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Why buy the CD-ROM directly using PayPal?
When you purchase the CD-ROM from Amazon, only half of the proceeds go to support the website, and Amazon takes up to 60 days to pay us. When you buy direct, 100% goes to support sacred-texts. You can buy using PayPal with your credit card or your checking account. Run by Ebay, the leader in eCommerce, PayPal is safe, fast and secure!

Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome inquiries about the Internet Sacred Text Archive CD-ROM. For information about how to email us, click here. Before you write, you should check whether your question has already been answered on this page. Feel free to write us if you need clarification of any of these answers, or if you have any new questions that should be answered here.

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Most Frequent Questions
Using the CD-ROM
Searching the CD-ROM
Problems Ordering Using PayPal
How can I pay for the CD-ROM?
Buying the CD-ROM at
Is the CD-ROM Macintosh compatible?
Can I just download the CD-ROM?
Damaged or Lost Disks
Technical Support Issues
Solutions to Common CD-ROM Problems
Copying the CD-ROM to your hard drive

Most Frequent Questions

Q: How much does the CD-ROM cost?
A: $49.95 for one copy. This includes shipping worldwide. If you are purchasing multiple copies direct from this website, you pay as little as $25 per copy: click here for volume pricing and ordering.

Q: How can I contact you for more information or help with the product?
A: Click here for the email and postal address of the site

Q: How do I buy the CD-ROM?
A: You can do so online using PayPal, by mail order, and from To buy the CD-ROM, please click on one of the links at the top left of this page.

Q: I purchased the CD-ROM using PayPal, what happens now?
A: First of all, thanks for your order! You should get a confirmation email within 24 hours, telling you when the CD-ROM will ship, and an estimated time of arrival. This is sent by a human being (me) and not by an automatic process, so when it goes out depends on when I'm online and reading my email, which is normally all day, every day, including weekends and evenings (Note that I'm in Pacific Standard Time zone, Greenwich+8).

Direct orders via PayPal ship the same or next weekday following my confirmation. It takes one or two working days to get the CD-ROM in California, about three days within the continental United States, five to seven days in Canada, and seven to fourteen days elsewhere. If you don't receive it by then, send me an email and I'll attempt a reshipment.

Q: What is the current version of the CD-ROM?
A: The current version is 5.0.

Q: What format are the files on the CD-ROM?
A: HTML and text, exactly the same as at the site.

Q: Are there PDF files on the CD-ROM?
A: No. The files on the CD-ROM are exactly the same as at the site.

Q: How do I know if a particular file is on the CD-ROM?
A: Look for the CD-ROM icon next to the file at the website. There is also a list of the files on the CD-ROM here.

Q: How can I tell which files have been posted at the site but haven't been added to a version of the CD-ROM yet?
A: At the top of each of the topic index pages on the CD-ROM, there is a link to the matching page on the website. Any file on the corresponding website index with next to it has been added since the current CD-ROM version was mastered. There is also a list of files added to the site on the What's New? page. This list is in chronological order. Scroll down to see the cut-off point for each version of the CD-ROM.

Q: What do I need to run the CD-ROM?
A: The CD-ROM requires a PC or Macintosh with a CD-ROM drive and a web browser.

Q: Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use the CD-ROM?
A: No. All of the CD-ROM content is on the CD-ROM. Having an Internet connection active while using the CD-ROM is completely optional.

Q: Can you contact me when a new version is available?
A: Of course! Read the material below about the upgrade program.

Q: Do I need any special software to use the CD-ROM?
A: No, just a web browser. If you can see this page on your PC or Macintosh computer, and your computer has a standard CD-ROM drive, you will be able to use the CD-ROM on your system.

Q: How many disks are in the product?
A: One.

Q: Can you build a custom CD-ROM for me with specific files?
A: No. I don't have any way to customize the content on your copy.

Q: Do I have to copy files from the CD-ROM to my hard drive?
A: Not unless you want to. The CD-ROM doesn't require you to install anything on your system.

Q: Is the CD-ROM in English?
A: Just like the website, the primary language of the CD-ROM is English. Most files are in English. A number of texts on the CD-ROM are provided both in English translation and the language that they were originally composed in.

Q: Do you have the CD-ROM translated into French, Spanish, German, etc.
A: No. (also see the main FAQ).

Q: Is the CD-ROM searchable?

