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NOTE: There may be some minor typos in this document, which, all things considered, is probably a good thing.

The Calls of Enoch


1I reign over you 2Saith the God of Justice 3In power exalted above
1Ol Sonf Vorsag 2Goho Iad Balt 3Lonsh

1The Firmament of Wrath: 2In Whose Hands 3The Sun is as a sword
1Calz Vonpho 2Sobra Z-Ol 3Ror I Ta Nazps

1And the Moon 2As a through-thrusting fire: 3Who measureth
1Od Graa 2Ta Malprg 3Ds Hol-Q

1Your garments in the midst of my vestures 2And trussed you together
1Qaa Nothoa Zimz 2Od Commah

1As the palms of my hands: 2Whose seat 3I garnished with the fire
1Ta Nobloh Zien 2Soba Thil 3Gnonp Prge

1Of gathering: 2Who beautified 3Your garments with admiration:
1Aldi 2Ds Vrbs 3Obleh G Rsam

1To Whom I made a law 2To govern the Holy Ones: 3Who delivered you
1Casarm Ohorela 2Taba Pir 3Ds Zonrensg

1A rod 2With the Ark of Knowledge. 3Moreover Ye lifted up Your
1Cab 2Erm Iadnah 3Pilah Farzm

1Voices and sware 2Obedience and faith 3To Him 4That liveth
1Znrza 2Adna Gono 3Iadpil 4Ds Hom Od

1Triumpheth: 2Whose beginning is not 3Nor end cannot be: 4Which
1Toh 2Soba Ipam 3Lu Ipamis 4Ds

1Shineth as a flame in the midst of your palace 2And reigneth
1Loholo[1] Vep Zomd Poamal 2Od Bogpa

1Amongst you as the balance 2Of righteousness and truth. 3Move
1Aai Ta Piap 2Piamol Od Vaoan 3Zacare

1Therefore and show yourselves: 2Open the mysteries of
1(e) Ca Od Zamran 2Odo Cicle

1Creation. 2Be friendly unto me 3For I am 4The servant of the same
1Qaa 2Zorge 3Lap Zirdo 4Noco

1Your God, 2The true worshipper of 3The Highest.
1Mad 2Hoath 3Iaida.

[1. Or Sobolo]
























1Can the Wings of the Winds 2Understand your voices of wonder
1Adgt Vpaah Zong 2Om Faaip Sald

1O You the Second of the First 2Whom the burning flames 3Have framed
1Vi-I-V L 2Sobam Ial-Prg 3I-Za-Zaz

1Within the depth of my jaws: 2Whom 3I have prepared as cups for a
1Pi-Adph 2Casarma 3Abramg Ta Talho

1Wedding 2Or as the flowers in their beauty 3For the Chamber of the
1Paracleda 2Q Ta Lorslq Turbs 3Ooge

1Righteous. 2Stronger are your feet 3Than the barren stone 4And
1Baltoh 2Givi Chis Lusd 3Orri 4Od

1Mightier 2Are your voices than the Manifold Winds. 3For ye a
1Micalp 2Chis Bia Ozongon 3Lap

1Become 2A building such as 3Is not save in the mind of
1Noan 2Trof Cors Ta 3Ge O Q Manin

1All-Powerful. 2Arise, 3Saith the First. 4Move, 5Therefore, 6Unto
1Ia-Idon 2Torzu 3Gohe L 4Zacar 5(E) Ca 6C

1Thy servants. 2Show yourselves 3In power and make me 4A strong seer
1Noqod 2Zamran 3Micalzo Od Ozam 4Vrelp

1Of things, for I am of Him 2That liveth forever.
1Lap Zir 2Io-Iad.

Rules Letters E. H. N. B. of Tablet of Union


1Behold 2Saith your God. 3I am a Circle 4On Whose Hands stand Twelve
1Micma 2Goho Mad 3Zir Comselha 4Zien Biah Os

1Kingdoms. 2Six are the Seats of Living Breath, 3The rest are as
1Londoh 2Norz Chis Othil Gigipah 3Vnd-L Chis ta

1Sharp Sickles 2Or the Horns of Death, 3Wherein the creatures of Earth
1Pu-Im 2Q Mospleh Teloch 3Qui-I-N Toltorg

1Are and are not 2Except Mine own Hands 3Which also sleep 4And shall rise.
1Chis I Chis-Ge 2In Ozien 3Ds T Brgdo 4Od Torzul.

