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Chapter IX

1. THROUGH Osire, Jehovih said:

2. I created man with a corporeal life, that he might learn corporeal things; but behold, the I'huans have lost all energy to acquire earthly knowledge, depending on their familiar spirits for information on everything. Thereby wasting their mortal lives in non-improvement. So that when they die, and enter heaven, they are easily made slaves of by evil spirits.

3. Better were it for them had they no knowledge of spirit life, that they might put to service the talents I created within them. See to this matter, O My sons and Daughters; for their desire for the presence of the spirits of the dead will draw fetals upon themselves, and they will go down in darkness, like the ancients.

4. The Voice departed, and then Osire said: Hear me, O brothers, O sisters; this is my commandment upon you, and to you to render unto your successors after such time as I shall call you for the resurrection:

5. Possess ye the temples and oracles, where the familiar spirits speak; neither suffer ye familiars to come more to kings, nor queens, nor governors, nor to leaders nor rulers of men; but take ye possession of all such, and p. 165 answer ye the corporeans with corporean knowledge only.

6. And that ye may be as a unit unto mortals, give ye all the same name, even Jehovih, through His Son, Osire. For when ye answer at the oracle, or in the altar or temple, they will ask who the spirit is; and ye shall say: Osire, Son of Jehovih; doing this in my name and the Father's.

7. And when ye speak by entrancement, through the seers and prophets, also assert the same thing. And they will ask: Why has the Son of Jehovih come to us? And ye shall say:

8. Because ye are an idolatrous people, worshipping before stone and wood; whereby evil spirits take advantage of you, and rule you to your own hurt.

9. And they will reason amongst themselves, saying: How know we not, then, that thou thyself be not an evil spirit? And ye shall say: It is well that ye ask this, for I declare unto you, ye shall not worship Osire, but only Jehovih, the Creator. This doctrine, only, is safe.

10. Again they will say: Who is satan and his attendants? Ye shall answer: Whoever professeth any name save the Great Spirit, is of satan, which pertaineth to self.

11. Now whilst ye are thus reasoning with them, certain ones in the temples will be worked by the familiar spirits, writhing and twisting, and ye shall say to the next akin: Behold, I will tell thee how to cast out the evil spirit. Thou shalt say: I charge thee, in the name of Jehovih, to depart!

12. It shall come to pass they will do this, and at the time they use the words: In the name of Jehovih, depart! ye shall drive hence the familiars, thus proving the power of Jehovih greater than all spirits.

13. But that this matter may spread rapidly, and be valued highly, impart the name of the Great Spirit, in secret, not suffering them to speak it aloud. Choose ye, therefore, certain mortals, and ordain them through the king, and their labor shall be to cast out evil spirits.

14. It will come to pass in many places where ye dispossess the false Lords and their confederates, these evil spirits will inoculate the cattle and beasts of burden with poison, and they will die; and the evil spirits will show themselves to the dogs, and cause them to howl; and the evil spirits will obsess the swine, which are easily influenced, and the swine will appear drunk and foolish. All of which things ye shall prophesy to mortals beforehand, thereby attesting the wisdom of the Great Spirit.

15. After these things are accomplished, mortals will say further: Behold, thou Son of Jehovih, erst thou came, Apollo told us when to plant, and when to reap; when to bring the male and female cattle together; but now that we have put him aside, what shall we do? And ye shall answer them:

16. Come in the star-light, and I will give you the signs, that ye may know these things yourselves. And where ye speak in the oracle, or by entrancement, ye shall point out to them certain stars, and give them the names thereof; and certain groups of stars, with their names, also; and ye shall show them the travel of the sun, north and south, and give them a tablet of divided into twelve groups, with twelve lines coming from the sun.

17. And ye shall raise up priests by inspiration, and by entrancement, and through them illustrate the position of the sun in the signs of the zodiac (onk). And the priests shall explain these things to the unlearned, that they may comprehend of their own knowledge.

18. When these things are accomplished, ye shall inspire the I'huans to go to the I'hins and ask to be circumcised unto Jehovih; and the I'hins, also being under inspiration, will confess them and bestow them with the sign.

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