A: I don't supply such a search feature on the CD-ROM for several reasons. The three leading reasons as I see it are:

1. The files on the CD-ROM take up 500 Mb of space, leaving no room for a database index.
2. Licensing search software would greatly increase the cost of the product.
3. I would have to have platform specific versions of the product (PC, Mac, Unix) which would also increase the costs.

This is one of those ideas which sounds better before you learn that it would probably quadruple the cost of the product.

There are products on the market which allow you to search any CD-ROM, and although I don't recommend a specific one, you can probably find what you want by searching on the web.

Also, Google indexes the entire site on a regular basis, you can search it from this page, and they do a much better job of this than I ever could.

Q: I am not sure I understand what you have on the CD. I went to "What's on the CD" and I saw that there was 906 titles. What I want to know is do you have all 906 titles in one CD or do you have 906 CDs?
A: All of the files are on one CD-ROM.

Q: Is the disk just a bunch of links to your website?
A: No. The CD-ROM has complete texts on it, not links to the website.

Using the CD-ROM

Q: How do I use the product on the PC?
A: Insert the disk. Your browser should automatically start on the CD-ROM home page.

Q: The disk did not start automatically on my PC.
A: You probably have AutoPlay disabled. Double click on 'My Computer' and locate the CD-ROM drive which has the sacred-texts CD-ROM in it. Now you can either right click on the CD-ROM icon and select 'AutoPlay', or open the CD-ROM by double clicking on it then double click on the file 'index.htm'.

Q: How do I use the product on the Macintosh?
A: 1. Insert the CD-ROM. 2. Open the CD-ROM icon that appears on your desktop. 3. Open your browser and drag the file 'index.htm' to your browser window. Hint: after you do this, bookmark the page index.htm; this will allow you to skip steps 2 and 3 in the future.

Problems Ordering Using PayPal

Q: The shopping cart isn't working.
A: Please email me promptly and include as much information about what happened as possible, including your operating system and which browser you are using.

Q: I get a message saying 'Certificate has expired' when I try to order at PayPal.
A: Click here for instructions on how to resolve this problem.

Paying for the CD-ROM

Q: Is the library price the same as the retail price?
A: Yes, of course.

Q: Which countries is PayPal available in?
Here is a list of countries from which payments can be made using PayPal as of June 2004:

Anguilla, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States

Others may have been added since then. If you live in a country not on this list, you might want to check to see if it has been added.

Q: PayPal is not available in my country.
A: You can purchase the product through Amazon or by mail order.

Q: I don't have a credit card and want to buy online.
A: You can use PayPal to pay from your checking account.

Q: I don't have a checking account or a credit card, and live outside the US.
A: You can purchase the product by mail order using an international money order which you can obtain from banks, post offices and other businesses. The money order must be in US dollars.

Q: My post office said that they aren't issuing International Postal Money Orders any more.
A: Then you'll have to have a bank generate a check in US dollars drawn on a US bank.

Q: Can I order the CD-ROM by mail order using a credit card?
A: To order the CD-ROM using a credit card, please use PayPal, or purchase it from We cannot accept credit card payments for mail orders of the CD-ROM.

Q: Can I buy the CD-ROM using a Travellers Check?
A: Yes, if it's denominated in US dollars and drawn on a US bank.

Q: Can I send you $50 US currency to pay for a mail order for one unit?
A: That's acceptable, but you do so at your own risk.

Q: Can I order the CD-ROM through a bookstore?
A: Probably not. If you ordered one copy through a bookstore, they would end up paying the full retail price. Bookstores like to make a little profit. So unless they are ordering at least five units (see Volume Orders), I don't think they would do this for you.

Q: Do any bookstores carry the CD-ROM?
A: If you live in or visit Santa Cruz, California you can purchase the CD-ROM at one of these fine bookstores:

Bookshop Santa Cruz
1520 Pacific Ave.

Gateways Books
1018 Pacific Ave.

Q: Nobody in my country can generate a check or money order in US dollars.
A: Note that 'check' is the same thing as a 'cheque' or a 'bank draft'.

Q: Please send the CD-ROM to the following address...when I get it I'll transfer funds to you... and can you also send the following books...(usually from Nigeria).
A: No.

Q: Can I buy the CD-ROM using a Purchase Order?
A: Not currently.

