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Middal-Edar Tower of the flock, a place 2 miles south of Jerusalem, near the Bethlehem road (Gen 35:21). (See EDAR.)

Migdal-el Tower of God, a fortified city of Naphtali (Jos 19:38), supposed by some to be identical with Magdala (q.v.).

Migdal-gad Tower of fortune, a town in the plains of Judah, probably the modern el-Mejdel, a little to the north-east of Ascalon (Jos 15:37).

Migdol Tower. (1.) A strongly-fortified place 12 miles from Pelusium, in the north of Egypt (Jer 44:1; Jer 46:14). This word is rendered "tower" in Eze 29:10, but the margin correctly retains the name Migdol, "from Migdol to Syene;" i.e., from Migdol in the north to Syene in the south in other words, the whole of Egypt. (2.) A place mentioned in the passage of the Red Sea (Exo 14:2; Num 33:7, Num 33:8). It is probably to be identified with Bir Suweis, about 2 miles from Suez.

Migron Precipice or landslip, a place between Aiath and Michmash (Isa 10:28). The town of the same name mentioned in Sa1 14:2 was to the south of this.

Mikloth Staves. (1.) An officer under Dodai, in the time of David and Solomon (Ch1 27:4). (2.) A Benjamite (Ch1 8:32; Ch1 9:37, Ch1 9:38).

Milaiai Eloquent, a Levitical musician (Neh 12:36) who took part in the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem.

Mildew (the rendering of a Hebrew word meaning "to be yellow," yellowness), the result of cutting east winds blighting and thus rendering the grain unproductive (Deu 28:22; Kg1 8:37; Ch2 6:28).

Mile (from Lat. mille , "a thousand;" Mat 5:41), a Roman measure of 1,000 paces of 5 feet each. Thus the Roman mile has 1618 yards, being 142 yards shorter than the English mile.

Miletus (Miletum, Ti2 4:20), a seaport town and the ancient capital of Ionia, about 36 miles south of Ephesus. On his voyage from Greece to Syria, Paul touched at this port, and delivered that noble and pathetic address to the elders ("presbyters," Act 20:28) of Ephesus recorded in Acts 20:15-35. The site of Miletus is now some 10 miles from the coast. (See EPHESIANS, EPISTLE TO.)