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Chapter XI

1. IN Assan, Osire appointed Sha'bon as God over the delivered hosts; and Sha'bon selected officers and teachers, and then divided the people into groups and sections, according to p. 168 their development, and then erected schools, and nurseries, and factories, and put the inhabitants to work, feasting them plenteously with rites and ceremonies.

2. After Assan was duly organized, Osire departed, and went and sojourned in various kingdoms that had been established by his Lords.

3. And all the heavens of the earth were thus organized anew under Osire. And the whole time of organization was three years; but Osire spent the balance of dawn in Vibhraj, perfecting it as the central kingdom of atmospherea. And lastly, he decreed the appointment of ten thousand Lords, to dwell on earth. Some at the temples of worship, or oracles; some within the cities of the Ghans; and he decreed for his Lords as followeth, to wit:

4. Ye shall not teach mortals of heavenly things, neither by inspiration, nor through the oracles.

5. Ye shall not suffer them to commune with the spirits of the dead, not even their own kin.

6. Ye shall not permit spirits to come to their mortal kin. And the spirits of those who die in infancy ye shall deliver to the asaphs in Vibhraj.

7. Ye shall not permit spirits to inhabit deserted houses; nor permit them to form habitations on the grave-yards, on the earth.

8. Ye shall not permit spirits to inhabit caves nor waterfalls on the earth.

9. Ye shall not permit spirits to obsess mortals, nor to speak through them by entrancement, save they be such spirits as ye appoint in order to carry out these, my decrees; or save they be masters of generation (loo'is), whom ye shall appoint over mortals for other purposes.

10. Ye shall control the selecting and appointing of guardian spirits over newborn mortals.

11. And all such guardian spirits shall teach their wards nothing of heaven near the earth, but inspire them that it lieth far away, and very high, from which place none return.

12. And the guardians shall also inspire their wards to consult God only, or his Lord, and to do this by secret prayer.

13. And that the Lord and God are all goodness, and all wisdom, and all love, and all power.

14. And that all evil cometh from tetracts, born with man's mortal condition.

15. And ye shall inspire mortals to acquire a knowledge of the sun, and moon, and stars, giving names unto them, together with their places in the firmament.

16. And give them temples for observation, and tablets for instruction.

17. For in all things ye shall direct man's soul to the acquisition of corporeal knowledge, causing him to look into corporeal things to find a reason for the behavior of all created substance.

18. And they shall not in any sense longer depend on the spirits for knowledge, nor truth.

19. For I am not laying the foundation for spiritual knowledge on earth; that must come after. For as Jehovih first gave to man a corporeal life, and then a spiritual life, so am I laying a foundation for a new race (the Ghans) on the earth. For from their kin shall spring the heirs of kosmon, who shall embrace both corporeal and spiritual knowledge.

20. But these shall rise in corporeal knowledge, and go down in it, suffering death in that which I now rain on the earth.

21. Ye shall teach them in truth; but they will in after generations contort your teachings into corporeal worship, prostrating themselves before the sun, and moon, and stars, going down in disbelief in not only the spiritual life, but in the Great Spirit, and His Gods and Lords.

22. And these things must come to pass on the corporeal world; nor is there any resurrection in the latter days, save these of this day go through the fall which I am preparing for them.

23. For which reason, ye shall found corporeal knowledge in the stars, and name them, for these things will be testimony in kosmon, of the fate of the worshippers of corporeal knowledge, in the time of the Osirian cycle.

24. Wherein ye shall leave nothing undone that can be done, to make mortals put aside all spirituality, save to believe in the Great Spirit and a distant heaven; but make them pursue knowledge wholly corporeal.

25. For the labor of God and his Lords shall not always be to fetch spirits back to earth, to learn of corpor, for this is not Jehovih's plan.

26. A heaven shall be built up of corporeal knowledge, which shall have a base in the firmament of heaven, where spirits can be taught in time to come.

27. Fear not that man can be too unbelieving in spiritual things, in this age; Jehovih requireth even perfection in unbelief, in certain periods of p. 169 time. And this is the founding of that era on the earth.

28. Do ye, therefore, these matters with all your wisdom and strength; and may the Light of Jehovih be with you, now and forever.

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