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Chapter IV

1. OSIRE lost no time, but officered Gau and established his Council in hot haste, making Ote as temporary God on the throne, whilst he himself went forth to other regions, to conquer and overturn false Gods and Lords. Leaving, therefore, a sufficient guard and council, Osire, with a host of twenty millions, went westward in atmospherea, over and above the great central north lands, where was established Wotchak, a false God, with another hundred millions of slaves, to do his will.

2. Wotchak, having been advised by the messengers of Osire's approach to the earth's heavens, supposing Osire to be from some remote star, and not knowing there were etherean worlds in the firmament, had laid his kingdom round with new walls, and doubly fortified his throne, and gaudily attired p. 154a himself and officers, in hopes to overawe the coming God.

3. To Wotchak came Osire, and waited not to be announced, nor halted for his sentinels, driving his ship straight up to the throne.

4. Halt! Halt! cried the astonished Wotchak. Who dares my throne profane, and all the rules of virtuous Gods set at defiance? Down from thy ship, and crawl on thy belly to thy sovereign God! Know thou, I am Great Apollo! But Osire deigned only to say: By what authority hast thou made slaves of Jehovih's sons and daughters, to augment thine own self-glory?

5. And, not waiting a reply alighted down before the throne, even while a thousand or more, well drilled, with him stood, in the form of a star, whereon the Upper Light descended in great brilliancy. Wotchak was frightened, and fled from his throne, and all his Council with him. Then spake Osire, saying to his hosts:

6. Suffer not this false God and his Council to escape. Encircle them round, and hold them, to know my will and the decree of Jehovih. Presently, the ethereans brought back Wotchak, who cried out: O, let me go! Take all, but let me go! What am I to thee?

7. Osire answered him, saying: Such hath been the history of these heavens. In ages gone, the usurping false Gods were suffered to go their way, leaving their former subjects helpless on the hands of the etherean hosts. That day is past. I am come to make such Gods know that their fate and responsibilities rest on the decrees of a Higher One, even the Creator, Jehovih. Behold, thou hast cast down and blighted a hundred million of Jehovih's children, making slaves of them, to do thy will. As thou wert the cause of their fallen state, from liberty to bondage, so, no, shalt thou redeem them to freedom, and wisdom and truth.

8. Whilst Osire spake, his proper officers let fall the light from the upper regions, the like of which Wotchak had never beholden. Presently, all things became transparent, and the enraged Wotchak, foreseeing trouble ahead, thus answered:

9. Accuse me not, thou audacious God! These, my Council, urged me hundreds of years ago to my course, and only for the favor they might remain my close advisors. I was their tool, and, if thou desirest justice, make them to feel the sting of repentant labor. Let them have my slaves. I p. 155a want them not. I have been a most honest, upright God!

10. And now his counselors accused one another, and all of them heaping the blame on Wotchak. Lighter and lighter grew the etherean flames, from which there was no concealment; and all their former falsehoods and cruel words, and evil deeds, were unveiled, disclosing souls dark and hideous, with long-covered-up crimes, now made bare for the gaze of every eye.

11. The which scene brought the curious slaves, in millions, to witness it, and to reassure the suffering false God of their love and loyalty. And when Wotchak looked and beheld the abject wretches who claimed him as their worshipful God, he cried out: Enough! Enough! Unfeeling God! Thou art come in pretended right and peace; but, because of thy power, executest on me and my Council torments more terrible than I ever gave to slave of mine. Know thou, I am Apollo!

12. To which Osire answered: What are names to me! With that, Osire, by waving his hand, caused his hosts to cast aside the false God's throne, and all its glittering gems scatter abroad, relicts for the multitude. And now three pillars of light shot up and stood beside Osire and his attendants, the which took all the strength and courage out of Wotchak and his confederates, and they crouched down at Osire's feet.

13. Osire called Itu, saying: Take them without, and hand them over to their slaves awhile. And Itu and his guard gathered them from the light and bore them hence. Quickly, now, Osire officered this newly-conquered place in heaven, and called it Autat, signifying, foundation of perishable laws. And on a new throne, appointed Luce as temporary God, giving him a council of one thousand ethereans. And now Osire drew the plans for roads, and temples, and schools, and hospitals, and nurseries, and all such other habitations as are required by spirits newborn, in heaven, leaving orders to have them completed by a given time.

14. Next, Osire ordered the divisions and selections to be made in the now scattered hosts of atmosphereans, and to have them all arrested and put into their proper places. These things he left in the charge of God, Luce, to be carried out.

15. Far out on the plateau, Itu and his attendants carried Wotchak and his confederates, followed by forty millions of his former slaves. There Itu left Wotchak and his people, and Itu and his attendants went aside to witness whatever should transpire.

p. 156a

16. At this stage, Osire departed with his ship and steered southward over the land of Shem, coming to a place in the lower heaven called Vibrahj, signifying resplendent, where ruled the false God, Daveas, who had eight hundred millions of slaves, a thousand Lords, and ten thousand Governors.

17. And, even as Osire rushed in headlong upon the other false Gods, so came he with his fire-ship into the great city of Vibrahj, at this time the largest city of the lower heaven. Daveas had been warned by his sentinels, and so came to the front of his capital, just in time to see the fearless Osire alight on the piazza in front of the Council House.

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