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Intermediate Types among Primitive Folk

by Edward Carpenter


In this ground-breaking study of homosexuality, Edward Carpenter reviews an extensive body of literature, including accounts of Shamans and Bedarches (transgenders) in tribal society, and same-sex unions in ancient Greece and feudal Japan. This book includes much that has a direct bearing on issues of gay spirituality, including a discussion of the Kedushim, the priests of the ancient Near Eastern Goddess religion, and target of the Levitical anti-sodomy and anti-cross-dressing regulations. There is also a mention of the sanctioned Christian male same-sex unions in the Balkans, which gives a new dimension to recent controveries. The chapter on same-sex unions in feudal Japan is also of particular interest, as it deals with a topic very rarely dealt with by western writers.

Title Page

Part I. The Intermediate in the Service of Religion

Chapter I. As Prophet or Priest
Chapter II. As Wizard or Witch
Chapter III. As Inventors of the Arts and Crafts
Chapter IV. Hermaphrodism among Gods and Mortals

Part II. The Intermediate as Warrior

Chapter V. Military Comradeship among the Dorian Greeks
Chapter VI. The Dorian Comradeship in Relation to the Status of Woman
Chapter VII. Relation to Civic Life and Religion
Chapter VIII. The Samurai of Japan: and their Ideal