out of the highest heaven. He was a most gracious Lord, and in deference to Om, smote against the rocks of heaven. So, when the egg was broken, one-half of the shell ascended, the other half became the foundation of the world.

3. The evil voice (satan) spake to the children of men, and polluted them. Whereupon the Great Spirit spoke in the firmament of heaven, saying: To Hirto, son of Neph, I bequeathed the tribes of Shem forever. For they have withstood Anra'mainyus, My everlasting enemy. So Hirto became Lord of Shem, and he banished Anra'mainyus down under the earth, where he busieth himself building fires for the furnaces of hell, whereof the smoke and flames come up through the earth and are called Agni (volcanoes), that his existence might be known to men.

4. Thus came Evil from Good; but that Everlasting Wisdom should prevail with mortals and the spirits of p. 142b heaven, All Light created Visvasrij (law, or natural law), as a creator to abide forever. Before this time there were two things in the world: Voidness was one, and Vachis was the other. Vachis vach, and the world was. So it came to pass that Voidness was divided into two parts, the seen and the unseen worlds.

5. The unseen spake in the wind three sounds, E-O-IH, and was called by mortals Eolin, God of the wind; so Eolin showed himself in three colors: yellow, which is the highest color; blue, which is the coldest color; and red, which is the warmest color.

6. Eolin said: Out of My three sounds, are all sounds made; out of My three colors, are all colors made. He was the All Master.

7. He said: Three worlds have I made: the earth world, which is for mortals; the all high heavens, which is for pure and wise angels; and the intermediate world, which resteth on the earth.

8. Eolin said: Three lights have I created: the sun, to rule the day; the moon, to rule the night; and the burning fire, for the use of man.

9. Three spirit lights created I: Ruch, which issueth out of My soul; Shem, which cometh from My Lords in heaven to the souls of men; and Vas, which cometh from the spirits of the intermediate world.

10. Eolin said: Three states am I in: Ghost, which is ever-present and unchangeable; Corpor, which is in places, like the earth and stars and sun and moon; and Motion, which is everlasting unrest. So am I, Eolin, Mightiest in three, in All Place and All Time.

11. When the egg was broken and the shell distributed, lo and behold, the se'mu of the egg had nowhere to rest, and being void of compact distributed in the void world and was not seen. Then Hirto, High Lord of the upper heavens, sent whirlwinds abroad, and they gathered of the substance of the egg and rained it down on the earth.

12. Uz, son of Eolin, ran quickly and turned Anra'mainyus' fires to the north, and Eolin touched the earth with his quickening hand, and straightway all the living were created.

13. So Eolin said: Thou, My first begotten Son, it shall be thine to keep p. 143b forever. Neither shall there be any other God.

14. But it came to pass in course of time the evil voice (satan) encompassed the earth about with serpents that spake like men and angels, and the serpents made friends with All Evil, Father of Anra'mainyus; and the women of the tribes of A'su went and tempted the first men, the I'hins, whereby there was born into the world evil offspring.

15. Hirto, Lord of the earth, drove the first men out of the region of light, and sat high-born angels on the boundaries of Chinvat, at the gates of the upper heaven, to guard the tribes of Faithists ever after. Nevertheless, evil, being set on foot, soon overspread the earth. So Hirto rested his hands on his thighs, and swore an oath unto All Light that he would drown the world and all the living. And in answer to the Lord a seraphim, a mighty fire-ship, came down out of the sun region, opening the flood-gate of heaven with a sea of water, and all the people perished, save the I'hins, the sacred people, friends of the Lord of earth.

16. So the Lord took the hollow of his hand and lifted up his people, and gave them doves' wings, and they flew afar and came to the land where dwelleth the Lord, so it was called Shem as a proof to all the world.

17. In those days God was near mortals, so that, when an honest man spake, the Lord answered him. And Anra'mainyus was near also, and when an evil man spake an evil voice answered him. For that reason the Lord singled out the purest and most virtuous of women; the wisest, strongest and most faithful, best of men, and married them, giving two women to one man, according to law. And the heirs of the wisest and most virtuous of men and women were wiser than their parents. And the Lord gave this secret to his people in the house of God, and they gave the knowledge to the chosen people.

18. Hirto said: For this reason, O my beloved, shall ye not wed with the druks, the dark people, that burrow in the ground, lest your seed be polluted, and your heirs go down to hell with Anra'mainyus.

19. But Anra'mainyus, evil creator of evil, went to the Druk women; speaking to them in a dark corner, he p. 144 said: Ye have of the root of Babao to make delirious; fetch it to the white people that came with doves' wings; fetch, and they will eat and get drunk. And when the young men are drunk, go ye to them, for they are my gift.

20. So, of them that came out of the arc of Noe'chi, was sin newborn; for the druks went in where they were drunk, saying: Lest the white people and the yellow people fall upon us, and our seed perish on the earth, make us of flesh and kin, bone and bone, blood and blood.

21. Hirto, the Lord God, saw into the darkness, and being compassionate, said: A great punishment will I visit on Anra'mainyus for this; his head shall droop in sorrow. But as for the I'hins, being drunk, I will forgive them. And as to the newborn people, they shall become the mightiest of all people in the whole world, because they came out of both darkness and light. The darkness in them shall battle all darkness; the light that is in them shall then master over their own darkness. But as for the druks, they shall go down in darkness forever.

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