1In the first I made you 2Stewards and placed 3You in seats Twelve of
1I Li E O1 2Balzarg Od Aala 3Thiln Os

1Government, 2Giving unto 3Every one of you 4Power successively 5Over
1Netaab 2Dluga Vonsarg 3Lonsa 4Cap-Mi Ali 5Vors

1Four Five and Six, 2The True Ages of Time: 3To the intent that from
1CLA 2Homil Cocasb 3Fafen

1The Highest Vessels 2And 3The comers of 4Your governments
1Izizop 2Od 3Miinoag 4De Gnetaab

1Ye might work My power: 2Pouring down 3The Fires of Life and Increase
1Vaun 2Na-Na-E-El 3Panpir 4Malpirg

1Continually upon the Earth. 2Thus ye are become 3The Skirts of
1Pild Caosg 2Noan 3Vnalah

1Justice and Truth. 2In the Name of the Same 3Your God 4Lift up, 5I say
1Balt Od Vaoan. 2Do-O-I-A p 3Mad 4Goholor 5Gohus

1Yourselves. 2Behold His mercies 3FIourish 4And His Name is become
1Amiran 2Micma Iehusoz 3Ca-Cacom 4Od Do-O-A-In Noar

1Mighty 2Amongst us, 3In Whom we say: 4Move, 5Descend and
1Mica-Olz 2A-Ai-Om 3Casarmg Gohia 4Zacar 5Vniglag Od

1Apply yourselves unto us, 2As unto the Partakers of 3The Secret Wisdom of
1Im-Va-Mar Pugo 2Plapli 3Ananael

1Your Creation.



1I have set 2My feet in 3The South 4And have looked about me 5Saying:
1Othil 2Lusdi 3Babage 4Od Dorpha 5Gohol

1Are not 2The Thunders of Increase 3Numbered 4Thirty-three
1G-Chis-Ge 2Avavago 3Cormp 4P D

1Which reign 2In the Second Angle? 3Under Whom 4I have placed
1Ds Sonf 2Vi-Vi-Iv 3Casarmi 4Oali

1Nine Six Three Nine 2Whom. None 3Hath yet numbered but One:
1MAPM 2Sobam Ag 3Cormpo Crp L

1In Whom 2The Second Beginning of things 3Are and wax strong,
1Casarmg 2Cro-Od-Zi 3Chis Od Vgeg

1Which also successively 2Are the 3Numbers of Time 4And their powers
1Ds T Capimali 2Chis 3Capimaon 4Od Lonshin

1Are as the first 24 5 6. 3Arise 4Ye Sons of pleasure 5And visit the Earth:
1Chis Ta L-O 2CLA 3Torzu 4Nor-Quasahi 5Od F Caosga

1For I am the Lord 2Your God 3Which is 4And liveth for ever.
1Bagle Zire 2Mad 3Ds I 4Od Apila.

1In the Name of the Creator, 2Move and 3Show yourselves
1Do-O-A-Ip Qaal 2Zacar Od 3Zamran

1As pleasant deliverers 2That you may praise Him 3Amongst
1Obelisong 2Rest-El 3Aaf

1The Sons of Men.

HCOMA, Water


1The Mighty Sounds 2Have entered 3Into the Third Angle 4And
1Sapah 2Zimii 3D U-I-V 4Od

1Are become 2As Olives 3In the Olive Mount 4Looking with gladness
1Noas 2Ta Qanis 3Adroch 4Dorphal

1Upon the Earth 2And 3Dwelling in 4The brightness of the Heavens
1Caosg 2Od 3Faonts 4Piripsol

1As continual comforters. 2Unto whom 3I fastened 4Pilllars of Gladness
1Ta Blior 2Casarm 3A-M-Ipzi 4Nazarth

119 2And gave them 3Vessels 4To water the Earth 5With all her creatures:
1AF 2Od Dlugar 3Zizop 4Zlida Caosgi 5Tol Torgi

1And 2They are the 3Brothers 4Of the first 5And the Second
1Od 2Z Chis 3E Siasch 4L 5Ta-Vi-U

1And the beginning of their own 2Seats 3Which are garnished with
1Od laod 2Thild 3Ds

1Continual Burning Lamps 26, 9, 6, 3, 6 3Whose numbers
1Hubar 2P E O A L 3Soba Cormfa

1Are as the First 2The Ends, 3And the Content 4Of Time
1Chis Ta La 2Vls 3Od Q- 4Cocasb

1Therefore come ye 2And obey your creation. 3Visit us 4In peace
1 (E) Ca Niis 2Od Darbs Qaas 3F 4Etharzi

1And comfort. 2Conclude us 3Receivers of 4Your Mysteries. 5For why?
1Od Bliora 2Ia-Ial 3Ed-Nas 4Cicles 5Bagle

1Our Lord and Master is the All One!
1Ge-Iad I L

NANTA, Earth.