There are three ways to pay for the CD-ROM.
You can use a credit card and purchase it using PayPal or Amazon.
You can use your checking account and purchase it using PayPal.
You can send a check or money order in US dollars drawn on a US bank accompanying a filled-out mail order form.
This fact hasn't prevented people from suggesting other ingenious ways to pay for the product.

Q: Can I buy the CD-ROM using a wire transfer?
A: No.

Q: Can I buy the CD-ROM by sending money to you via Western Union?
A: No.

Q: Why don't you accept Western Union?
A: Because I don't want to complicate my business process.

Q: Can I buy the CD-ROM by an International Paying Card?
A: No.

etc. etc. etc....


Q: What does free shipping include?
A: Within the US, USPS 3 day priority with delivery confirmation. Outside the US, Air Letter Post. We can send by other methods or shippers, but we may charge additional shipping at our discretion; please let us know if you need a different shipping method.

Q: I need it as soon as possible. Can you overnight it?
A: If you purchase the product via PayPal, and it is being shipped within the United States, you can purchase expedited shipping via US Postal Service Express Mail after you complete your order. This is an overnight delivery method; it may take two days to some locations. This service is only available for shipments within the United States. Expedited shipping is not available for APO addresses.

Q: I ordered a copy directly from sacred texts and it hasn't arrived!
A: The vast majority of shipments get there on time. However, in a handful of cases, packages have been lost or stolen in transit, or returned undelivered, even though the mailing address was correct.

Please don't wait weeks or months before doing notifying me of a lost shipment.

When I receive a PayPal order, the first thing I do is to send a confirmation email to the address you specified in the PayPal purchase. This email gives an approximate date you can expect to receive the CD-ROM. If you haven't received the CD-ROM by that date, please email me, and I'll reship promptly.

In some cases, customers have given addresses with both a post office box and a street address. This also creates problems, since the shipment may be directed to either location, or in some cases returned without being delivered. I need your exact mailing address if you want the CD-ROM delivered in a timely fashion.

If you want the CD-ROM shipped to another location than the address on the PayPal invoice, please email me promptly and let me know where to ship it instead.

Orders are lost less than one percent of the time. Please understand that I always ship the product promptly and I have no control over losses in the mail. Also, in the current security climate, international shipments will take longer than expected.

I will always try to get a shipment through, even if it means mailing it twice.

Q: I didn't receive a confirmation by email of my PayPal order.
A: I send a confirmation to the email address you used to pay by as soon as I get your PayPal order, so if that isn't your regular email address please check that account.

Q: Does free shipping cover international orders?
A: Yes, free shipping covers standard airmail shipping worldwide.

Q: Does free shipping apply to Australia?
A: Yes, free shipping covers standard airmail shipping worldwide.

The CD-ROM can be shipped (as far as I know) to any country in the world. This hasn't stopped people from asking about specific countries:

Q: Do you ship to England?
A: Yes, of course.

Q: Do you ship to Germany?
A: Yes, of course.

... etc., etc., etc.

Buying the CD-ROM at

Q: I bought a copy through Amazon, can I email you my registration information?
A: Sorry, unless you purchase the product directly from sacred-texts, I need you to fill out and mail in your registration card. Otherwise I have no way of verifying that you actually bought a copy. Amazon does not send me any customer information.

Q: I lost my registration card and want to become a registered customer
A: If you purchased the CD-ROM directly from sacred-texts, either using PayPal or mail order, you are already registered. If you purchased the CD-ROM from Amazon, and can't find the registration card, you can either send us a photocopy of your Amazon invoice or a photocopy of the back of the CD-ROM case.

Q: I ordered a copy of the CD-ROM from Amazon and got a prior version.
A: Send in your registration card and I'll send you a free upgrade.


Q: What happens when new material is added to the website? Are there upgrades to the CD-ROM?
A: The CD-ROM is upgraded about once a year. At that time, registered customers can purchase the new version by PayPal or mail order for US $10. If you have purchased the product through PayPal or mail order, you are registered for upgrades automatically. If you purchased the product through, please mail in your registration card to take advantage of this offer. Registered customers are notified by email when a new version is ready; so it is important that you supply your email address when you purchase or register the product.

Please bear in mind that the upgrade program is simply a courtesy for existing customers, and doesn't create a lot of additional revenues for the site. The upgrade policy is very generous: if you buy commercial software, you often have to pay up to half the retail price for an upgrade. And many other CD-ROM products do not include such an upgrade path.

