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Good and Evil as Religious Ideas

p. 1

Devil Worship

p. 6

Ancient Egypt

p. 15

Accad and the Early Semites

p. 29

Persian Dualism

p. 50


p. 65

Brahmanism and Hinduism

p. 74


p. 104

The Dawn of a New Era

p. 137

Early Christianity

p. 157

The Idea of Salvation in Greece and Italy

p. 193

The Demonology of Northern Europe

p. 241

The Devil's Prime

p. 262

The Inquisition

p. 306

The Age of the Reformation

p. 338

The Abolition of Witch-Prosecution

p. 370

In Verse and Fable

p. 407

The Philosophical Problem of Good and Evil

p. 439


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