1The Spirits of 2The Fourth Angle 3Are Nine, 4Mighty in the Firmament
1Gah 2S Diu 3Chis Em 4Micalzo Pil-

1Of waters. 2Whom the First hath planted 3A Torment to the Wicked
1Zin 2Sobam El Harg 3Mir Babalon

1And 2A Garland to the Righteous: 3Giving unto them Fiery Darts
1Od 2Obloc Samvelg 3Dlugar Malprg

1To Vanne 2The Earth, 3And 47, 6, 9, 9 5Continual Workmen
1Ar 2Caosgi 3Od 4A C A M 5Canal

1Whose courses visit 2With comfort 3The Earth, 4And are in government
1Sobol Zar F 2BIiard 3Caosgi 4Od Chisa Netaab

1And continuance as 2The Second 3And the Third. 4Wherefore,
1Od Miam Ta 2Viv 3Od D 4Darsar

1Hearken unto my voice. 2I have talked of you 3And I move you
1Solpeth Bi-En 2B-Ri-Ta 3Od Zacam

1In power and presence: 2Whose 3Works 4Shall be a Song of Honour
1G-Macalza 2Sobol 3Ath 4Trian Lu-Ia He

1And the praise of your God. 2In your creation.
1Od Ecrin Mad 2Qaa-On.

BITOM, Fire.


1The East 2Is a House of Virgins 3Singing praises 4Amongst the Flames
1Raas 2I Salman Paradiz 3Oe-Crimi 4Aao Ial-

1Of First glory, 2Wherein 3The Lord hath opened His mouth 4And they are
1Pir-Gah 2Qui-In 3Enay Butmon 4Od I

1Become 28 3Living Dwellings 4In whom 5The Strength of Man
1Noas 2NI 3Paradial 4Casarmg 5Vgear

1Rejoiceth 2And 3They are apparelled with 4Ornaments of brightness
1Chirlan 2Od 3Zonac 4Luciftian

1Such as work 2Wonders on all Creatures. 3Whose Kingdoms 4And
1Cors Ta Vaul 2Zirn Tol Hami 3Sobol Ondoh 4Od

1Continuance 2Are as 3The Third 4And Fourth, 5Strong Towers 6And
1Miam 2Chis Ta 3D 4Od Es 5V-Ma-Dea 5Od

1Places of Comfort, 2The Seat of Mercy 3And Continuance.
1Pi-Bliar 2Othil Rit 3Od Miam

1O ye Servants of Mercy 2Move, 3Appear, 4Sing praises 5Unto the Creator!
1C-Noqol Rit 2Zacar 3Zamran 4Oe-Crimi 5Qaada.

1And be mighty 2Amongst us! 3For to 4This Remembrance
1Od O-Micaolz 2Aaiom 3Bagle 4Papnor

1Is given power, 2And our strength 3Waxeth strong 4In Our Comforter!
1I Dlugam Lonshi 2Od Vmplif 3V-Ge-Gi 4Bigliad

Water of AIR.


1The Mid-Day, 2The First, 3Is as the Third Heaven 4Made of Hyacinthine
1Bazm 2Elo 3I Ta Piripson 4Oln Nazavabh

1Pillars 226 3In whom the Elders 4Are become strong, 5Which I have
2OX 3Casarmg Vran 4Chis Vgeg 5Ds

1Prepared 2For My own Righteousness 3Saith the Lord, 4Whose long
1Abramg 2Baltoha 3Goho Iad 4Soba

1Continuance 2Shall be as Buckles 3To the Stooping Dragon 4And like
1Mian 2Trian Ta Lolcis 3Abai-Vovin 4Od

1Unto the Harvest of a Widow. 2How many 3Are there 4Which remain in
1Aziagiar Rior 2Irgil 3Chis Da 4Ds Pa-Aox

