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Thanks for your support

August 26, 2003.

Thanks to your support and continued readership, sacred-texts continues to be a success. The chart above shows the growth of hits per day at sacred-texts since July 2000. Currently the site gets about 300,000 hits, 50,000 page views, and 10,000 unique visitors per day. The site uses in excess of 120 Gb of high speed bandwidth per month.

This growth has not come without costs. This site now costs about $2000 per quarter in hosting fees alone. There are numerous other expenses, such as the cost of conducting copyright searches, legal fees, and the cost of purchasing books to scan. It costs money to deliver this amount of bandwidth; and it also costs money to add new content to the site.

I don't want to add banner advertising, or worse still, charge subscription fees. So, to keep the site free of advertising, and able to continue its mission of delivering free texts, I have added a number of commercial features to this site. This is so that I can continue to produce and freely distribute high quality extexts of significant public domain books.

The Sacred Texts CD-ROM now in its fifth version, is the primary source of revenue for the site. Thanks to everyone who has purchased the CD-ROM, and if you haven't checked out this magnificent resource, please do so. Files at this site also available on the CD-ROM are indicated by the CD-ROM icon. You can click on this icon to buy the CD-ROM:


All of the proceeds from this CD-ROM go to support the site. It is crucial if you want to see sacred-texts stay online, and you can afford it, to help out by purchasing a copy.

The links and donations generate a small amount of revenue as well.

I want to particularly assure all visitors that they will continue to be able to access all of this sites' content for free. Sacred-texts is still committed to distributing freely accessible HTML and text versions of these files. However, to ensure this free access for the future, it is necessary to build a revenue stream so that the site can become self-sustaining. Hence the additional e-commerce options at the site.

Thanks to everyone who visited the sacred-texts in this year. I hope that the site will continue to be of use in the future.

J.B. Hare

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