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Why buy the CD-ROM directly using PayPal?
When you purchase the CD-ROM from Amazon, only half of the proceeds go to support the website, and Amazon takes up to 60 days to pay us. When you buy direct, 100% goes to support sacred-texts. You can buy using PayPal with your credit card or your checking account. Run by Ebay, the leader in eCommerce, PayPal is safe, fast and secure!

Privacy Policy

This page addresses privacy concerns about purchasing the Internet Sacred Text Archive CD-ROM, particularly using PayPal. The general privacy policy for this site can be viewed here. This page only applies to purchases made directly from sacred-texts. If you purchase the CD-ROM from a third party such as, please note that they have their own set of policies which sacred-texts has no control over.

Q: What information does PayPal provide to sacred-texts?
A: Your name, shipping address, amount tendered and email address.

Q: Does PayPal disclose my credit card information to sacred-texts?
A: Paypal does not disclose your credit card information to sacred-texts. This is the primary reason that we have decided to use PayPal instead of a proprietary shopping cart, as it relieves us of the responsibility of securely storing and processing this information.

Q: Why do you need my email address when I buy with PayPal?
A: To send you a confirmation email so you know we've processed your order and when you can expect it to arrive. In addition, by providing your email address, we can quickly notify you when an upgrade is ready.

Q: Why do you need my email address and/or phone if I'm just mailing a check?
A: In our experience with mail order, a small percentage of orders from customers sent by postal mail are illegible or arrive partially damaged. Providing an alternative and speedier way to contact the customer (other than sending postal mail back)--such as a phone number or email address--allows us to fix these situations quickly. In addition, if you provide your email address, we can quickly notify you when an upgrade is ready.

Q: How will my customer information be used?
A: At some point in the future, when an update for the CD-ROM is available with new material, we will use your contact information to offer you a copy at a reduced cost. The customer information will not be used for any other purpose. We consider this information confidential and will not disclose or sell it to third parties.