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Chapter XIII

1. JEHOVIH spake in the light of the throne of God, saying: To the Council of Gau, heaven of My Heaven! Hear ye the words of your Creator, O My beloved: Sing songs to Apollo and his Lords; let my people rejoice; for the Glory of My Son is upon them.

2. From My kingdom is the Light and the Life; out of My Wisdom Apollo hath come. Sing to him, O ye Lords of heaven; let My angels rejoice in his name, for he shall abide forever.

3. Created I him for the glory of angels and men; in his idols and images shall My people behold the harmony of My beloved. With Mine Own hands, molded I the ankles and feet, and well-rounded thighs. Behold the arms of My Son, no longer than to the thighs, and with dimples, and small wrists.

4. His neck is straight and slender, and smooth and round, like the higin on an altar; and his shoulders like hewn stone, polished and tapering, like a woman's, who goeth not to war.

5. His instep is high; he can spring like a deer, swift as the wind. He sitteth not on his haunches all day, with his hands down, like a Druk that is tired, waiting for food. He fleeth to the plain and the forest on his swift feet.

6. Proclaim ye Apollo in heaven and on earth. He is risen! Higher than the sun is the Holy Begotten of Jehovih! Out of the Virgin Mi is he come, Holy; in symmetry and music, there is none like Apollo.

7. She was My betrothed from the foundation of the world; Spouse of your Creator, O God! Her name was Mi, Mother of Mine Holy Begotten Son.

8. They were without shapeliness before Me; they lolled about on earth; they lolled in heaven; on their haunches waited they hungrily.

9. The Virgin bowed down; for her first-born was the Redeemer of the world. In stone, and wood, and copper, and gold, and silver, is he stronger than ten cities; and wiser than ten thousand men.

10. He cometh to the young mother's dream, and shapeth her unborn, with limbs like a racer, and with long hair on the head. He standeth in the idol, and knoweth the Mother's prayer p. 126 every day. Who calleth on the name, Apollo, calleth on the Father, Creator of all things.

11. Blessed are the Lords of Apollo; blessed are the sons and daughters of Apollo; blessed are they that bring forth in shapliness like My Son, Apollo.

12. This mark have I put up before all women under the sun; the young women before marriage; and before the young men before marriage.

13. Choose ye of them in the likeness of Apollo; your heirs shall glorify your Creator.

14. Apollo is My judge; he sitteth on My right hand; swifter than an arrow is his judgment on a woman's first-born.

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