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Chapter V

1. PEACE and prosperity were established on earth and in heaven by the time of the expiration of the dawn of Thor. And now came the time for his own ascent, with his hosts, leaving the earth and her heavens in care of God and his Lords.

2. So Thor, Son of Jehovih, sent swift messengers to etherea, asking to be delivered; and asking for the deliverance of six thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih.

3. See We'ing, Goddess of Hotosk, in etherea, was appointed by the Council in Buru, to descend for Thor and his hosts, and his six thousand millions.

4. Accordingly, See We'ing built her ship and gathered in her hosts for the journey, her ten millions. This, then, was the make of her ship, which she named Harp, to wit:

5. The photosphere was flat to the north and south, but oval east and west; the openings were on the flat sides, with passages through. The crescent described a circle of three thousand four hundred miles, and the depth of the harp north and south was three hundred miles. The pillars of fire that ascended from the midst were one thousand seven hundred miles high.

6. The stars within the photosphere were provided with five points; and each star had one million chambers, one chamber being allotted as the habitation of one Bride or Bridegroom; and there were seven thousand of these stars.

7. The frame-work was crystalline, and opaque, and transparent, and of all possible colors, and shades, and tints. Now, besides the stars and their chambers, the base of the crescent was provided with a salon sufficient for one million musicians, and they were thus situated.

8. God had knowledge of the coming of See We'ing, and had commanded information to be sent throughout atmospherea, and to the Lords located on earth, inviting all who chose, to come and witness the ascent. And there came, besides the Brides and Bridegrooms, two thousand million angels; many not yet delivered from the first resurrection.

9. So it came to pass, SeeWe'ing, Goddess of Hotosk, came down in her ship of fire, even to the foundation of Gau; came in great magnificence, and was received by Thor and by God and His Lords.

10. And she ascended the throne, and performed the marriage rite for the six thousand millions. And after that a recreation of one day was proclaimed in Gau, during which time the atmosphereans and ethereans mingled freely together.

11. On the day following, Thor accompanied See We'ing into her ship; and their hosts went in also, being nearly seven thousand millions. And then, amidst a rain of etherean flowers, See We'ing started her fire ship upward.

12. God and his hosts remaining in p. 139 Gau saluted in the sign, JEHOVIH FOREVER! Which was properly answered by the ascending millions.

13. Then on its axis turned the great ship, rising and turning, higher and higher. And in a little while only an ascending star was seen, and then it disappeared in the distance.

14. Thus fulfilled Thor his great mission in dawn to the earth and her heavens.

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