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The Indian Stories of F.W. Bain were published early in the 20th century. We are in the process of preparing etexts of all of these books. However, there is no particular schedule for completing them. The volumes in this series are as follows:

Vol. I : A Digit of the Moon
Vol. II: The Descent of the Sun [1903]
Vol. III: A Heifer of the Dawn [1904]
Vol. IV: In the Great God's Hair
Vol. V: A Draught of the Blue
Vol. VI: An Essence of the Dusk
Vol. VII: An Incarnation of the Snow
Vol. VIII: A Mine of Faults
Vol. IX: The Ashes of a God
Vol. X: Bubbles of the Foam
Vol. XI A Syrup of the Bees
Vol. XII: The Livery of Eve
Vol. XIII: The Substance of a Dream