Q: What is the current version of the product and when will it be upgraded?
A: The current version is 5.0. The next version will appear at some time to be announced.

Q: What if I buy the current CD-ROM and you release a new version shortly afterwards?
A. If you buy the CD-ROM direct from this site, and we start shipping the next version within a calendar month of your purchase, you will also automatically get a free copy of the next version.

Q: It sounds like the CD-ROM is still a work in progress. Why should I buy it now? And when will the final version be ready?
A: Continued sales of the CD-ROM make the work of this site possible. Your purchase is crucial to continuing sacred-text's core mission, which is producing new etexts. The site has far more material than can fit onto the CD-ROM, and it is constantly being updated, so there will never be a 'final' version of the CD-ROM.

Q: Does the upgrade only have new material added since the last CD-ROM?
Q: If I buy an upgrade version as a gift will the person who gets it also have to get a copy of the previous version?
A: No. The upgrade has everything on the previous version in addition to material added to the site since the last version of the CD-ROM. That is, it is has the same contents as the currently shipping retail version. You can give it as a gift to someone who doesn't have any previous version and they will get the complete CD-ROM.

Q: What if I send in a mail-order for a previous version and you start to ship a new version by the time you get my order. Which one will I get?
A: All full retail mail orders (the $49.95 pricing) are filled with the current version, which means you would get the new version in this case.

Q: Why does the upgrade cost US $10?
A: This is one-fifth the retail price. $10 about covers the cost of duplicating the CD-ROM, and shipping it out; any profits go to support the work of the site.

Q: Can I purchase the upgrade using PayPal?
A: Yes. This is now the preferred method for customers to buy the upgrade; an online mail order form is also available. If you are a registered owner, you will get details on how to do so by email when the new version is ready.

Q: Can I pay for an upgrade using US currency?
A: That's acceptable, if you are willing to risk sending cash through the mail.

Q: Can I purchase a CD-ROM containing only the material added to the new version for a lower price?
A: No. It would still cost US $10 even if I had the time and energy to build two separate versions of the product, one for new customers and one for existing customers. And what about people who skip a version between upgrades? They wouldn't get the material added to the previous CD-ROM.

Q: What material has been added to the site since the current CD-ROM version was created?
A: Refer to

Q: Why don't you constantly upgrade the CD-ROM, say every month?
A: It requires months to construct a new version of the CD-ROM, make sure that it is free from defects, get it into production, upgrade everyone on the customer list, and get it in stock at Amazon. So that wouldn't be practical.

Is the CD-ROM Macintosh compatible?

Even though I've developed the CD-ROM on a Windows system, and use UNIX to host the site, I've gone to some lengths to make sure that the CD-ROM is usable on a Macintosh. Nevertheless, I occasionally get anxious inquiries from Macintosh owners:

Q: Is the product compatible with Macintosh?
A: Yes, the disk is formatted so it can be read by both PC and Macintosh computers. We have tested it for compatibility with a range of Macintosh computers.

Q: Are you sure it will run on a Mac?
A: Yes.

Q: Are you absolutely sure it will run on a Mac?
A: Yes.

Q: I have a blah blah blah Mac running blah blah blah, will the CD-ROM run on this system?
A: Yes, and I'm sure you have a very nice Mac.

Q: What about blah blah blah Mac Apps?
A: There are no executable programs ('Apps') on the CD-ROM except for a small bootstrap program which only applies to Windows users.

Can I just download the CD-ROM?

Q: I'm not providing a shipping address, because I want to download the CD-ROM.
A: If you don't supply a complete shipping address, I will simply refund your money. The CD-ROM is a product which is sent to a postal address. You can't download it. Unfortunately, there is a 'feature' in PayPal which allows you to clear out your shipping address, even if the seller needs one. This presents a big difficulty for me. If I get an order without a shipping address, I obviously can't fill it. So I have to attempt to contact the person who sent the order, which means that I have to spend time chasing down the person to ask them what their shipping address is. If I can't obtain a shipping address within about 24 hours of an order, I generally reverse the charges.

Q: Why did you refund my money? Just let me download the CD-ROM.
It would be unethical for me to accept money for a good or service which I don't provide. Unless I have a shipping address I can't fill your order.

