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(LXXVI. Mecca)

IN the name of the merciful and compassionate God.

Does there not come on man a portion of time when he is nothing worth mentioning 2?

Verily, we created man from a mingled clot, to try him; and we gave him hearing and sight. Verily, we guided him in the way, whether he be grateful or ungrateful.

Verily, we have prepared for those who misbelieve chains and fetters and a blaze!

[5] Verily, the righteous shall drink of a cup tempered with Kâfûr 3, a spring from which God's servants shall drink and make it gush out as they please!

They who fulfil their vows, and fear a day, the evil

p. 313

which shall fly abroad, and who give food for His love to the poor and the orphan and the captive. 'We only feed you for God's sake; we desire not from you either reward or thanks; [10] we fear from our Lord a frowning, calamitous day!'

And God will guard them from the evil of that day and will cast on them brightness and joy; and their reward for their patience shall be Paradise and silk! reclining therein upon couches they shall neither see therein sun nor piercing cold 1; and close down upon them shall be its shadows; and lowered over them its fruits to cull; [15] and they shall be served round with vessels of silver and goblets that are as flagons--flagons of silver which they shall mete out! and they shall drink therein a cup tempered with Zingabîl 2, a spring therein named Silsabîl! and there shall go round about them eternal boys; when thou seest them thou wilt think them scattered pearls; [20] and when thou seest them thou shalt see pleasure and a great estate! On them shall be garments of green embroidered satin and brocade; and they shall be adorned with bracelets of silver; and their Lord shall give them to drink pure drink! Verily, this is a reward for you, and your efforts are thanked.

Verily, we have sent down upon thee the Qur’ân. Wherefore wait patiently for the judgment of thy Lord, and obey not any sinner or misbeliever amongst them. [25] But remember the name of thy Lord morning, and evening, and through the

p. 314

night, and adore Him, and celebrate His praises the whole night long.

Verily, these love the transitory life, and leave behind them a heavy day!

We created them and strengthened their joints; and if we please we can exchange for the likes of them in their stead. Verily, this is a memorial, and whoso will, let him take unto his Lord a way.

[30] But ye will not please except God please! Verily, God is knowing, wise.

He makes whomsoever He pleases to enter into His mercy; but the unjust He has prepared for them a grievous woe!


312:1 See Part I, p. 78, note 1.

312:2 While in the womb.

312:3 Name of a river in Paradise, so called because it is white, cool, and sweet-smelling, as camphor is.

313:1 Zamharîr, the word here rendered 'piercing cold,' is by some authorities interpreted to mean 'the moon.'

313:2 Zingabîl signifies 'ginger.'

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