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Quicumque vestrum, qui venitis ad cenam,
libare nullos sustinet mihi versus,
illius uxor aut amica rivalem
lasciviendo languidum, precor, reddat,
et ipse longa nocte dormiat solus
libidinosis incitatus erucis.

Who of you people here shall come to sup
Yet bring no verses suited to my taste;
I pray his wife or punk, hot-wantoning,
Reduce his rival to most languid state;
While he, all lonely through the livelong night,
Lie, by the lustful rockets sore disturbed.

Whichever of you, who, coming to my banquet, abstains from inscribing to me any verses, I pray that his wife or mistress may make languid his rival with lascivious sporting, whilst he himself sleeps alone through the weary night, excited by lustful rockets.[1]

[1. Rocket which he had eaten at supper.]

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