Q: Why not just post the CD-ROM online so customers can download it?
A: Not everyone is on a high-speed connection (particularly people in less developed regions), so this would discriminate against people on dialup. In addition, putting up a separate area with for-pay content would be redundant because it would largely duplicate the existing site. Thirdly, it would also go against the basic premise of this site, which is to provide free, anonymous, access to these texts. I don't want to end up with a two-tier site, one which only wealthy first-worlders with credit cards can access, and a 'ghetto' for everyone else.

The whole point of the CD-ROM is to support equal access to this content, not lock it up for rich people.

Damaged or Lost Disks

Q: The disk arrived in an unreadable state.
A: We warranty that the CD-ROM media will arrive at your location in a fully functional state and that all of the contents on the disk will be readable.

* If you order the CD-ROM directly from sacred-texts, and you receive a disk that is partially or totally unreadable, for whatever reason, please email us promptly and we will send you a replacement, no questions asked, no charge.

* If you ordered our CD-ROM from Amazon and it is partially or completely unreadable, simply send the bad disk to the following address: ISTA, P.O. Box 7429, Santa Cruz, CA 95061, USA. Include your shipping address and an email address. We will ship you a replacement disk immediately, no charge. You are also welcome to email us if this occurs and we will arrange a replacement.

I am committed to replacing any defective media free of charge, and respond immediately to any quality issues. If you have any quality issues with the CD-ROM disk, please contact me promptly.

Q: I need a replacement for a lost or stolen disk.
A: Help is on the way. Replacement disks for registered customers are just $10 a copy. Email us, and we'll give you instructions.

Technical Support Issues

If for some reason you have any problem using the CD-ROM, please Email me promptly, and I'll attempt to solve your problem.

In order for me to assist you, I'll need to know the following information:

  • What kind of computer you are using (e.g. Windows PC, Macintosh, Linux)
  • The operating system and version (e.g. Windows XP)
  • Your browser and version (e.g. Internet Explorer, version 6.0)

    Although I'm not qualified to (and can't) provide general technical support, I can probably help you with any problems related to the CD-ROM.

    The CD-ROM is comparatively free of technical support issues. The issues listed below (except for the Unicode problems) occurred on only one user's system. They resulted from problems with the way the system was configured, or browser problems that could be solved by upgrading an obsolete or buggy version.

    Click here for solutions to some common CD-ROM problems.

    If the CD-ROM is unreadable, you most probably have a damaged or defective copy. Please click here for solutions to this issue.

    Autorun is a windows feature which allows CD-ROM developers to enable their disk to start automatically when it is inserted in the drive. Sometimes this can lead to problems, however. To fix these problems, you need to understand how CD-ROM autorun works. When the sacred-texts CD-ROM is inserted into the drive on a Windows-based system, the file 'autorun.inf' starts a small bootstrap program 'run.exe'. This program loads the file 'index.htm' in the root folder of the CD-ROM into the default system browser. If your browser is buggy or your system is poorly configured, this may create problems.

    Q: I need to use the CD-ROM on a system not connected to the Internet (not equipped with a modem or other network connector). When I insert the disk, my browser attempts to connect to the Internet, and then crashes.
    A: This is a bug with some browsers, specifically some versions of AOL distributed to CompuServe subscribers under Windows. When the CD-ROM autorun program starts the browser, the browser should display the program 'index.htm' in the top-level folder of the CD-ROM. However, the default behavior of this version of AOL is to attempt to dial up the service provider. When this fails, it crashes! A workaround is to disable autorun and start a browser session manually, then load index.htm on the CD-ROM manually. The ideal solution is to upgrade your browser.

    Q: When I insert the CD-ROM, the file 'index.htm' on the CD-ROM is loaded into Microsoft Word as a read-only file. Microsoft Word then crashes.
    A: This occured on a system on which Microsoft Word had been configured to 'Open' HTML files, rather than 'Edit' them. In essence, Microsoft Word had been turned into the default browser. When the CD-ROM autorun starts, it loads 'index.htm' on the top-level folder of the CD-ROM into the system default browser, which in this case was Word! However, Microsoft Word is not meant to be used in this fashion, and furthermore this may cause some versions of Word to crash. If Word is additionally configured to open the last-opened file on startup, and the CD-ROM is not in the drive, it may even subsequently become unstable, regardless of whether the CD-ROM is in the drive. The solution is to change the file association for HTML file to a browser program rather than Microsoft Word, or to reinstall Office to restore the default behavior. You can still edit HTML content using Microsoft Word by right-clicking on a file and selecting 'edit using Word'.

