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Hammer (1.) Heb. pattish , used by gold-beaters (Isa 41:7) and by quarrymen (Jer 23:29). Metaphorically of Babylon (Jer 50:23) or Nebuchadnezzar. (2.) Heb. makabah , a stone-cutter's mallet (Kg1 6:7), or of any workman (Jdg 4:21; Isa 44:12). (3.) Heb. halmuth , a poetical word for a workman's hammer, found only in Jdg 5:26, where it denotes the mallet with which the pins of the tent of the nomad are driven into the ground. (4.) Heb. mappets , rendered "battle-ax" in Jer 51:20. This was properly a "mace," which is thus described by Rawlinson: "The Assyrian mace was a short, thin weapon, and must either have been made of a very tough wood or (and this is more probable) of metal. It had an ornamented head, which was sometimes very beautifully modeled, and generally a strap or string at the lower end by which it could be grasped with greater firmness."

Hammoleketh The queen, the daughter of Machir and sister of Gilead (Ch1 7:17, Ch1 7:18). Abiezer was one of her three children.

Hammon Warm springs. (1.) A town in the tribe of Asher, near Zidon (Jos 19:28), identified with 'Ain Hamul . (2.) A Levitical city of Naphtali (Ch1 6:76).

Hammoth-dor Warm springs, a Levitical city of Naphtali (Jos 21:32); probably Hammath in Jos 19:35.


Hamonah Multitude, a name figuratively assigned to the place in which the slaughter and burial of the forces of Gog were to take place (Eze 39:16).

Hamon-gog Multitude of Gog, the name of the valley in which the slaughtered forces of Gog are to be buried (Eze 39:11, Eze 39:15), "the valley of the passengers on the east of the sea."

Hamon He-ass, a Hivite from whom Jacob purchased the plot of ground in which Joseph was afterwards buried (Gen 33:19). He is called "Emmor" in Act 7:16. His son Shechem founded the city of that name which Simeon and Levi destroyed because of his crime in the matter of Dinah, Jacob's daughter (Gen 34:20). Hamor and Shechem were also slain (Gen 34:26).

Hamul Spared, one of the sons of Pharez, son of Judah (Ch1 2:5). His descendants are called Hamulites (Num 26:21).

Hamutal Kinsman of the dew, the daughter of Jeremiah of Libnah, wife of king Josiah, and mother of king Jehoahaz (Kg2 23:31), also of king Zedekiah (Kg2 24:18).