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This is a unicode version of the Hebrew Bible. To view this properly, you need to have a Unicode font installed which has full Unicode Hebrew support. For more information, refer to this page. A copyrighted, redistributable Hebrew font can be obtained by clicking here. We cannot supply any technical support for this font or its use.

This text is derived from the Westminister Leningrad Codex (WLC) of the Westminister Hebrew Institute. Thanks to Christopher V. Kimball, West Redding, CT USA who graciously made the source files for this available. An XML version of these files (with additional information on the transcription) can be obtained at Please note that this is temporary location and will change shortly (5/17/2004). Notes (see below) are in superscript red. Ketib variants are printed in brown, and qere variants in blue.

Notes by the transcribers: 1 BHS has been faithful to the Leningrad Codex where there might be a question of the validity of the form and we keep the same form as BHS. 2 We have added a sop pasuq where L and BHS omit it. (The added sof pasuq often is missing from the text.) 3 We read or understand L differently than BHS (1983 Edition). this notation indicates a typographical error in BHS. 4 Puncta Extraordaria -- a \u05c4 is used to mark such marks in the text when they are above the line and a \u0323 when they are below the line. 5 Large letter(s). 6 Small letter(s). 7 Suspended letter(s). 8 Inverted nun. 9 BHS has abandoned L and we concur. of these occurrences are ketib/qere problems. 52 Exceptional accent above consonant line has been replaced by \u05c4. 53 Exceptional accent below consonant line has been replaced by \u0323. a Adaptations to a Qere which L and BHS, by their design, do not indicate. k One of two corrections to biblheb.525 by C.V.Kimball to have holam appear correctly. m Miscellaneous notes to the text and occasions where more than one bracket category applies. q We have abandoned or added a ketib/qere relative to BHS. In doing this we agree with L against BHS. y Yathir readings in L which we have designated as Qeres when both Dothan and BHS list a Qere.

Genesis: bereis
Exodus: shmot
Leviticus: vayikra
Numbers: bamidbar
Deuteronomy: devarim
Joshua: yehoshua
Judges: shoftim
First Samuel: shumel 1
Second Samuel: shumel 2
First Kings: melachim 1
Second Kings: melachim 2
Isaiah: yeshaiya
Jeremiah: yermiy
Ezekiel: yechez
Hosea: hoshaya
Joel: yoel
Amos: amos
Obadiah: ovadia
Jonah: yoan
Micah: micha
Nahum: nachum
Habakkuk: chabakuk
Zephaniah: tzepha
Haggai: chaggai
Zechariah: zecharia
Malachi: malachi
Psalms: tehillim
Proverbs: mishlei
Job: iyov
Song of Solomon: shir-has
Ruth: ruth
Lamentations: eicha
Ecclesiastes: kohelet
Esther: esther
Daniel: daniel
Ezra: ezra
Nehemiah: nechemia
First Chronicles: divrei 1
Second Chronicles: divrei 2