1The glory 2Of the Earth, 3Which are, 4And shall not see 5Death until
1Busd 2Caosgo 3Ds Chis 4Od Ip Uran 5Feloch Cacrg

1This House 2Fall, 3And the Dragon sink? 4Come away!
1Oi Salman 2Loncho 3Od Vovina Carbaf 4Niiso

1For the Thunders 2Have spoken! 3Come away! 4For the Crown of the
1Bagle Avavago 2Gohon 3Niiso 4Bagle Momao

1Temple 2And the Robe 3of Him 4That Is 5Was 6And Shall Be Crowned
1Siaion 2Od Mabza 3Iad 4O I 5As 6Momar

1Are Divided. 2Come! 3Appear unto 4The Terror of the Earth
1Poilp 2Niis 3Zamran 4Ciaofi 5Caosgo

1And unto our Comfort 2And 3Of such as are prepared.
1Od Bliors 2Od 3Corsi Ta Abramig.

Earth of AIR


1A Mighty 2Guard 3Of Fire with Two-edged Swords 4Flaming,
1Micaolz 2Bransg 3Prgel Napea 4Ialpor

1Which have 2Vials 3Eight 4Of Wrath For two times and a half,
1Ds Brin 2Efafafe 3P 4Vonpho 5Olani Od Obza

1Whose Wings are of 2Wormwood 3And of the Marrow 4Of Salt,
1Sobol Vpaah Chis 2Tatan 3Od Tranan 4Balie

1Have settled 2Their feet in the 3West 4And are measured
1Alar 2Lusda 3Soboln 4Od Chis Holq

1With their Ministers 29996. 3These gather up 4The moss of the Earth
1C Noqodi 2CIAL 3Vnal Aldon 4Mom Caosgo

1As the rich man 2Doth his treasure. 3Cursed 4Are they whose
1Ta Las Ollor 2Gnay Limlal 3Vnal Aldon 4Chis Sobca

1Iniquities they are. 2In their eyes are millstones 3Greater than the Earth,
1Madrid Z Chis 2Ooanoan Chis Aviny 3Drilpi Caosgin

1And from their mouths run seas of blood. 2Their heads 3Are covered
1Od Butmoni Parm Zumvi Cnila 2Dazis 3Ethamza

1With diamonds 2And upon their hands 3Are 4Marble Sleeves.
1Childao 2Od Mirc Ozol 3Chis 4Pidiai Collal.

1Happy is he on whom 2They frown not. 3For Why?
1Vicinina Sobam 2Vcim 3Bagle?

1The God of Righteousness 2Rejoiceth in them. 3Come away! 4And not
1Iad Baltoh 2Chirlan Par. 3Niiso 4Od Ip

1Your Vials 2For the time is 3Such as requireth comfort.
1Efafafe 2Bagle A Cocasb I 3Cors Ta Vnig Blior

Fire of AIR


1The Thunders of Judgement and Wrath. 2Are Numbered. 3And
1Coraxo 2Chis Cormp 3Od

1Are harboured 2the North in the likeness 3Of an Oak 4Whose branch,
1Blans 2Lucal Aziazor 3Paeb 4Sobol Ilonon

1Are 222 3Nests 4Of Lamentation 5And Weeping, 6Laid up for the Earth,
1Chis 2Op 3Virq 4Eophan 5Od Raclir 6Maasi Bagle Caosgi,

1Which burn night 2And day: 3And vomit out 4The Heads of Scorpions
IDs Ialpon Dosig 2Od Basgim, 3Od Oxex 4Dazis Siatris

1And live Sulphur, 2Mingled with Poison. 3These be 4The Thunders
1Od Salbrox, 2Cinxir Faboan 3Unal Chis 4Const

1That 25678 3Times 4(in ye 24th part) of a moment
1Ds 2DAOX 3Cocasg 4Ol Oanio Yorb

1With an hundred mighty earthquakes 2And a thousand times
1Vohim Gizyax 2Od Matb Cocasg

1As many surges 2Which rest not 3Neither 4Know any 5Echoing
1Plosi Molvi 2Ds Page Ip 3Larag 4Om Droln 5Matorb

1Time herein. 2One rock 3Bringeth forth a thousand 4Even
1Cocasb Emna 2L Patralx 3Yolci Matb 4Nomig

1The heart of man doth his thoughts. 2Woe! 3Woe! Woe! Woe!
1Monons Olora Gnay Angelard 2Ohio 3Ohio Ohio Ohio

1Woe! Woe! 2Yea Woe! 3Be to the Earth, 4For her iniquity 5Is, 6Was,
1Ohio Ohio 2Noib Ohio 3Caosgon 4Bagle Madrid 5I 6Zir

1And shall be great. 2Come away! 3But not your mighty sound
1Od Chiso Drilpa 2Niiso 3Crip Ip Nidali.

