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Chapter III

1. THOR said: To induce men and angels to find the way of resurrection, this is the greatest of all teaching. Man saith: O God, raise up thy servant!

2. And the Lord saith: Hold up thy hands and I will lift thee up. But man will not. Man saith: Send wise and holy angels to me, O Lord, to guide me in righteousness and good works!

3. And the Lord saith: As thou asketh of God, even so do thou to thy fellows. But man will not.

4. As it is with man on earth, even so do we find it in hada.

5. To induce angels to develop themselves, by taking hold with their own hands, and by the exercise of their own talents, this is the work of Lords and Gods. To rule over them without their knowing it, so as to lead them in the right way, this is wisdom.

p. 134a

6. The first passion of man is to eat; the second, the sexual desire; the third, to make others serve him. And if he accomplish the latter, then is he indeed the prince of evil. For he then holdeth dominion to the hurt of others.

7. So, also, as man buildeth these habitations in his soul on earth, how vain his effort for happiness in heaven! To teach him to undo all his past, and to make full restitution unto others, this is the work of Gods and Lords over spirits of darkness.

8. Thor established two thousand educational colonies in atmospherea, besides innumerable places of manufacturing and building; teaching the angels of heaven how to provide habitations for those born of earth into spirit life.

9. In three years of dawn Thor had prepared for etherean ascension four thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms.

10. Now all this while the angels of atmospherea had been taught much in regard to the emancipated kingdoms in etherea; of the splendor and majesty and power of Gods and Goddesses there abiding.

11. Thor spake from the throne of God, before the Holy Council, saying: Send swift messengers to Betatis, Goddess of Terow, in etherea, greeting, and say unto her: Thus saith Thor, Jehovih's Son, Orian Chief of Don'ga: Come thou to the heavens of the earth; I have four thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms as Jehovih's harvest. Provide thou an airiata of great size and splendor, for its presence shall enchant my people.

12. The swift messengers departed. And proper officers at once set about making ready to receive Betatis. Others were sent into other parts of atmospherea with fire-boats to bring atmosphereans to Gau, that they might behold the glory of the higher heavens as manifested in the descent and ascent of the airiata.

13. All these things were accomplished; Betatis came in great splendor; and all the kingdoms and sub-kingdoms of Gau were filled with the thousands of millions come to witness the ceremonies.

14. This, then, was the size of Betatis' airiata: Diameter, east and west and north and south, two thousand miles to the borders of the photosphere, and nine thousand miles high. The ship, within the photosphere, was one hundred miles east and west and north and south, and was two hundred miles high. Of beams, the entire length, there were twelve million four hundred p. 135a thousand; and of uprights, they were numerous accordingly. And there were a sufficient number of chambers within the airiata for every soul to have one; and besides these, there were halls and temples within, also suitable for music and other entertainments.

15. The colors, shades and tints, with mirrors, and with opaque ornaments, both movable and fixed, were provided in all possible ways, for ornament and for service, the like of which, for beauty, had never been surpassed in Don'ga. And when the whole airiata was completed, it looked like an oval globe of light, with a frame-work, transparent and opaque within, alternated so as to add beauty to every part. And it was fitted and equipped for the third resurrection, having no storage places for atmosphere, or any thing in common with the lower heavens.

16. To add still further to its splendor, Betatis had her airiata ornamented with banners and streamers illuminated, so that at a distance, when seen descending, the whole vessel seemed like a sun surrounded on every side with movable stars and waving streams of light.

17. Amongst her hosts were one million trumpeters and players on harps; and two million singers.

18. In the midst of the forepart of the ship was the Holy Council chamber, with four million members. Above the Council chamber was the chamber of worship; and at either side were the halls for dancing and social reunion.

19. When Betatis' ship neared the atmospherean kingdom of God, millions of her hosts stationed themselves on the galley-beams and stay-lines, adding a scene of life to the ethereal ship of surpassing beauty.

20. With ballast had Betatis provided her ship, so that when she came within the earth's vortex she could stand where she desired whilst the earth and her heavens turned their axial course, that both mortals and angels might witness the brilliancy and glory of the works of Don'ga's chief Goddess.

21. And thus Betatis stood in her ship of fire, just beyond the plateau of Gau, whilst the earth and her heavens made one revolution.

22. The next day she descended into Gau, where God and his Lords, under direction of Thor, Jehovih's Son, had prepared their mighty audience.

23. When the ship was made fast, the chief marshal of Gau and of Betatis' hosts met p. 136a and conducted Betatis up in front of the throne of God.

24. Thor said: In Jehovih's name, welcome, Daughter of Light!

25. Betatis said: Praise the Almighty! In love, am I come to answer thy prayer.

26. Then spake God, saying: Welcome, O Goddess! Come and honor my throne!

27. Then went Betatis forward in a flame of light, and was greeted after the manner of Gods and Godesses. After which she sat in the midst of the throne. And at once the ceremonies of initiation for the Brides and Bridegrooms were accomplished.

28. Then came a day of recreation; and after that, Betatis and her hosts, together with the four thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms, entered her airiata and departed upward for the etherean heavens.

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