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Jealousy offering The name of the offering the husband was to bring when he charged his wife with adultery (Num 5:11).

Jealousy, Waters of Water which the suspected wife was required to drink, so that the result might prove her guilt or innocence (Num 5:12, Num 5:27). We have no record of this form of trial having been actually resorted to.

Jearim Forests, a mountain on the border of Judah (Jos 15:10).

Jebus Trodden hard, or fastness, or "the waterless hill", the name of the Canaanitish city which stood on Mount Zion (Jos 15:8; Jos 18:16, Jos 18:28). It is identified with Jerusalem (q.v.) in Jdg 19:10, and with the castle or city of David (Ch1 11:4, Ch1 11:5). It was a place of great natural strength, and its capture was one of David's most brilliant achievements (Sa2 5:8).

Jebusites The name of the original inhabitants of Jebus, mentioned frequently among the seven nations doomed to destruction (Gen 10:16; Gen 15:21; Exo 3:8, Exo 3:17; Exo 13:5, etc.). At the time of the arrival of the Israelites in Palestine they were ruled by Adonizedek (Jos 10:1, Jos 10:23). They were defeated by Joshua, and their king was slain; but they were not entirely driven out of Jebus till the time of David, who made it the capital of his kingdom instead of Hebron. The site on which the temple was afterwards built belonged to Araunah, a Jebusite, from whom it was purchased by David, who refused to accept it as a free gift (Sa2 24:16; Ch1 21:24, Ch1 21:25).

Jecoliah Able through Jehovah, the wife of King Amaziah, and mother of King Uzziah (Ch2 26:3).

Jedaiah (1.) Invoker of Jehovah. The son of Shimri, a chief Simeonite (Ch1 4:37). (2.) One of those who repaired the walls of Jerusalem after the return from Babylon (Neh 3:10). (3.) Knowing Jehovah. The chief of one of the courses of the priests (Ch1 24:7). (4.) A priest in Jerusalem after the Exile (Ch1 9:10).

Jediael Known by God. (1.) One of the sons of Benjamin, whose descendants numbered 17,200 warriors (Ch1 7:6, Ch1 7:10, Ch1 7:11). (2.) A Shimrite, one of David's bodyguard (Ch1 11:45). Probably same as in Jos 12:20. (3.) A Korhite of the family of Ebiasaph, and one of the gate-keepers to the temple (Ch1 26:2).

Jedidiah Beloved by Jehovah, the name which, by the mouth of Nathan, the Lord gave to Solomon at his birth as a token of the divine favour (Sa2 12:25).

Jeduthun Lauder; praising, a Levite of the family of Merari, and one of the three masters of music appointed by David (Ch1 16:41, Ch1 16:42; Ch1 25:1). He is called in Ch2 35:15 "the king's seer." His descendants are mentioned as singers and players on instruments (Neh 11:17). He was probably the same as Ethan (Ch1 15:17, Ch1 15:19). In the superscriptions to Psa 39:1, Psa 62:1, and 77, the words "upon Jeduthun" probably denote a musical instrument; or they may denote the style or tune invented or introduced by Jeduthun, or that the psalm was to be sung by his choir.