Air of WATER


1The Mighty seat 2Groaned aloud 3And there were 4Five 5Thunders
1Oxiayal 2Holdo 3Od Zirom 4O 5Coraxo

1Which 2Flew 3Into the East, 4And the Eagle spake, 5And cried with a loud
1Ds 2Zildar 3Raasy 4Od Vabzir Camliax 5Od Bahal

1Voice: 2Come away! 3And they gathered themselves together and
2Niiso 3

1Became 2The House of Death, {sign of the cross} 3Of whom it is measured, 4And it is
2Salman Teloch 3Casarman Holq 4Od T I Ta

1They whose Number is 31. 2Come away! 3For I have prepared for you
1Z Soba Cormf I GA 2Niiso 3Bagle Abramg

1A place. 2Move therefore 3And show yourselves. 4Open the Mysteries
1Noncp 2Zacar (E) Ca 3Od Zamran 4Odo Cicle

1Of your creation! 2Be friendly unto me 3For I am the servant
1Qaa 2Zorge 3Lap Zirdo Noco

1The same your God, 2The true worshipper of the Highest.
1Mad 2Hoath Iaida.

Earth of WATER


1O You that reign in the South 2And are 328 4The Lanterns of Sorrow,
1Nonci Ds Sonf Babage 2Od Chis 3OB 4Hubardo Tibibp

1Bind up your girdles 2And visit us! 3Bring down your Train 43663.
1Allar Atraah 2Od Ef 3Drix Fafen 4MIAN

1That the Lord may be magnified, 2Whose Name amongst you 3Is Wrath.
1Ar Enay Ovof 2Sobol Ooain 3I Vonph

1Move, 2I Say, 3And show yourselves. 4Open the Mysteries of your
1Zacar 2Gohus 3Od Zamran 4Odo Cicle

1Creation. 2Be friendly unto me! 3For I am the servant 4Of the same
1Qaa 2Zorge 3Lap Zirdo Noco

1Your God, 2The true worshipper of the Highest.
1Mad 2Hoath Iaida.

Fire of WATER


1O You Swords of 2The South 3Which have 442 5Eyes to stir up the Wrath
1Napeai 2Babage 3Ds Brin 4V X 5Ooaona Lring Vonph

1Of Sin: 2Making men drunken, 3Which are empty. 4Behold the Promise of
1Doalim 3Eolis Ollog Orsba 2Ds Chis Affa 4Micma Isro

1God and His power, 2Which is called amongst you a Bitter Sting!
1Mad Od Lonshi Tox[1] 2Ds I Vmd Aai Grosb

1Move 2And 3Show yourselves. 4Open the Mysteries of 5your Creation.
1Zacar 2Od 3Zamran 4Odo Cicle

1Be friendly unto me! 2For I am the servant of 3The same your God.
1Zorge 2Lap Zirdo Noco 3Mad

1The true worshipper 2Of the Highest.
1Hoath 2Iaida.

Air of EARTH.

[1. "Lonshi Tox" means "The power of Him."]


1O You Sons of Fury, 2The Children of the Just, 3Which sit upon 424
1Noromi Baghie 2Pashs Oiad 3Ds Trint Mirc 4OL

1Seats, 2Vexing all creatures 3Of the Earth 4With age, 5Which have under
1Thil 2Dods Tol Hami 3Caosgi 4Homin 5Dr Brin Oroc

You 11636. 2Behold the Voice of God! 3The Promise of Him Who is
1QUAR 2Micma Bialo Iad 3Isro Tox Ds I

1Called amongst you 2Fury or Extreme Justice. 3Move and show your-
1Vmd Aai 2Baltim 3Zacar Od Zamran

1selves. 2Open the Mysteries of 3your Creation. 4Be friendly unto me.
2Odo Cicle 3Qaa 4Zorge

1For I am 2The servant of the same your God, 3The true worshipper of
1Lap Zirdo 2Noco Mad 3Hoath

1The Highest.

