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Chapter IV

1. IN the fourth year of dawn under Thor, Son of Jehovih, he received from the Holy Council in Buru, of Don'ga, in etherea, a dispensation from the Orian Chiefs, decreeing to the earth one hundred years' travail in vocent.

2. Thor called up Waak, God of Rhines, and said unto him: A sore travail hath Jehovih put upon these heavens. Go thou to Hey'loo and command him to provide an avalanza sufficient to deliver twenty thousand atmosphereans to the a'ji'an forests of Gonaya.

3. For the inhabitants of these heavens are too dark to endure the vocent of a hundred years, and would be precipitated to the earth and engage in fetalism.

4. Waak, God of Rhines, knowing the condition of the atmosphereans, p. 137a proceeded at once to Hey'loo, informing him of the decrees of the higher heavens, and of the command of Thor, Son of Jehovih.

5. Thor then sent word to his Lords and marshalls, informing them also of his command, and, further, commanding them to bring from all parts of earth and heaven all the lowest grades of angels, to be concentrated in Gau, to which place the avalanza was to come for them.

6. Thor appointed Ti'See'inij, Goddess of Ares, to superintend the reception of the angels, and to arrange them for entrance into the avalanza; and he gave into her command, to assist her, five hundred thousand marshalls and captains, and one mllion es'enaurs. And these she apportioned to their respective duties and places.

7. To accomplish all this, Thor allotted seventy-seven days (earth's time). And so wisely were carried out all the proceedings that, on the seventy-seventh day, the avalanza was on hand, and all the angels ready to enter therein.

8. Accordingly, these things were accomplished; the twenty thousand million angels were carried away on the avalanza, which was walled around on every side with pillars of fire, so that not one spirit could escape, even were he chaotic or imbecile. And Waak and Hay'loo had entire charge of the migration; and they proceeded upward and outward from the earth, seven diameters of the earth's vortex, which brought them into the forests of Gonaya, where they landed them.

9. Ti'See'inij, Goddes of Ares, had charge of the twenty thousand millions, and she had previously sent thither a sufficient force of angels, wise and strong, to provide for the reception.

10. So that, when the avalanza landed, all things were in readiness; and the angels were apportioned to different sections of the Gonaya forests, according to their development. And proper officers and teachers were provided unto them.

11. By Ti'See'inij were these things done. And she established a throne of a'ji, and provided a temple of Council, and all such things as are required in the government of a new colony. And, to reign after the expiration of dawn, she provided a God in Gonaya. She promoted to this one Hazedeka, a surveyor in Thalasia, the third heaven of Gau; and she gave him the title, GOD OF GONAYA, FOR FOUR HUNDRED YEARS.

p. 138

12. Now, in reference to founding an a'ji'an habitation in etherea, this account is rendered unto mortals and angels of the lower heaven: Amidst the ethe'ic waves, the ethereans gather up the atomic elements floating therein, and, giving them axic motion, propelling them forth, aggregating the while, till, from a mite, it groweth as large as the whole earth, but is habitable within and without by the spirits of the dead, the angels.

13. Jehovih said: In likeness of the solid earth, and stars, and moon, that float in the unseen firmament, so made I atomic parts to all things, and made them to float in ethe. As the earth is to the air and the ether above, so is an atom of corpor to the ethe'ic solution.

14. Jehovih said: Think not, O man, there is but one member in My Person, and that different conditions and states of that one comprise My universe. The foolish man hath said, the blood is the flesh and bones, and that the flesh and bones are but a state of blood; but he seeth not that I make not flesh out of blood, but out of that that the blood carrieth. And in like manner carry I the corpor of My Person in the ethe of My Being.

15. Now, as to Thor, Son of Jehovih, after the departure of the avalanza, he provided a new God unto the earth and her heavens, and crowned him, and bestowed upon him the triangle which had been handed down since the inhabitation of the earth by man.

16. As for the remaining time of dawn, Thor traveled around about the earth and her heavens, making records thereof, to be carried with him in Buru in the time of his ascent.

17. In consequence of the depletion occasioned by the resurrection of the twenty thousand millions to Gonaya, God and his Lords were greatly relieved of their burdens in Gau and on the earth.

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