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Chapter III

1. GOD said: Hear the word of the Lord, O man; be considerate in thy little wisdom of the magnitude of the labor of thy Lord.

2. Certain times and seasons are allotted by Jehovih for the development of new orders of men on the worlds He created. According to the times and seasons and condition of the earth, so hath the Lord thy God provided the race of man.

3. To raise man up, that he may comprehend the beautiful creation, and that he may be adapted in harmony therewith, is the glory of thy God.

4. Behold, I have spoken of the land of Guatama! Think not that as one division of the earth is made answerable to my will by a certain rule, that even so another division of the earth p. 115b is provided in the same way. The Lord thy God findeth one place filled with beasts of prey and great serpents, which must be destroyed; and he provideth a race of men to accomplish this. And man is suffered by God to become carnivorous for a season.

5. In another country the Lord findeth drouth and frequent famine; and he provideth man with knowledge adapted thereto. So also are there seasons to the earth, when man shall be changed from one condition to another; according to the progress of the earth, so God lifted up man for the glory of the Almighty.

6. Suffer not thy judgment to mislead thee as to a law of selection. There is no law of selection. Man hath no inspiration of his own to select and provide his progeny, neither in shapliness nor judgment.

7. He marrieth because of the impulse of the flesh; nor careth he for the issue, whether they have long legs or short ones, or whether they become warriors or imbeciles.

8. And woman even careth less than man. Nevertheless, a time cometh upon the world, in a later age, when man and woman both consider these things, and somewhat govern themselves accordingly. But in such an era they are almost fruitless.

9. But in the early age of a world, man hath inherent but two impulses, to eat and to indulge in cohabitation. Neither considereth he what may result therefrom. And the Lord and his angels lead man, unknowingly to himself, to fulfill his times and seasons.

10. Now have I come to thee in kosmon to make plain the government of heaven upon the earth; and of thy God and his angels upon the race of man. Behold, in the time of Apollo, man in his present form was brought into being on the earth. The time and season of the earth was in that day come unto that end. Even as in this day thy Lord hath come to change man from a race of warriors to a race of peace; for now is the time and the season of the earth propitious to that end.

11. In the time of Apollo were the first prophets raised up from other than the I'hin race. In that day, the I'huan, the flesh-eating man, was first capable of hearing the voice of thy Lord understandingly. And p. 116b thy God commanded man to remember the God of harmony, symmetry and music, and to build images of him in all the divisions of the earth.

12. Be most searching, O man; for thou shalt find, in this day and generation, the legends and history of Apollo in all the divisions of the earth.

13. And the word of his name, in all languages, hath the same significance.

14. Behold, as in Guatama, the Lord raised up seers, whom he instructed in the methods of slaying beasts of prey and serpents, in the same period of time raised up for the same purpose other seers in Shem, Ham and Jaffeth. * And the names of the great slayers are preserved to this day in the mortal histories of these countries.

15. Thus created the Lord a new race on the earth; and in all the divisions thereof, the new race came of the I'hins and the I'huans. According to the different countries where they dwelt, so are they found to this day. In which thy God provided all these people who are of pure blood to have no other God nor Lord than the Great Spirit, Jehovih.

16. Nevertheless, in the time of Apollo, this race was but a fraction compared to the hundreds of millions of I'huans and ground people and I'hins that dwelt on the earth. But the I'huans were at war for more than a thousand years.

17. They built great cities, and established mighty kingdoms, but as soon as built, lo, the wars laid them low or dissipated them.

18. God said: Now will I give to man a new commandment, which is, to go forth and subdue the earth; to slay every beast of prey and every serpent that cometh before him.

19. And of beasts of prey and of serpents, shalt thou not eat the flesh, nor the blood, which containeth life.

20. Neither shalt thou eat the flesh of the beast with uncloven foot; nor shalt thou eat swine's flesh.

21. But all cloven-footed animals I give unto thee, for food to eat. For in the day thou takest the place of beasts of prey, thou shalt also take to thyself to eat the flesh they would have eaten.

22. Then the Lord sent I'hin priests to circumcise the new race, the GHAN. p. 117b And he commanded the Ghans to marry amongst themselves, promising to give all the world into their keeping.

23. And the Ghans began to wear clothes, after the manner of the I'hins; and the latter gave them rites and ceremonies, and taught them how to pray and dance before Jehovih.



116b:* India, Egypt and China.

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