Water of EARTH.


1O Thou, 2The Governor of the First Flame, 3Under Whose Wings
1Ils 2Tabaan L Ial-Prt 3Casarman Vpaahi 4Chis

16739 2Which weave 3The Earth with dryness: 4Which knowest the
1DARG 2Ds Oado 3Caosgi Orscor 4Ds Omax

1Name Righteousness 2And the Seal of Honour! 3Move and show
1Baeouib 2Od Emetgis Iaiadix 3Zacar Od Zamra

1Yourselves! 2Open the Mysteries of your Creation. 3Be friendly unto me.
2Odo Cicle Qaa 3Zorge

1For I am 2The servant of the same your God, 3The true worshipper of
1Lap Zirdo 2Noco Mad 3Hoath

1The Highest.

Fire of EARTH.


1O Thou of the Second Flame, 2The House of Justice, 3Who hast Thy
1Ils Viv Ialprt 2Salman Balt 3Ds A

1Beginning in Glory, 2And shall comfort the Just, 3Who walkest on
1Cro-Odzi Busd 2Od Bliorax Balit 3Ds Insi

1The Earth with Feet 28763, 3Which understand and separate creatures.
1Caosgi Lusdan 2EMOD 3Ds Om Od Tliob

1Open the Mysteries of 2Your Creation. 3Be friendly to Me! 4For
1Odo Cicle 2Qaa 3Zorge 4Lap

1I am the servant of 2The same your God: 3The true worshipper of
1Zirdo Noco 2Mad 3Hoath

1The Highest

Air of FIRE.


1O Thou Third Flame 2Whose Wings are Thorns 3To stir up vexation:
1Ils D Ialpirt 2Soba Vpaah Chis Nanba 3Zixlay Dodseh

1And Who hast 27336 3Living Lamps 4Going before Thee:
1Od Ds Brint 2TAXS 3Hubardo 4Tastax Ilsi

1Whose God is Wrath 2In Anger. 3Gird up Thy Loins 4And hearken.
1Soba Iad I Vonpho 2Vnph 3Aldon Dax Il 4Od Toatar.

1Move and show yourselves. 2Open the Mysteries of 3Your Creation.
1Zacar Od Zamran 2Odo Cicle 3Qaa

1Be friendly unto me. 2For I am 3The Servant of 4The same your God:
1Zorge 2Lap Zirdo 3Noco 4Mad

1The true worshipper of 2The Highest.
1Hoath 2Iaida.

Water of FIRE.


1O Thou 2Mighty Light 3And Burning Flame of 4Comfort which openest
1Ils 2Micaolz Olprt 3Od Ialprt 4Bliors Ds Odo

1The Glory of God 2Unto the Centre of the Earth, 3In Whom the 46332
1Busdir Oiad 2Ovoars Caosgo 3Casarmg 4ERAN

1Secrets 2Of Truth have their abiding, 3Which is called 4In Thy Kingdom
1Laiad 2Brints Cafafam 3Ds I Vmd 4Aqlo Adohi

1Joy 2And not to be measured. 3Be Thou a Window of Comfort unto me.
1Moz 2Od Ma-Of-Fas 3Bolp Como Bliort Pambt

1Move and show yourselves. 2Open the Mysteries of 3Your Creation.
1Zacar Od Zamran 2Odo Cicle 3Qaa

1Be friendly unto me, 2For I am the servant of 3The same your God,
1Zorge 2Lap Zirdo Noco 3Mad

1The true worshipper of 2The Highest
1Hoath 2Iaida.

Earth of FIRE.

These first eighteen CALLS are in reality nineteen--that is nineteen in the Celestial Orders, but with us, that First Table hath no CALL and can have no CALL seeing it is of the GOD-HEAD.

Thus, then, with us it hath the number of "0", though with them, that of "1" (even as the first Key of the Tarot is numbered "0'); and therefore, that which is with us the eighteenth KEY, is with them the nineteenth.

After these first eighteen, follow the CALLS and KEYS of the AIRES or 30 AETHERS, which are the same in substance, though varied by the NAME belonging thereto.