    Solutions to Common CD-ROM Problems

    Q: The CD-ROM won't load or stopped loading automatically (on a Windows system).
    A: Autorun has been turned off for some reason. You can turn it back on using the following steps:

    1. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click System.
    2. Double-click the CD-ROM branch on the Device Manager tab, and then double-click the entry for your CD-ROM drive.
    3. On the Settings tab, click to turn on the Auto Insert Notification check box.
    4. Click OK, click Close, and then click Yes when you are prompted to restart your computer.
    You can also start the CD-ROM manually using the following instructions:
    Double click on 'My Computer' and locate the CD-ROM drive which has the sacred-texts CD-ROM in it. Now you can either right-click on the CD-ROM icon and select 'AutoPlay,' or open the CD-ROM by double clicking on it and then double click on the file 'index.htm. (this is also printed inside the CD-ROM jewel case).

    Q: When I view the Greek, Hebrew or Sanskrit and other portions of the CD-ROM I see lots of little boxes where letters should appear.
    A: This is because you need to set up your browser to properly view Unicode. For detailed, step by step information on how to do this please read the sacred texts Unicode page.

  • How to change file associations under Windows XP. [External at]
  • How to disable CD-ROM autorun under Windows XP. [External at]
  • How to keep Internet Explorer from accessing the Internet when the CD-ROM is inserted into the drive.
    This problem occurs when you are using the CD-ROM on a computer not connected to the Internet, or you don't want to connect to the Internet every time you use the CD-ROM.
    You can prevent this by changing a setting in Internet Explorer. Here's what to do in IE5. From the Tools menu, click Internet Options, then click the Connections tab. In the Dial-up Settings group box, click the Never dial a connection option button and click OK. If you're still using IE4, go to the View menu, Internet Options, and the Connection tab. Change from modem to LAN.

    Copying the CD-ROM to your hard drive

    Q. How do I copy the CD-ROM to my hard drive?
    A. Here's how.

    I'm assuming you're running Windows XP and that your main hard drive is the C: drive. If you are on a Mac or have a prior version of Windows, this procedure will be similar but some of the specifics will differ.

    Before you do this, make sure you have more than 600 megabytes free on your hard drive. (Open 'My Computer' on your desktop, select your C: drive and right click on it, then select properties. You want to make sure that the 'Free Space' reported is greater than 600,000,000).

    1) Make a folder on your desktop. Here's how:

    a. Right click on your desktop and select 'New'. This leads to a submenu, the first item in that submenu will be 'folder' (it will have little picture of a folder next to it). Select that option.

    b. This creates a new folder on your desktop. Rename the folder by right clicking on it and selecting "Rename". Then type in 'sacred-texts' or anything else you want. Open that folder, it will be empty. Leave that window open.

    2) Insert the CD-ROM in your drive. Let it autostart, but ignore the browser window that will appear (minimize or close it). Then open 'My Computer' on your desktop and find the drive the CD-ROM is in. It will have a mini-icon that looks like the graphic on the home page of sacred-texts and be named something like 'ISTACD50' (for instance, if you have the 5.0 version).

    3) Right click on the CD-ROM icon. Select 'Explore' (NOT 'Open,' that autoplays it.)

    4) There will be two panes in the 'Explore CD-ROM' folder. Select any item in the RIGHT HAND PANE and press 'Ctrl-A' (that is, press the keys marked 'CTRL' and 'A' at the same time. This will select everything in the folder. Now press 'Ctrl-C' to copy these items. You can now close the 'Explore CD-ROM' folder.

    5) Go back to the empty folder which you created on your desktop. SELECT THAT FOLDER BY CLICKING ANYWHERE ON IT (very important, if you don't everything will be copied to your desktop and will create a mess). Then press 'Ctrl-V' to copy the CD-ROM.

    6) Depending on your system this may take a long while, perhaps an hour or so. While the files are copying you will see a progress dialog with little flying folder icons.

    7) When that completes, you can start the image on your hard disk by opening the folder on your desktop and double-clicking on the file 'index.htm'

    Q. Why don't you include an installation program on the CD-ROM?
    A. Since there is nothing but HTML content on the disk there is no need for a special installer. If you want to copy the CD-ROM to your hard drive, this can easily be done manually (see previous question).