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Mishma Hearing. (1.) One of the sons of Ishmael (Gen 25:14), and founder of an Arab tribe. (2.) A Simeonite (Ch1 4:25, Ch1 4:26).

Mishmannah Fatness, one of the Gadite heroes who gathered to David at Ziklag (Ch1 12:10).

Misrephoth-maim Burning of waters supposed to be salt-pans, or lime-kilns, or glass-factories, a place to which Joshua pursued a party of Canaanites after the defeat of Jabin (Jos 11:8). It is identified with the ruin Musheirifeh, at the promontory of en-Nakhurah, some 11 miles north of Acre.

Mite Contraction of minute, from the Latin minutum , the translation of the Greek word lepton , the very smallest bronze of copper coin (Luk 12:59; Luk 21:2). Two mites made one quadrans , i.e., the fourth part of a Roman as, which was in value nearly a half-penny. (See FARTHING.)

Mithcah Sweetness, one of the stations of the Israelites in the wilderness (Num 33:28, Num 33:29).

Mithredath Given by Mithra, or dedicated to Mithra, i.e., the sun, the Hebrew form of the Greek name Mithridates . (1.) The "treasurer" of King Cyrus (Ezr 1:8). (2.) Ezr 4:7, a Persian officer in Samaria.

Mitre (Heb. mitsnepheth ), something rolled round the head; the turban or head-dress of the high priest (Exo 28:4, Exo 28:37, Exo 28:39; Exo 29:6, etc.). In the Authorized Version of Eze 21:26, this Hebrew word is rendered "diadem," but in the Revised Version, "mitre." It was a twisted band of fine linen, 8 yards in length, coiled into the form of a cap, and worn on official occasions (Lev 8:9; Lev 16:4; Zac 3:5). On the front of it was a golden plate with the inscription, "Holiness to the Lord." The mitsnepheth differed from the mitre or head-dress ( migba'ah ) of the common priest. (See BONNET.)

Mitylene The chief city of the island of Lesbos, on its east coast, in the Aegean Sea. Paul, during his third missionary journey, touched at this place on his way from Corinth to Judea (Act 20:14), and here tarried for a night. It lies between Assos and Chios. It is now under the Turkish rule, and bears the name of Metelin.

Mixed Multitude Exo 12:38), a class who accompanied the Israelites as they journeyed from Rameses to Succoth, the first stage of the Exodus. These were probably miscellaneous hangers-on to the Hebrews, whether Egyptians of the lower orders, or the remains of the Hyksos (see EGYPT; MOSES), as some think. The same thing happened on the return of the Jews from Babylon (Neh 13:3), a "mixed multitude" accompanied them so far.

Mizar Smallness, a summit on the eastern ridge of Lebanon, near which David lay after escaping from Absalom (Psa 42:6). It may, perhaps, be the present Jebel Ajlun, thus named, "the little", in contrast with the greater elevation of Lebanon and Hermon.