1. LIL

11. ICH

21. ASP

2. ARN

12. LOE

22. LIN

3. ZOM

13. ZIM

23. TOR

4. PAZ

14. VTA

24. NIA

5. LIT

15. OXO

25. VTI

6. MAZ

16. LEA

26. DES

7. DEO

17. TAN

27. ZAA

8. ZID

18. ZEN

28. BAG

9. ZIP

19. POP

29. RII

10. ZAX

20. CHR

30. TEX





1The Heavens which dwell in 2The First Aire 3Are Mighty in the
1Madriaax Ds Praf 2LIL 3Chis Micaolz

1Parts of the Earth 2And execute the judgment of the highest! Unto
1Saanir Caosgo 2Od Fisis Balzizras Iaida

1You it is said: 2Behold the Face of your God, 3The Beginning of
1Nonca Gohulim 2Micma Adoian Mad 3Iaod

1Comfort, 2Whose Eyes are the Brightness of the Heavens, 3Which
1Bliorb 2Soba Ooaona Chis Luciftias Piripsol 3Ds

1Provided 2You for the Government of Earth 3And her Unspeakable
1Abraassa 2Noncf Netaaib Caosgi 3Od Tilb Adphaht

1Variety, 2Furnishing you with a Power Understanding 3To dispose all
1Damploz 2Tooat Noncf G Micalz Oma 3Lrasd Tol

1Things according to 2The Providence of Him 3That sitteth on the Holy
1Glo Marb 2Yarry 3Idoigo

1Throne: 2And rose up in the Beginning saying: 3The Earth
2Od Torzulp Iaodaf Gohol 3Caosga

1Let her be governed 2By her parts and let there be 3Division in her
1Tabaord 2Saanir Od Christeos 3Yrpoil Tiobl

1That the glory of her 2May be always drunken 3And vexed in itself.
1Busdir Tilb 2Noaln Paid Orsba 3Od Dodrmni Zylna.

1Her course let it round (or run) 2With the Heavens, and as
1Elzap Tilb Parm 2Gi Pinpsax Od Ta

1An handmaid let her serve them. 2One season, let it confound another
1Qurlst Booapis 2L Nibm Ovcho Symp

1And let there be no creature 2Upon or within her 3One and the same.
1Od Christeos Ag Toltorn 2Mirc Q Tiobl 3L El

1All her members 2Let them differ in their qualities, 3And let there be
1Tol Paombd 2Dilzmo As Pian 3Od Christeos

1No one creature equal with another. 2The reasonable creatures of
1Ag L Toltorn Parach Asymp 2Cordziz

1The Earth, or Man, 2Let them vex and weed out one another: 3And
2Dodpal Od Fifalz L Smnad 3Od

1Their dwelling places 2Let them forget their names. 3The work of Man
1Fargt 2Bams Omaoas 3Conisbra

1And his pomp 2Let them be defaced. 3His buildings, let them become
1Od Avavox 2Tonug 3Orsca Tbl Noasmi

1Caves 2For the beasts of the field! 3Confound her understanding with
1Tabges 2Levithmong 3Unchi Omp Tibl

1Darkness. 2For why? 3It repenteth Me that I have made Man.
1Ors 2Bagle 3Moooah Ol Cordziz.

1One while let her be known, 2And another while a stranger. 3Because
1L Capimao Ixomaxip 2Od Cacocasb Gosaa 3Baglen

1She is the bed of an harlot, 2And the dwelling place of 3Him that is
1Pii Tianta A Babalond, 2Od Faorgt 3Teloc Vo-


1O Ye Heavens, Arise! 2The Lower Heavens beneath you,
1Madriiax Torzu 2Oadriax Orocha

1Let them serve you! 2Govem those that govern. 3Cast down such as
1Aboapri 2Tabaori Priaz Ar Tabas 3Adrpan Cors Ta

1Fall. 2Bring forth with those that increase, 3And destroy the rotten.
1Dobix 2Iolcam Priazi Ar Coazior 3Od Quasb Qting.

1No place let it remain in one number. 2Add and diminish until
1Ripir Paaoxt Sa La Cor 2Vml Od Prdzar Cacrg

1The Stars be numbered.
1Aoiveae Cormpt.

1Arise! Move! 2And appear before 3The Covenant of His Mouth
1Torzu Zacar 2Od Zamran Aspt 3Sibsi Butmona

1Which He hath sworn 2Unto us in His justice. 3Open the Mysteries of
1Ds Surzas 2Tia Baltan. 3Odo Cicle

1Your Creation 2And make us Partakers of 3The Undefiled Knowledge.
1Qaa 2Od Ozozma Plapli 3Iadnamad.