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Ziz Projecting; a flower, a cleft or pass, probably that near En-gedi, which leads up from the Dead Sea (Ch2 20:16) in the direction of Tekoa; now Tell Hasasah.

Ziza Splendour; abundance. (1.) A Simeonite prince (Ch1 4:37). (2.) A son of Rehoboam (Ch2 11:20).

Zizah A Gershonite Levite (Ch1 23:11).

Zoan (Old Egypt. Sant = "stronghold," the modern San). A city on the Tanitic branch of the Nile, called by the Greeks Tanis. It was built seven years after Hebron in Palestine (Num 13:22). This great and important city was the capital of the Hyksos, or Shepherd kings, who ruled Egypt for more than 500 years. It was the frontier town of Goshen. Here Pharaoh was holding his court at the time of his various interviews with Moses and Aaron. "No trace of Zoan exists; Tanis was built over it, and city after city has been built over the ruins of that" (Harper, Bible and Modern Discovery). Extensive mounds of ruins, the wreck of the ancient city, now mark its site (Isa 19:11, Isa 19:13; Isa 30:4; Eze 30:14). "The whole constitutes one of the grandest and oldest ruins in the world." This city was also called "the Field of Zoan" (Psa 78:12, Psa 78:43) and "the Town of Rameses" (q.v.), because the oppressor rebuilt and embellished it, probably by the forced labour of the Hebrews, and made it his northern capital.

Zoar Small, a town on the east or south-east of the Dead Sea, to which Lot and his daughters fled from Sodom (Gen 19:22, Gen 19:23). It was originally called Bela (Gen 14:2, Gen 14:8). It is referred to by the prophets Isaiah (Isa 15:5) and Jeremiah (Jer 48:34). Its ruins are still seen at the opening of the ravine of Kerak, the Kir-Moab referred to in 2 Kings 3, the modern Tell esh-Shaghur.

Zobah =Aram-Zobah (Psa 60:1, title), a Syrian province or kingdom to the south of Coele-Syria, and extending from the eastern slopes of Lebanon north and east toward the Euphrates. Saul and David had war with the kings of Zobah (Sa1 14:47; Sa2 8:3; Sa2 10:6).

Zohar Brightness. (1.) The father of Ephron the Hittite (Gen 23:8). (2.) One of the sons of Simeon (Gen 46:10; Exo 6:15).

Zoheleth The serpent-stone, a rocky plateau near the centre of the village of Siloam, and near the fountain of En-rogel, to which the women of the village resort for water (Kg1 1:5). Here Adonijah (q.v.) feasted all the royal princess except Solomon and the men who took part with him in his effort to succeed to the throne. While they were assembled here Solomon was proclaimed king, through the intervention of Nathan. On hearing this, Adonijah fled and took refuge in the sanctuary (Kg1 1:49). He was afterwards pardoned. Zoheleth projects into or slightly over-hangs the Kidron valley. It is now called ez-Zehwell or Zahweileh.

Zoheth Snatching (?), one of the sons of Ishi (Ch1 4:20).

Zophah Spreading out, a son of Helem (Ch1 7:35), a chief of Asher.