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Pedahzur Rock of redemption, the father of Gamaliel and prince of Manasseh at the time of the Exodus (Num 1:10; Num 2:20).

Pedaiah Redemption of the Lord. (1.) The father of Zebudah, who was the wife of Josiah and mother of king Jehoiakim (Kg2 23:36). (2.) The father of Zerubbabel (Ch1 3:17). (3.). The father of Joel, ruler of the half-tribe of Manasseh (Ch1 27:20). (4.) Neh 3:25. (5.) A Levite (Neh 8:4). (6.) A Benjamite (Neh 11:7). (7.) A Levite (Neh 13:13).

Pekah Open-eyed, the son of Remaliah a captain in the army of Pekahiah, king of Israel, whom he slew, with the aid of a band of Gileadites, and succeeded (758 B.C.) on the throne (Kg2 15:25). Seventeen years after this he entered into an alliance with Rezin, king of Syria, and took part with him in besieging Jerusalem (Kg2 15:37; Kg2 16:5). But Tiglath-pilser, who was in alliance with Ahaz, king of Judah, came up against Pekah, and carried away captive many of the inhabitants of his kingdom (Kg2 15:29). This was the beginning of the "Captivity." Soon after this Pekah was put to death by Hoshea, the son of Elah, who usurped the throne (Kg2 15:30; Kg2 16:1. Compare Isa 7:16; Isa 8:4; Isa 9:12). He is supposed by some to have been the "shepherd" mentioned in Zac 11:16.

Pekahiah The Lord opened his eyes, the son and successor of Menahem on the throne of Israel. He was murdered in the royal palace of Samaria by Pekah, one of the captains of his army (Kg2 15:23), after a reign of two years (761-759 B.C.). He "did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord."

Pekod Probably a place in Babylonia (Jer 50:21; Eze 23:23). It is the opinion, however, of some that this word signifies "visitation," "punishment," and allegorically "designates Babylon as the city which was to be destroyed."

Pelaiah Distinguished of the Lord. (1.) One of David's posterity (Ch1 3:24). (2.) A Levite who expounded the law (Neh 8:7).

Pelatiah Deliverance of the Lord. (1.) A son of Hananiah and grandson of Zerubbabel (Ch1 3:21). (2.) A captain of "the sons of Simeon" (Ch1 4:42). (3.) Neh 10:22. (4.) One of the twenty-five princes of the people against whom Ezekiel prophesied on account of their wicked counsel (Eze 11:1).

Peleg Division, one of the sons of Eber; so called because "in his days was the earth divided" (Gen 10:25). Possibly he may have lived at the time of the dispersion from Babel. But more probably the reference is to the dispersion of the two races which sprang from Eber, the one spreading towards Mesopotamia and Syria, and the other southward into Arabia.

Pelet Deliverance. (1.) A descendant of Judah (Ch1 2:47). (2.) A Benjamite who joined David at Ziklag (Ch1 12:3).

Peleth Swiftness. (1.) A Reubenite whose son was one of the conspirators against Moses and Aaron (Num 16:1). (2.) One of the sons of Jonathan (Ch1 2:33).