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Chapter II

1. GOD said: Suffer not the Ongwee to dwell with the I'hin, lest the seed of my chosen be lost.

2. The Ongwees came suddenly into the world; came in the north and south and east and west; came by thousands and thousands. And they had long hair, black and coarse; but their skin was brown, copper-colored; and their arms were short, like the I'hins. Very proud were the Ongwees, they would not mix with the I'huans; and they dared not mix with the sacred people, because of the commandment of the Lord.

3. So, the Ongwee-ghan became a new race in the world, having all the symmetry of the I'hin, and the savageness of the I'huans. And, being feeders on flesh and fish, fell under the dominion of angels of the lower heaven, and they rejected the Lord God.

4. The Lord said: Even this will I appropriate for their own salvation in time to come.

5. So the Lord commanded the I'hins to give to the Ongwees laws, rites and ceremonies; and these things were done as commanded.

6. Then came the angels of the lower heaven, teaching the Ongwees the secret of making eunuchs of their enemies, the I'huans with the long arms; teaching them how to make spears and bows with arrows, and darts and fishing-hooks and nets; teaching them how to make fire by striking flint stones; teaching them how to cook flesh and fish to make them more palatable. And this was the first cooked food for man since the days of the flood.

7. The I'hins feared the Lord would p. 114b visit a judgment upon the land, because of the Ongwees killing and eating flesh; but the Lord said unto them: Suffer ye the Ongwees to fulfill their labor; too full is all the land with beasts and serpents. Nevertheless, it shall come to pass that great destruction shall come upon the I'huans, and the ground people, and the Ongwees. Their great cities shall be destroyed, and the lands laid desolate; but I will rebuild them again with greater glory than in this day.

8. And so it came to pass, as the Lord had spoken through the I'hin prophets. In three thousand years the large and handsome race, the Ongwees, transcended the long-armed I'huans, the short-legged race.

9. God said: Hear me, O man! Understand the labor of the Lord thy God. Jehovih saith to the Lord: Go thou to yonder earth, and make man upright (on two feet). And the Lord accomplisheth it. Then saith Jehovih: Go yonder, and make man shapely on the earth. And the Lord findeth a way to do this also.

10. Forget not the Lord thy God; such labor will fall to thy lot when thou art long risen in heaven. Behold, there are millions of worlds, new coming into being every day. Expand thy judgment; make thyself comprehensive, that thou mayst fulfill in wisdom the glory of the Almighty.

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